27 Unique Instagram Niches To Stand Out As A Content Creator




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Finding your niche as an Instagram creator can feel overwhelming.

And, with over 500 million daily active users, standing out on Instagram does require some serious effort.

But things get much easier when you choose the unique niche in which you’re passionate about. So what are the unique instagram niches?

Keep reading till the end to explore 27 different options, along with insights on each niche.

Key Takeaways:

  • Choose an Instagram niche you’re passionate about and have expertise in, like makeup or health tips, to create authentic, valuable content.
  • Analyze audience demand, competition level, earning potential, and content sustainability when selecting your niche.
  • Visually engaging niches like travel vlogs and baking can see high growth, but require more content creation time.
  • Evergreen niches like books and gardening have loyal, stable audiences compared to trendy niches.
  • Balance your personal interests with practical considerations like production feasibility.

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27 Unique Instagram Niches


1. Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing on Instagram is all about sharing knowledge and trends in online marketing. It’s constantly evolving with new digital strategies and platforms. Share insights on SEO, social media trends, and email marketing tactics

Speaking of digital marketing, here’s a guide to the digital marketing sub-niches you might like to check out.

This niche offers good earning potential through consulting services, course sales, and brand partnerships. It’s a competitive field, so standing out requires offering practical marketing advice.

The challenge is keeping up with the latest changes and trends in the industry. Your success strategy should focus on regularly sharing the latest marketing trends and engaging with your audience to address their marketing queries.

2. Books

Books niche is a unique niche on instagram that appeals to book lovers. Share book reviews, reading lists, and author interviews. Earning potential comes from affiliate marketing for books, and partnerships with publishers.

You can also promote various courses that help in improving skills or teach something new that your audience will be interested in.

Competition is moderate, but you can stand out by focusing on a specific genre. Presenting the same information with a unique style can help you gain faster growth in this niche.

3. Home Decor Tips

Home Decor Tips on Instagram focuses on interior design and decorating ideas. This niche combines aesthetics with practical living solutions. Share your home decor projects, DIY ideas, and interior styling tips.

There’s potential to earn through brand collaborations, affiliate links for home decor items, and consulting services.

It’s a popular niche, so showcasing a unique decor style or focusing on a specific design theme can help you stand out. The main challenge is producing visually appealing content that inspires others.

To grow, post regularly about different decor styles and engage with your audience to understand their home decor preferences.

4. Photography Tips

Photography Tips on Instagram is about helping others improve their photography skills.

Share tutorials on photography techniques, gear reviews, and editing tips. You can earn through selling photography courses and brand partnerships with cameras plus other photography gear companies.

It’s slightly competitive, but you can still stand out by showcasing your unique photography skills and unique tips.

The challenge is to keep your content educational yet engaging. To be successful, regularly share diverse photography tips and engage with your followers to know what photography challenges they face.

5. Gaming

The gaming niche is all about sharing game reviews, highlights, and your own gaming experiences. To stand out, focus on certain games or types of games.

Post tips, tricks, and stories from your gaming sessions to engage your audience. You can make good money through sponsorships from gaming companies.

Competition is not high especially if you niche down on a particular game or category. To grow your following, you need to stay updated with the latest in gaming and share that with your followers.

6, Video Editing

Video editing is one of the most unique instagram niches that also has relatively less competition. 

Showcasing your editing skills can attract a diverse audience, from aspiring video editors/filmmakers to businesses needing marketing content.

Sharing your edited clips with unique tips will help you showcase your skills and expertise. 

The earning potential is high, especially if you offer editing services or tutorials. Competition is moderate, but your creativity can set you apart. The challenge lies in constantly learning new techniques and software updates.

Engaging with your community is crucial for growth in this creative field.

7. Skin Care

Skin care niche is a heavily popular niche on Instagram being a visual niche. Share your skin care routines, product reviews, and skin health tips to succeed.

You could earn through brand partnerships and affiliate marketing. The competition is high, but you can stand out by focusing on specific skin-care related topics or sharing unique, practical tips.

Challenge is to stand out in the competition. But posting regularly and sharing practical advice can give you faster growth in this niche.

8. Makeup

Like the skin care niche, the make up niche is another great instagram niche. It’s also a highly visual niche with high popularity.

Share your makeup looks, tutorials, and product reviews. The potential to earn is high with brand collaborations and makeup products selling.

 It’s a competitive field, but your unique style and practical advice can result in faster growth. 

9. Motivation

Motivation on Instagram stands out as a niche that uplifts and inspires. It’s unique because it focuses on positive messaging and personal growth.

Share inspirational quotes, success stories, and personal experiences to motivate others. This niche offers indirect earning potential through coaching services or motivational products.

It is moderately competitive, but the challenge is to consistently inspire without sounding repetitive.

To grow, keep your content relatable and interact with your audience to understand their needs for motivation and encouragement.

To learn more check out this detailed guide on the motivation niche.

10. Tech


Tech on Instagram is a niche that’s always evolving. It’s unique because it covers the latest gadgets, tech news, and reviews.

Share new tech releases, product reviews, and how-to guides. This niche has a good earning potential through affiliate marketing and brand partnerships.

It’s competitive, but you can stand out by focusing on a specific tech area, like smartphones or home gadgets. The main challenge is keeping up with the fast pace of tech advancements. 

11. Soccer

If you’re looking for a unique and low-competition instagram niche then the Soccer niche is for you. It covers everything from match highlights to player updates.

You can earn through sponsorships from sports brands or affiliate marketing. 

You do need to have passion and a good understanding of the Soccer game to create engaging content. Posting regularly is a key to succeed in this sports-focused niche.

12. Personality Development

Personality Development on Instagram is about inspiring personal growth. In this niche, you can offer tips on improving confidence, communication, and other skills. 

Unlike the motivation niche, you can focus your content strategy on a specific personality development related topic. For instance, here are some specific topics that falls under personality development:

  • Management
  • Confidence
  • Communication
  • Leadership
  • Stress Management
  • Relationships

This niche has indirect earning potential through coaching services or online courses. It’s a less crowded space, but the challenge is to provide actionable advice without sounding generic. 

13. Art and Craft

If you like sharing DIY projects, art tutorials, and handmade crafts with others then the art and craft niche is for you.

Post your creations, step-by-step guides, and art tips. There’s potential to earn through selling your art, affiliate links for art supplies, and brand partnerships. While it’s a competitive field, your unique art style will help you gain faster growth on the platform.

The challenge is consistently producing content and coming up with unique ideas. To stand out, regularly post diverse art and craft projects and interact with your audience to know what they enjoy most.

14. Calligraphy

Calligraphy on Instagram stands out as it combines art with writing. It’s a unique instagram niche that focuses on the beauty of lettering.

Share your calligraphy projects, tutorials, and tips on different styles. This niche offers earning potential through selling your artwork, collaborating with brands, and teaching calligraphy.

It’s moderately competitive, but you can shine by showcasing a unique calligraphy style. The main challenge is maintaining a steady flow of creative and visually appealing content.

To succeed, regularly post new designs and engage with your followers to see what styles they love.

15. Comedy

Comedy on Instagram is all about making people laugh. This niche brings joy and entertainment. 

You can earn through sponsored content and collaborations with entertainment brands. The competition is tough, but your original humor can attract a loyal following. The challenge? Keeping your content fresh and relatable.

Your strategy should be to consistently deliver new material and interact with your audience to understand what makes them laugh.

16. Travel Vlogs

Travel Vlogs are quite popular and if done right, can lead to faster growth on the platform.

Post videos and stories of your travels, showcasing different cultures and destinations. Earning potential comes from partnerships with travel brands and tourism boards.

It’s a popular field, so standing out requires showcasing unique destinations or travel styles. The challenge is creating engaging content that captures your target audience’s interest.

17. Baking


Baking on Instagram is about sharing the joy of making and decorating baked goods.

Share your baking recipes, cake decorating tutorials, and baking tips. There’s potential to earn through brand partnerships and selling your baked creations.

This niche is competitive, but your unique baking style or specialty can set you apart. The main challenge is consistently producing visually appealing content.

To be successful in the baking niche, regularly post new recipes and engage with your audience to find out what baked goods they want to see next.

18. Fitness

Fitness on Instagram is about inspiring and guiding others in their fitness journey. It combines personal health with motivation. Share your workout routines, fitness tips, and progress updates.

You can earn through fitness program sales, brand endorsements, and personal training services. It’s a crowded space, so standing out requires showing real results and offering unique workout ideas.

Sharing content that the audience will enjoy and coming up with unique content ideas is a bit challenging.

To succeed, share a mix of beginner-friendly and advanced workouts, and actively engage with your followers about their fitness goals.

19. Food

Food on Instagram revolves around the love of cooking and eating. This niche is not just about recipes, but also about the experience of food.

Share your cooking tutorials, recipe ideas, and food reviews. There’s potential to earn from cookbook sales, affiliate marketing, and collaborations with food brands. The competition is stiff, but you can stand out by focusing on a specific type of food style or dietary preference.

The main challenge is consistently unique and engaging content. To be successful, post regularly and interact with your audience to know what foods or recipes they’re interested in.

20. Pets

Pets niche is a great niche that has low competition and faster growth potential on instagram. Share cute and funny moments with your pets, pet care tips, and pet product reviews on a regular basis, and you’ll soon see the results.

Brand partnerships and affiliate marketing are nice monetization channels in this niche.

The only challenge is to create unique, entertaining and engaging content for your audience. But once you figure out the content strategy, creating content becomes a lot easier.

Speaking of pet niche, you might also like to check out this guide on dog niche ideas. If you’re struggling to find the right pet niche, then this guide with 17 dog niche ideas will help you a lot.

21. Health Tips

Health Tips on Instagram is about sharing knowledge to improve overall well-being.

Share actionable health tips and wellness advice to succeed. 

You can earn through wellness program sales, health product affiliations, and collaborations with health brands. It’s a competitive niche, but standing out requires providing reliable and easy-to-understand health information. 

22. Dental Tips

Dental Tips on Instagram focuses on oral health and hygiene.

Share tips on dental care, product reviews, and oral hygiene practices. You can earn through partnerships with dental brands and affiliate marketing for oral care products.

It’s a less saturated niche, offering a chance to stand out by sharing professional insights or personal experiences with dental care.

The challenge is to provide expert insights plus, present the dental information in an easy to understand and engaging way.

Success lies in posting consistently about a variety of dental topics and interacting with your audience to address their oral health questions.

23. Motorcycle Riding

Motorcycle riding niche on Instagram captures the excitement of motorcycle riding.

Share motorcycling trails, gear reviews, and motorcycling tips. Earning potential comes from collaborations with  motorcycling brands and promoting motorcycling accessories.

The main challenge is to regularly post visually captivating content that showcases the joy of motorcycle riding. But if you’re a passionate motorcycle rider then creating content would be very easy for you.

24. Make Money Online

Make Money Online on Instagram is about sharing strategies for earning income through the internet. 

There are many sub-niches of the make-money-online niche. To succeed, choose one specific niche and share actionable advice regularly.

Your content should be value adding and should educate your audience. That way, you can grow faster in this niche.

25. Coding

Coding on Instagram is centered around programming and technology. This niche is special because it educates and inspires those interested in coding.

Share coding tutorials, project showcases, and programming tips. There’s earning potential through partnerships with tech companies, promoting coding tools, and offering coding courses.

While competitive, you can stand out by focusing on a specific programming language or project type. The challenge is to make coding content easy and engaging for both beginners and experienced coders.

Post a mix of coding tutorials and coding tips. Plus, engage with your audience to know their learning preferences.

26. Public Speaking

Public Speaking on Instagram is a unique niche focused on the art of effective communication. It stands out because it’s not just about speaking skills, but also about inspiring confidence and leadership.

Share tips on speech writing, delivery techniques, and overcoming stage fright. You can earn by offering public speaking coaching, selling courses, and through speaking engagements.

Though competition might not be as high as in other niches, the key to standing out is providing practical and easy-to-apply advice.

The challenge is to keep your content engaging and diverse, catering to both beginners and experienced speakers.

The strategy for success involves regularly sharing insights from your speaking experiences and engaging with your audience to understand their fears and aspirations related to public speaking.

27. Gardening

Gardening on Instagram shares the joy and knowledge of growing plants. This niche is unique as it’s both a hobby and a way to connect with nature. Post about plant care, garden design ideas, and sustainable gardening practices.

There’s potential to earn from partnerships with gardening brands, and selling your own plant products. Affiliate marketing opportunities in the gardening niche are also good.

It’s a relatively low competition field, but you can differentiate yourself by focusing on a specific gardening style, like urban gardening or organic vegetable growing.

The main challenge is producing consistent, visually appealing content that shows the beauty and progress of your garden. 

To grow, share regular updates about your gardening projects, offer tips for different seasons, and interact with your gardening community to share experiences and advice.

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How To Choose The Right Instagram Niche?

  1. Identify Your Passion and Expertise – Start by assessing what you’re passionate about and where your expertise lies. If you’re drawn to beauty and have a knack for makeup techniques, then a niche like Makeup might be ideal. This ensures that your content will be both authentic and sustainable in the long term.
  2. Market Demand and Audience Interest – Research the level of interest and demand in your chosen field. For example, the Tech niche might show a consistently high interest due to the rapid evolution in technology.
  3. Analyze the Competition Look at how saturated the market is. In highly competitive niches like Fitness, you’ll need a unique angle or approach to stand out. For less crowded niches, like Calligraphy, it might be easier to establish a presence.
  4. Earning Potential – Consider the monetization prospects for profitability. Niches like Digital Marketing and Make Money Online often have high earning potential.
  5. Content Sustainability – Evaluate how easy it will be to consistently produce content. Niches like Travel Vlogs might require more resources and time compared to something like Books where you can create content at home.
  6. Engagement Levels – Some niches naturally encourage more interaction. For instance, niches like Pets or Comedy often see high levels of engagement due to their universal appeal and shareability.
  7. Longevity and Trend Analysis – Look at the long-term viability of the niche. Niches like Health Tips and Gardening are evergreen, while others might be more trend-dependent.
  8. Balance of Interest and Practicality – Finally, balance your personal interest with practical considerations like content creation feasibility and potential for growth. For example, if you’re interested in Art and Craft, consider only if you can maintain a steady stream of projects to showcase.


What Are The Fastest Growing Instagram Niches?

Digital Marketing, Motivation, Pets, Video Editing, Tech, and Soccer are some of the fastest growing instagram niches. Ultimately, how fast you can grow on instagram mainly relies on how well you can stand out and create engaging content for your audience.

What Are The Most Profitable Instagram Niches?

The most profitable niches are related to the finance and tech sector like digital marketing, making money online, and tech. However, niches where you can sell your courses and services can also turn out to be profitable–take public speaking, photography, and calligraphy for example.

What Is The Best Niche For Instagram Reels?

The best niche for Instagram reels are the ones which are very visual like Skin Care, Make Up, Travel, Baking, etc. That said, you can also gain faster growth with any other niche as long as you can create high-quality content for your audience.

Final Thoughts

After exploring 27 unique Instagram niches, these ones stand out. First is Motivation – uplifting content will attract a loyal, engaged following.

Next is Pets – cute pet content sees high interaction and lower competition.

Finally, in terms of profitability, you can choose either from Video Editing, Tech, Digital Marketing, Photography, and Make Money Online.

All three niches have strong engagement potential which is key to Instagram success. Ultimately, when choosing an Instagram niche, it’s essential to choose one that’s aligned with your skills and interests.

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