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So you want to start a travel blog? But let’s face it, “travel” alone is a very huge industry in itself. To separate and stand out, you need to find something a bit more specific. That’s why we have come up with this guide on the best travel blog niche ideas.

Key Takeaways:

  • Travel blogging is a profitable niche with numerous affiliate programs, display ad earnings, and opportunities to sell digital products.
  • High-quality, well-researched content is essential to attract and engage readers.
  • Country-specific travel blogs allow for a broader scope; the key is to pick a country or region with which the writer is familiar or passionate about.
  • Other popular travel blog niches include Camping and RV Life, Food and Travel Combined, Budget Tourism, Flight Tips, Cruise Traveling, Backpacking, and Restaurants and Hotels.
  • Each niche has different opportunities and challenges, but all offer various monetization potential, including affiliate marketing, ads, and product/course sales.
  • The selected niche should align with your passion, interest, and ability to handle competition. Additionally, the return on investment and content creation challenges should be factored in.
  • Tools like NicheScout.Pro can assist in finding niche site ideas along with their competition and search volume data.

Travel Niche: What To Expect – A High-Level Overview

Lots Of Affiliate ProgramsYou need to have some local experience
Great Display Ad earningsUsing original images will be beneficial
Digital product selling opportunities available
Competition is moderate

Let’s start with the most important question. Is the Travel niche profitable? Yes, absolutely!

There are tons of affiliate programs, from Booking.com to TripAdvisor that pay you good commissions on every referral.

Moreover, you can earn great from ads because ad earnings and EPMV (Earnings per thousand visitors) in the travel niche tend to be quite higher than in other niches.

And not just that, you can also sell your own ebooks and other digital products.

As far as competition goes, there’s a moderate level of competition in the niche. And in some niches, you will find very less competition. Which is great. But you need to have some experience in the content you’re sharing on your blog.

Either you need to incorporate that experience about the place or the local guide you’re sharing. Or hire a professional writer who has experience traveling to that location.

Secondly, although not a necessity, incorporating original images of the local places you write about would give you an extra edge over your competition.

But despite these challenges, you can still succeed provided:

  • You write high-quality content that is well-researched (readers should love your content and engage with it).
  • Also, you need to pick the right topics with low competition so that you can quickly rank on those topics.

With all that said, now let’s jump to the actual part you’ve been waiting for so long!

The Best Travel Blog Niche Ideas

1. Country-Specific Travel Blog

Source: Google Trends

First off, let’s start with a country or a region-specific blog. For instance, here are some countries on which you can create your travel blog:

  • France
  • Italy
  • Spain
  • Thailand
  • Canada
  • United States
  • Greece

And like that, you can choose any popular travel location. Just be sure to choose the one with which you have some experience or at least some level of passion.

2. Camping And RV Life

Source: Ahrefs

Camping is a highly competitive niche in the travel space, but if you can do it the right way, it will be a highly profitable blog for you. Ad earrings are awesome in this niche. Plus, there are tons of opportunities for doing affiliate product reviews.

A challenge to consider while working in this niche is finding low-competition topics. Also, you need to provide great, insightful content to ensure your blog remains on those top spots for a long.

That said, if you’re an RVer and you have a passion for creating RV and camping-related content, this niche is for you. You can write about camping tips, RV maintenance tips and so much more in this niche.

3. Food And Travel Combined

Are you a foodie and love to travel and explore the different cuisines of different regions? Then this niche might be just the right fit for you.

You can write about recipes, restaurant reviews, culinary tours, and cultural insights through local cuisine.

This niche consists of an engaged group of audience. So if you can share quality content, you can build a brand with a huge fan base.

Earring potential is also decent. Affiliate marketing, ads, and courses, all do well in this niche. The only thing is competition is huge. You could compete against some of the leading food blogs in the world. But don’t worry. If you can do smart keyword research and find some untapped keywords, it will be much easier to crack this niche.

4. Budget Tourism

How about adding a touch of finance to the travel niche? Yes, you heard that right. In the budget tourism space, you can share tips and strategies on how to travel on a budget.

Ads and affiliate opportunities could do well in this niche. Plus, you can also do brand deals. I think it would be best to combine it with a YouTube channel. Because then, you can develop a good fan base that is always on the lookout for your next best budget travel tips.

Be sure to promote your content on Pinterest as these types of niches do quite well there.

Speaking of challenges, finding new content ideas and low-competition topics can be a bit challenging. But you can always branch out into shoulder topics within the niche. And that should give you enough opportunities and topics to write about. Overall, it’s a nice niche to explore, especially if you have a passion for traveling on a budget.

5. Flight Tips

Do you travel a lot on flights? Then this niche might be interesting for you. There are tons of questions a beginner traveler could have.

You can cover topics on best deals, tips on flying with pets, the best airlines, and the list goes on. It’s a very specific niche with a target audience group. So you can expect to get a good engaged audience on your blog.

Content creation is also easy. And the competition is moderate to low which makes it one of the best choices among the travel blog niche ideas.

6. Cruise Traveling

Now, this particular is one of the most unique ones from the travel blog niche ideas shared in this guide. The target audience of this niche comprises travelers who prefer traveling on a ship and enjoying the adventure that brings in.

You can share cruise traveling tips, the best locations, unique experiences related to cruise travel and so much more.

Ad earnings should be great in this niche. Although affiliate opportunities could be minimal, you can promote your own courses or ebooks sharing your personal experiences and tips.

This niche does have a good fanbase and demand. The effort required to create content is moderate. Like most other travel niches, a YouTube channel and a Pinterest social media channel would do well.

7. Backpacking

Source: Ahrefs

Backpacking travel is a trending travel niche that appeals to adventure seeker travel enthusiasts. You could write backpacking tips, travel tips and do product reviews in the niche.

The competition level is moderate. Content creation is also easy. As long as you can research well, you can create some good quality content pieces. But adding that unique experience is always a plus. Earnings are nice.

Other than that, affiliate marketing could also do well in this niche. You can review the best backpacks and share travel tips. Youtube and Pinterest as complementary channels to the website to build an audience would be a wise move.

8. Restaurant And Hotels Travel

Finally, how about talking about only the best restaurants in the world? First, you can share in-depth reviews and informative guides.

Then as your blog grows, you could get the chance from the popular restaurants to visit, stay there, and write a review for their restaurants and hotels. Sounds amazing? Travel and also create content side by side!

The challenge is competition and content creation. Monetization opportunities? Affiliate marketing is the real deal in this niche. But yes, ads will also do well.

As long as you can write great content on the best hotels and restaurants, and share informative guides related, you’re good to go!

How To Pick The One From The Travel Blog Niche Ideas?

Travel is a great niche and no matter which niche you select, you will always have a huge demand and monetization opportunities.

So the only thing you need to consider is the passion, interest, and competition level. So you can ask these questions while finalizing any niche from the provided travel blog niche site idea.

  • Is the niche interesting to you?
  • Is the competition manageable for you?
  • And can you create content in the niche without much issue?

If the answer to all the questions is yes, then you have probably landed on the right niche.

But let’s say you are getting the same answer for every niche. In other words, if every niche seems interesting to you, then you can do one thing.

Try to focus on the return on your investment. Like, which niche will give you the most return based on the amount and time you will put into it.

Consider the content creation challenges and how to tackle them. Taking into these factors, you’ll be able to pick the right travel blog niche site idea.

And if you’re in search of more niche site ideas, be sure to check out the free tool NicheScout.Pro. This tool lets you find some great niche site ideas along with their competition and search volume data.

In addition, you can complete the quizzes like the Money Method Quiz and the Niche Medium Quiz. They should better help you brainstorm ideas and finalize your niche.

Final Thoughts

In a nutshell, traveling space is huge and comes with a bunch of opportunities. From camping to backpacking, from country-specific travel blogs to budget tourism, you can pick any niche of your choice.

Earning potential is great in the travel niche. Competition is moderate. The only thing is you need to create well-researched, in-depth content pieces. If you can do that, this niche has a lot to offer for sure.

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