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Want to run an International blog based on the USA audience? Then you’re at the right place. In this blog post, you’ll learn about the top 27 USA Blog niche ideas that you can actually start working on from today onwards.

Key Takeaways:

  • Hobbies & Crafts: Stargazing, soap making, candle making, crocheting; low competition; monetize through affiliates and DIY kits.
  • Food & Beverage: Coffee, baking; moderate to high competition; monetize through ads, affiliates, reviews.
  • Fitness & Sports Activities: Running, surfing, golf; varied competition; monetize through gear, training plans, courses.
  • Technology & Gadgets: Headphones; moderate competition; monetize with affiliate marketing for tech products.
  • Pet & Reptile: Rabbits, bearded dragons, turtles; moderate competition; monetize with affiliate marketing, display ads.

Keep reading till the end to discover more in-depth insights on the best USA blog niche ideas.

Top 27 USA Blog Niche Ideas

1. Camping

Source: Google Trends

A niche for those who adore the great outdoors, camping offers a refreshing avenue for bloggers. This field has moderate competition.

Camping is a popular activity in the US and many campers who are looking for tips on the best sites, and camping gear would be your target audience.

You could explore categories like tent camping, RV camping, RV reviews, and more. Creating content isn’t tough but some background knowledge and engaging visuals are key.

Updates with changing seasons can keep your blog fresh. Monetization can be achieved through gear affiliate links or display ads.

Though competition can be fierce, your unique, value-adding content could set your blog apart.

2. Hiking

For adventure seekers, a hiking blog can resonate well. The competition is medium but don’t worry, as hiking trails and tips never go out of fashion.

Popular categories can include trail reviews, gear guides, and safety tips. Visual storytelling is important, hence, high-quality pictures will be required.

Fresh content should be posted regularly. Monetization can be achieved through gear reviews, affiliate marketing, or trail guide eBooks.

Challenges can be managing the slight seasonality in the niche (remember, any outdoor niche will have some degree of seasonality).

However, if you’re a hiking enthusiast, what better way to share your passion while connecting with a like-minded audience across the world?

3. Home Improvement DIY

With the rise of homeownership and creative home solutions, a DIY blog is a hit. Though competition is high, the topics are endless: from home repairs to budget renovations.

A hands-on approach is necessary and content creation could be time-consuming, but it’s manageable.

Periodic updates on the latest trends keep your content relevant. Monetization can be via affiliate marketing of tools or eBooks. Challenges might include mastering DIY skills, and showcasing pictures in the how-to type articles.

Yet, with the growing trend of DIY, it’s a great niche to dive into especially if you like to write about home repair stuff.

4. Home Decor

Source: Ahrefs

A blog on home decor is a creative canvas for those with an eye for design. While the niche is competitive, its popularity never fades off. You can cover interior design tips, style trends, or DIY decor ideas.

High-quality photos and a good design sense are a must. Regular updates on new design trends can keep your blog attractive.

Monetization can include affiliate marketing for decor items, or design consultation services.

While staying trendy can be a challenge, your unique design insights can help readers transform their spaces.

5. Home Music Studio

A home music studio blog targets the rising number of homegrown music artists in the U.S. and across the globe. Competition is low, making it a great niche.

Topic categories can include equipment reviews, recording tips, or acoustic design advice. However, there’s a catch. You’ll need some music production knowledge and photos of different setups. Updates can follow technology trends. Monetization can be through equipment affiliate marketing or online music production courses.

The main challenge is staying technologically up-to-date. Nevertheless, helping others create their dream studios makes this a satisfying and potential-filled niche

6. Gardening

Gardening is a perfect niche for those who love sharing tips and tricks about plants. This niche is moderately competitive, but because of the sheer variety in gardening, there’s always room to carve your own space.

Categories can include organic gardening, herb cultivation, indoor gardening, and more. While content creation might require some expertise and pictures of your own garden, it’s doable.

But remember, there can also be an element of seasonality in this niche.

Updates during planting and harvesting seasons will keep your blog fresh. Monetization? Garden tool affiliates, and even eBooks about specialized gardening techniques. You can build your email list along with your blog if your target is a long-term gardening blog.

The biggest challenge might be specialized knowledge, but if you’re passionate about plants, it’s a fulfilling and lucrative niche.

7. Backpacking

Backpacking is great for those who enjoy exploration and adventure. Although competition is moderate, backpacking is popular, providing a vast audience.

Topics could range from gear reviews, to trail guides. Writing might require firsthand experience and outdoor photography, but it brings authenticity.

Display ads and affiliate programs for outdoor gear work well for monetization. The challenge is standing out in the niche and creating unique content. However, if you’re an enthusiastic backpacker, this niche is the right pick for you.

8. Mountain Bike

Source: Ahrefs

Mountain biking appeals to bike enthusiasts. It’s a moderately competitive niche with a dedicated audience.

Content can cover gear reviews, trail guides, and biking techniques. Requires specialized knowledge and a passion for biking, but the content is easy to produce as long as you have some interest in the niche.

Monetization can come from gear affiliates or ads. Challenges include staying up-to-date with the latest gear and doing keyword research. But the joy of sharing your passion related to bikes makes it worth a try.

9. Kayak

Kayaking targets water enthusiasts who love calm lakes or raging rivers. The competition is lower, offering room for dedicated bloggers.

Categories include kayak gear, water safety, or location guides. You’ll need kayaking experience and great waterborne photos.

Periodic updates will do, but overall the niche is pretty evergreen. Affiliate programs for gear and display ads work well for income.

Finding good, low-competitive topics to write about and tackling seasonality are potential challenges, but the chance to inspire others to explore the water is rewarding.

10. Snowboard

Snowboarding caters to winter sports lovers, a slightly competitive but dedicated audience. Topics can cover equipment reviews and snowboarding techniques. It requires snowboarding expertise and winter action pictures.

Monetization opportunities include gear affiliates, display ads, and coaching eBooks. Again this niche is very seasonal so handling that could be a bit challenging.

But overall, it’s a nice low competitive niche to explore and create a blog.

11. Scuba Diving

Scuba diving attracts marine lovers and underwater explorers. This less competitive niche offers plenty of topic diversity: diving gear, safety tips, and marine life guides.

You’ll need diving experience and underwater photography, but it’s worthwhile. Seasonal updates based on diving conditions are perfect.

Monetization from dive gear affiliates and instructional eBooks is promising. The only challenge could be to have some background knowledge and interests related to the niche. But if you’re a fan of scuba diving activity, then this niche is for you.

12. Skateboarding:

Source: Google Trends

Skateboarding is more than just a sport, it’s a popular activity in the USA. It’s moderately competitive.

In terms of content creation, you could focus on product reviews, how-tos, and local skate park guides. It’s trendy yet evergreen, attracting a young, dynamic crowd.

Your content might need images and first-hand experiences, requiring a keen interest and deep knowledge of the sport.

The opportunity for monetization is vast with display ads, affiliate marketing for skateboarding gear, or creating info products on mastering techniques.

There might be a learning curve, but the appeal and vast audience make it an exciting niche to dive into.

13. Fishing:

Next up, we have fishing. While competition is high, the audience is actively engaged in the hobby and always seeking new tips and location insights.

You can cover topics like fishing techniques, gear reviews, and fishing spots. Visuals are key here, so be prepared for plenty of visual-based content.

Monetization can be achieved through affiliate marketing for fishing gear, or selling custom fishing guides.

The challenge is the hands-on experience needed. But content creation is relatively easy as long as you have some interest and background knowledge in the niche.

14. Archery:

Next, we have the precision-focused world of archery. This niche has a moderately competitive environment with a dedicated community.

Topics like equipment reviews, technique improvement, and tournament updates are evergreen. Content creation might need some archery experience and visuals.

Update frequency depends on archery news and product releases. Monetization potential lies in affiliate marketing for archery equipment, coaching services, or selling digital guides.

The challenges include the requirement of some background knowledge in the niche. But if you’re looking for some unique, moderately competitive niches and have passion in archery, this niche is for you.

15. Stargazing:

Now, this is quite an interesting niche – especially for those who like observing stars and planets. It’s a low competition niche with a diverse audience from beginner stargazers to astronomy students.

Your blog could discuss telescopes, stargazing tips, celestial events, and so on. The content is evergreen but regularly updating content does help.

Monetizing opportunities include telescope affiliates, or display ads. The challenge? Having interest in the niche. If you’re into stargazing, like talking and learning about celestial objects, then this niche would be the right fit for you.

16. Coffee:

Coffee is a popular beverage in the USA, offering a moderately competitive but rewarding blog niche.

From brewing techniques, coffee bean types, to café reviews, the topics are rich and aromatic. High-quality pictures and regular updates are vital.

Monetization possibilities are abundant, like affiliate marketing for coffee products, cafe reviews, or selling your unique coffee recipe eBook.

You’ll need a good background and a love for coffee and that’s it. Also, updating content could be a necessity. The niche is gradually becoming more competitive, so as new competitors dive into the niche, you need to update your content regularly to maintain the rankings.

17. Baking:

This niche is dedicated to the art of baking. It’s a highly competitive niche but the interest for new recipes and baking tips is constant.

Blogs could feature recipes, baking tips, and product reviews. Visual content is crucial, alongside regular updates.

Monetization opportunities include affiliate links for baking tools, or selling your recipe book.

It’s a challenge to stand out in the crowd, but with a unique twist, your baking blog could rise above the rest.

18. Running:

Running is quite a popular fitness activity in the USA. While competition is high, so is the demand for training tips, running gear reviews, and event guides.

The niche requires an active interest in the niche, and the skill for creating great quality content.

Monetizing can be achieved via affiliate marketing for running gear, or selling personalized training plans or training courses. The initial challenge is to keep pace with the changing trends along with the competition. But your blog will be a hit with consistent efforts.

19. Headphones:

This niche offers moderate competition and a tech-savvy audience. Topics include product reviews, sound technology, and user guides.

High-resolution product images and regular updates based on product releases are essential. Monetizing is easy with affiliate marketing for headphones or reviews.

Keeping up with technological advancements is a challenge, but unique and value-adding content can make your blog the go-to source for headphone advice.

20. Soap Making:

Now, soap making is a unique niche but the main benefit is its low competition. Your target audience in this niche would be individuals loving craft and soap.

You could explore and write articles on soap recipes, and sell homemade soaps. Blogs in this niche require visually appealing content and regular updates.

Monetizing options include selling DIY soap kits, affiliated marketing for craft supplies, or even selling your handmade soaps.

The only challenge is you need to have some background knowledge in the niche. But if you can create quality and in-depth content, this niche would be a nice option for you.

21. Candle Making:

Like soap making, candle-making is another unique niche. It’s a moderately competitive niche with an evergreen charm, favored by craft enthusiasts and DIY hobbyists.

Cover everything from basic candle making, scented candles, candle decoration to candle business tips.

The challenge is to have some background knowledge in the niche and also to incorporate visually appealing pictures. This niche is ideal for those who love creating and sharing visual, DIY content.

22. Crocheting:

Next, crocheting, an evergreen, low-competition niche that’s beloved by crafty individuals.

Share patterns, techniques, product reviews, and more. While content creation may involve learning patterns and taking high-quality images, it’s a great fit for craft lovers with a knowledge for detail.

The challenge is to create quality content and have some background knowledge. But in terms of monetization, you could sell patterns, do affiliate marketing for crocheting supplies. Display ad revenue also works well in this niche.

For passionate crocheters looking to share their love for the craft, this niche is the right fit.

23. Rabbits:

This moderately competitive niche targets rabbit owners and enthusiasts, offering a platform for rabbit care, breed information, rabbit toys, and health advice.

Creating content may require extensive knowledge about rabbits and pictures for visual appeal. Regular updates on rabbit care are essential.

Monetization opportunities include affiliate marketing with rabbit care products as well as display ads. Challenges may include the need for expert knowledge, and creating high-quality content to stand out in the niche.

Even though it has a medium competition, it is slowly becoming competitive. So if you’re interested in creating a blog in this niche, now is the best time.

24. Bearded Dragon:

With a specific target audience of bearded dragon owners and enthusiasts, this is a low-competition niche.

Topics like bearded dragon care, habitat setup, diet, and health issues can be covered. It’s an evergreen niche, but staying updated with the latest research helps.

You’d need a bit of knowledge about the species, and visually appealing content would require photos.

Affiliate marketing with dragon care products, and display ads are good monetization routes. It’s perfect for reptile enthusiasts with a passion for sharing knowledge.

25. Turtle:

Are you a turtle enthusiast? This niche with moderate competition is the right fit for you. Share in-depth information about different breeds, habitat, diet, and health.

This niche requires a fair amount of knowledge and insightful content to stand out. Monetization opportunities include affiliate marketing, display ads and courses. If you love turtles and love creating high-quality content this niche is a great opportunity for you.

26. Surfing:

Ride the wave with this high-competition niche popular among sport enthusiasts. Topics include surfing tips, gear reviews, best surf spots and competition news.

Creating content would require surfing expertise and frequent updates on latest trends and events. Monetization can be achieved through display ads and affiliate marketing with surfing gear.

The challenges include high competition and the need for expertise. However, if you’re passionate about surfing and can share some solid content, this niche is worth a try.

27. Golf:

Golf is a popular hobby in the world including the USA. Although it’s a high-competition niche, if you have interest or experience in this niche, then you can stand out by creating well-researched, in-depth content.

You could blog about golf techniques, equipment reviews, golf course guides, and more. It requires a deep understanding of the sport though.

But monetization opportunities are great. You could do affiliate marketing for golf equipment, sell your courses teaching golf techniques and display ads also perform well in the niche. If you’re a golf enthusiast, this niche could be the right fit for you.

Final Thoughts

In a nutshell, if you are looking for the best USA blog niche ideas, it’s best to start with all the hobbies and activities popular in the USA. In this post, we already covered a lot of potential niche ideas keeping that in mind.

But for more inspiration of niche ideas, don’t forget to check out this free tool NicheScout.Pro. In that tool, you can find a lot of niche ideas along with helpful metrics like search volume of those topics. So give it a try!

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