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Feeling overwhelmed about money matters? We get it. Who isn’t stressed about finances these days? The good news is you don’t have to figure it out alone. We’re here to help! We curated the 14 best personal finance blogs to boost your money skills.

Check out our handpicked Profitable Personal Finance Blogs list and let’s do this together!

Key Takeaways

Blog NameNotable AchievementsVerified EarningsWebsite
Making Sense of CentsOver 20 million readers, sold a course on affiliate marketingOver $1.5 million in 2018makingsenseofcents.com
Believe in a BudgetQuit job within 10 months to blog full-timeOver $840,000 in 2020believeinabudget.com
DollarSproutCovers diverse money-making strategies$342,675 between Jan-Feb 2019dollarsprout.com
The Busy BudgeterOver 505,000 monthly pageviewsOver $86,000 in 2017busybudgeter.com
Millennial Money ManPaid off $40,000 in debt, focuses on millennial financesOver $750,000 in the first nine months of 2018millennialmoneyman.com
The Savvy CouplePaid off $25,000 in loans, quit 9-to-5 jobsOver $43,000 per month in three yearsthesavvycouple.com
Caroline VencilFrom $17,000 annual income to six-figure CEO$25,202 in Dec 2018carolinevencil.com
Finsavvy PandaFrom living paycheck to paycheck to over $20,000 per monthOver $20,000 per month in 2020finsavvypanda.com
The Money NinjaMade over $1 million outside of regular job$31,156.48 by Mar 2020themoneyninja.com
Club ThriftyPaid off $50,000 in debt, travel hacking focusOver $1 million in 2019clubthrifty.com
The Practical SaverFrom debt to over $500,000 in savings$23,520.50 in 9 months by Oct 2016thepracticalsaver.com
Millennial BossPaid off nearly $100k in debt$6,698 in Dec 2019millennialboss.com
The Financial CookbookFocus on women’s financial literacy$6,836 in Jan 2022thefinancialcookbook.com
This Online WorldFrom $0 to over $20,000 per month in 4 years$272,712 in 2022thisonlineworld.com

14 Top Earning Profitable Personal With Verified Earnings

This image is showing the reported earnings of various blogs in their latest reported year. Full Text: Verified Earnings of Various Blogs in Their Latest Reported Year Making Sense of Cents Club Thrifty Believe in a Budget Millennial Money Man The Savvy Couple DollarSprout This Online World Finsavvy Panda The Busy Budgeter The Money Ninja Caroline Vencil The Practical Saver The Financial Cookbook Millennial Boss 0.0 0.2 0.4 0.6 0.8 1.0 1.2 1.4 Earnings ($) le6

Making Sense of Cents

Making Sense of Cents is an informative personal finance blog founded by Michelle Schroeder-Gardner in 2011. With over 20 million readers, it has become one of the most popular money blogs. Michelle started the blog to document her journey paying off $38,000 in student loans. Since then, she has built it into a go-to resource for practical financial advice.

Making Sense of Cents covers budgeting, saving, investing, making extra money, work from home jobs, and more. Michelle provides actionable tips and strategies to help readers take control of their finances, build wealth, and live the lives they want. As a respected personal finance expert, she has been featured in Forbes, CNBC, Time, Oprah Magazine, and other major outlets.

Some key topics on the blog include how to make extra money with side hustles, work from home job ideas, tips to save more money, and avoiding financial scams. Readers love the active community where they can get feedback and connect over shared financial goals. Michelle also founded Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing, a course on earning through affiliate programs.

With its broad range of money topics and relatable advice from Michelle’s own financial journey, Making Sense of Cents has become a valuable resource for anyone looking to boost their financial know-how. According to documented earnings, Michelle earned over $1.5 million in 2018 from her blogging business and affiliate income.

Believe in a Budget

BelieveinaBudget.com is an engaging money blog started by Kristin Larsen in 2014. After just 10 months of blogging, Kristin was able to quit her job as an interior architect and designer to blog full time.

Kristin’s main goal with BelieveinaBudget is to empower people to take control of their money and build wealth. She shares budgeting tips, side hustle ideas, instructions on starting a blog, and more. Readers love Kristin’s down-to-earth approach to personal finance education.

Some of the most popular content on BelieveinaBudget covers “how to start a blog” tutorials and no-spend challenges. Kristin also leverages Pinterest marketing to drive traffic. She provides helpful guides for using Pinterest to promote blogs and businesses.

The majority of the blog’s impressive income comes from digital products and courses. Kristin also earns from affiliate marketing, display ads, membership communities, coaching services, and sponsorships.

With over six years of experience, Kristin has established herself as a relatable personal finance expert. Her blog motivates people to reach their financial goals through budgeting, blogging, side hustles and more.

According to documented earnings and income reports, BelieveinaBudget brought in over $840,000 for Kristin Larsen in 2020.


DollarSprout is a valuable personal finance resource started by two college friends, Jeff Proctor and Ben Huber. In 2018, they launched DollarSprout to help everyday people boost their earning potential.

The finance blog covers diverse money-making strategies including side hustles, career growth, entrepreneurship, passive income streams, and more. Its engaging content aims to empower people to take control of their finances, whether through a weekend side gig, career change, or building a business. The blog is packed with practical and actionable money-making tips and advice.

The blog also provides inspiration and insights for anyone looking to boost their bank accounts.

Between January and February 2019, the blog’s revenue was a whopping $342,675! The bulk of cash inflow was through affiliate marketing.

The Busy Budgeter

The Busy Budgeter is a practical money blog started by Rosemarie Groner, a former state trooper and stay-at-home mom. After 10 years in law enforcement, Rosemarie launched a home daycare business to spend more time with her son. She then created The Busy Budgeter to share budgeting tips and help readers achieve financial freedom.

Some of Rosemarie’s most popular content covers budgeting, saving strategies, simplifying finances, and living frugally. She takes a down-to-earth, relatable approach to money management. In 2017, The Busy Budgeter earned over $86,000 primarily through digital workbook products that resonate with busy families.

Readers love Rosemarie’s honest, open style as she shares details of her income reports and own budgeting practices. With over 505,000 pageviews in January 2017, The Busy Budgeter struck a chord by empowering everyday people to take control of their money.

Rosemarie provides encouragement and practical steps for readers like herself striving for financial security. Her blog covers making extra income through side hustles, lowering expenses, and balancing family budgets.

With her background in law enforcement and as a mom, Rosemarie offers a unique perspective. The Busy Budgeter has become a top destination for women seeking to simplify finances while enjoying family time.

Millennial Money Man

Millennial Money Man is a popular personal finance blog started by Bobby Hoyt, a former high school band teacher. After paying off $40,000 in debt in just 18 months, Bobby launched his site to help other millennials build wealth.

With a relatable backstory and transparent voice, Bobby covers topics like side hustles, freelancing, budgeting, and more. He shares his own money mistakes to help millennials avoid pitfalls and find financial success. Unlike stuffy financial gurus, Bobby speaks the millennial language. He mixes humor and honesty when discussing everything from investing to killing student loan debt.

Some of the site’s most helpful content covers launching online businesses, budgeting tips, and passive income strategies. Bobby also answers reader questions with personalized money advice.

Readers love Bobby’s practical, no-judgement approach to managing finances. He offers ideas tailored to millennials’ unique money challenges without lecturing. In the first nine months of 2018 alone, Bobby earned over $750,000 from blog courses and other income streams tied to his blog.

By sharing his own debt payoff journey, Bobby motivates readers to take control of their money and build wealth. Millennial Money Man provides both the essential money skills and confidence boost millennials need.

With over a million annual readers, the site has become a top destination for millennials aiming to master their finances. Bobby’s transparent voice and focus on achievable goals empowers young adults to live life on their own terms.

The Savvy Couple

The Savvy Couple is an engaging money blog founded by husband-and-wife duo Kelan and Brittany Kline in 2016. By age 29, they paid off $25,000 in student loans and built a multi-six figure online business that enabled them to quit 9-to-5 jobs.

Within three years of launching their blog, the Klines generated over $43,000 in monthly income from ads, affiliates, sponsorships and digital products. With over 6 million total readers, The Savvy Couple has become a top destination for everyday families aiming to take control of their finances. Kelan and Brittany’s journey resonates with couples working together towards shared money goals.

From paying off debt to building online businesses, The Savvy Couple provides an inspirational roadmap to financial freedom. Kelan and Brittany’s relatable voice makes money topics approachable. They constantly provide practical, relatable guidance on budgeting, earning more, and achieving financial freedom.

Caroline Vencil

Caroline Vencil is a personal finance blog founded in 2015 by Caroline Vencil. After spending four years living on just $17,000 annual income with her husband, Caroline discovered blogging and within just three years was earning more in one month blogging than her family previously made in an entire year. Specifically, in December 2018, Caroline reported earning $25,202 from her blog, with $12,850 from affiliates, $9,859 from products sold, and $2,493 from display ads.

Her mission is to provide women with practical money-saving tips, side income ideas, and money mindset coaching to help them achieve financial freedom. Caroline offers free resources like cheat sheets, workbooks, and printables to assist women with budgeting, saving money, and aligning their spending with their values. Her blog covers topics like frugal living, side hustles, investing, and cultivating an abundance mindset when it comes to money. She also shares her personal story of going from a teen mom with little financial knowledge to a six-figure CEO.

Finsavvy Panda

Finsavvy Panda is a personal finance blog started by Ling Tran from Toronto, Canada. Ling began the blog in 2017 to document her financial journey and earn extra income on the side. After just one year of blogging, she was consistently earning $10,000 per month. By 2020, after only three years in business, her monthly income from blogging surpassed $20,000.

On Finsavvy Panda, Ling shares tips and stories about saving money, budgeting, investing, paying off debt, and optimizing finances. She writes transparently about her own financial wins and mistakes in hopes of helping others improve their relationship with money. Ling credits a lot of her success to being willing to experiment with different content formats, income streams, and strategies when she first started out.

Ling’s inspiring story of going from living paycheck to paycheck to earning a comfortable living from home through blogging demonstrates that financial success is possible. Her open and honest voice combined with actionable money advice makes Finsavvy Panda a helpful resource for anyone looking to take control of their finances and build wealth.

The Money Ninja

The Money Ninja is a personal finance website founded by John Pham that focuses on strategies for earning more money, saving better, and spending wisely. John started The Money Ninja after making over $1 million outside of his regular 9-5 job, with the goal of helping others achieve similar financial success. As at March 2020, The Money Ninja cumulative revenue hit $31,156.48.

John’s personal finance advice stems from over a decade of experience in banking, investing, and optimizing his own finances. He provides real-world examples and case studies along with recommendations to help readers implement money-saving techniques and earn more.

With its concrete strategies for boosting income, growing your money, and spending less, The Money Ninja is a valuable resource for anyone interested in improving their financial standing. John’s practical money tips aim to help readers achieve financial freedom.

Club Thrifty

Club Thrifty is a personal finance blog founded in 2012 by married couple Holly Johnson and Greg Johnson. After paying off $50,000 in debt, Holly and Greg started the blog to share what they learned about earning more money and optimizing finances. In 2019, Club Thrifty brought in over $1 million in revenue through multiple income streams.

Specifically, Holly and Greg earned:

  • $569,927 from affiliate marketing and ad networks
  • $412,453 from freelance writing
  • $48,817 from online courses
  • $2,388 from sponsored posts in 2019.

Club Thrifty covers topics like credit cards, travel hacking, saving money, and early retirement. Holly and Greg provide tips and reviews to help readers maximize credit card rewards, budget for vacations, find bank account bonuses, and reach financial goals. Their practical advice aims to help readers earn more, save more, become debt-free, and travel the world.

The Practical Saver

The Practical Saver is a personal finance blog created by Allan Liwanag to offer practical money tips and inspire others to take control of their finances. With expertise in financial management and economics, Allan aims to help readers through actionable advice on saving, budgeting, earning, and getting out of debt.

Allan shares his own story of paying off $40,000 in debt and amassing over $70,000 in savings in just 2.5 years while working full-time and raising two kids. His financial journey from debt to over $500,000 in savings and investments demonstrates that financial independence is possible.

On The Practical Saver, Allan provides step-by-step guides on boosting income, budgeting, paying off debt rapidly, and automating finances. Some popular articles cover making money online through blogging, taking surveys, and side hustles.

Allan also publishes income reports, including how he earned $23,520.50 blogging in 9 months as at October 2016. He offers tips for increasing blog views and sells an e-book detailing his strategy.

Featured in major media outlets like MarketWatch, The Practical Saver provides inspiration and practical guidance to help anyone improve their financial standing.

Millennial Boss

Millennial Boss is a personal finance blog and podcast created by Julie to share tips on reaching financial goals and achieving financial independence after paying off nearly $100k in debt.

On the blog, Julie documents her income reports and experiments with side hustles. In December 2019, she earned $6,698 mainly through affiliate marketing by running Facebook ads to promote gift guides.

Julie offers advice on budgeting, saving, investing, paying off debt, and optimizing your career. She provides actionable strategies for taking control of your finances based on her own debt payoff journey and money experiments. Her Fire Drill Podcast features interviews with others successfully navigating debt payoff.

Julie is passionate about showing financial success is possible regardless of your debt or income through persistence and smart money management. Her relatable voice and real-world advice make Millennial Boss a helpful resource for young adults seeking to master their money and live life on their own terms.

The Financial Cookbook

The Financial Cookbook is a personal finance website created by Lisa Andrea to empower women to take control of their finances and achieve financial independence. With the mission of improving women’s financial literacy, The Financial Cookbook offers advice, tools, and community support.

The Financial Cookbook provides educational content covering topics like budgeting, debt payoff, investing, real estate, side hustles, and optimizing your career as a woman. Lisa also shares her own income reports, like how she earned $6,836 in January 2022 through affiliate marketing, sponsored posts, display ads, and digital products on top of her full-time job.

Unique money tools available on the site include a free budget planner spreadsheet, net worth tracker, financial calendar, and other resources to help women master their finances. Readers can also join the community forum to discuss money questions, share goals, and find motivation on their journey to financial freedom.

With its female-focused financial content, empowering mindset approach, and engaged online community, The Financial Cookbook aims to boost women’s money confidence and provide the resources necessary to take control of their financial futures. Lisa’s practical guidance helps women improve money management skills and work towards financial independence.

This Online World

This Online World is a personal finance blog created by Tom Blake that covers making money online, passive income, and starting side hustles. Tom provides tips and transparent income reports to help readers boost their finances.

Originally starting the blog in 2018 with $0 monthly earnings, This Online World now earns Tom over $20,000 per month. In 2022 alone, the blog generated $272,712 largely through display ad revenue and affiliate marketing.

Tom offers in-depth guides and reviews of side hustle and passive income ideas he has tested himself, like phone farming, reward apps, and blogging. He shares specifics on income breakdowns, traffic stats, effective affiliate programs, and actionable blogging tips.

With detailed income reports, case studies, and practical tips from his own experience, Tom provides readers with the information and inspiration needed to start profitable side hustles. His transparent style and focus on testing money-making methods aim to help readers boost their finances.

Through comprehensive coverage and real-life examples, This Online World gives readers the guidance to work towards financial freedom by creating their own successful online businesses and income streams.

Conclusion and final thoughts

With money top of mind in 2023, empower yourself with the knowledge these awesome personal finance blogs have to offer. Whether you need budgeting basics, investing guides, side hustle inspiration, or help getting out of debt, this handpicked list has you covered with practical advice and actionable tips. Follow these everyday finance gurus to take control of your money. Boost your financial confidence and money smarts this year with the top blogs that educate and motivate. The financial advice you need is just a click away!

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