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Are you having trouble finding the right niche for your blog that doesn’t fall into the ‘Your Money Your Life (YMYL)’ category? With 240 unique niches and sub-niches available, choosing one can be quite daunting.

This article will guide you through 50 incredible non-YMYL blogging niches, which are not only engaging but also have excellent SEO potential. Read on to discover creative opportunities that could mark the beginning of your successful blogging journey!

Key Takeaways

  • Non – YMYL niches are safe spaces for blogging that don’t involve money or personal life, such as sports, fashion, travel, and cooking.
  • Choosing the right niche is important for successful blogging and SEO because it allows you to create content regularly and attract a dedicated audience.
  • Some profitable non-YMYL niches include archery, 3D printing, singing, sewing, off-road vehicles, woodworking, fishing, app development, dancing, cheerleading,

Understanding Non-YMYL Niches

Non-YMYL niches are topics that do not touch on people’s money or their life. These are safe spaces where you can share your thoughts without having to worry too much about the effects of your words on others.

They offer fun and interesting subjects for blogs. Some popular non-YMYL niches include sports, fashiontravel, and cooking.

It is important to pick a niche that matches your passion. This will make it easier for you to create content regularly. It also boosts the chances of making your blog a success! So think about what excites you before you choose a non-YMYL niche.

The Importance of Choosing the Right Niche for Blogging and SEO

Picking the right niche for your blog and SEO work is key. It can guide you to big wins. The right niche will have good money-making chances. You need to love what the topics are about too.

Being happy with your niche keeps you writing and working hard. For instance, think about archery blogs. They can make a lot of money because there aren’t many out there yet people love to read about it! Now consider 3D printing blogs, newbies in this field need help, lots of it! They crave easy content that offers cool projects or ideas on how to start a business from home using 3D printers.

Take another example of singing blogs – they’re full of ways to make cash by selling services like voice coaching or earning through affiliate links! Or try crafting a sewing blog – if you know how to sew well and have unique designs at hand, think about selling them online as finished products or even as course materials teaching others how to sew them step by step.

See? Every right chosen niche piles up into big gains eventually if done rightly – that’s why choosing the right one matters so much.

Top 27 Non-YMYL Niches Ideal for Blogging and SEO

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Explore these amazing non-YMYL niches for blogging and SEO to discover profitable opportunities and build a successful online presence.

Archery Blogging Niche

Bows and arrows are the key in the Archery niche. Many people love this sport. They want tips on how to shoot better. You can write about different bows or how to take care of them.

You can also talk about fun places for archers to visit. This niche has few blogs right now which is good news for you. People always want to learn more about archery but there isn’t much out there yet! So, starting a blog on this topic would be a smart move that could make money and draw lots of readers in!

3D Printing Blogging Niche

3D printing is a hot topic now. It makes amazing things from toys to house parts. Many people want to learn it for fun or for work. Blogs can help them get started and do cool projects at home.

Or even turn it into a business to make money. Yet few blogs are out there that talk about 3D printing in easy words for beginners to understand and use. This makes the 3D Printing niche on the list of top niches great for blogging and SEO.

Singing Blogging Niche

Singing is a great choice for a blog niche. Many people want to learn how to sing or become better singers. A blog about singing can share tips and tricks on vocal techniquessong choices, and voice care.

It could also review singing gear like microphones and sound systems. This blog topic can draw in music lovers of all ages from around the world. It’s easy to make money too! You could earn cash by linking to great affiliate products for singers, teaching online voice lessons, or selling choir practice guides and sheet music.

Sewing Blogging Niche

Sewing is a hit topic for blogs. With a steady rise of interest over the past five years, it’s seen as both popular and able to bring in money. Blogs about sewing can cover many areas.

They go from how-to guides for beginners to sharing fun project ideas. Some even talk about how to start a home-based business selling what you sew!

This niche has room for growth, too. Not many blogs focus solely on sewing right now which means less competition for visitors’ attention. And because sewing is so specific, you can create content that targets an exact audience group more easily than broader topics allow.

This makes growing your number of blog readers faster.

The Sewing Niche also opens up income routes other than just ad revenue or affiliate products as bloggers often dive into e-commerce selling their own creations! All these facts point out why the Sewing Blogging Niche is right on target when thinking about profitable blogging niches.

Off-Road Vehicles Blogging Niche

Off-road vehicle lovers are always on the hunt for new blogs to follow. For those who love dirt, dust, and the thrill of a bumpy ride, starting an off-road vehicles blog might be just right! This niche is less tough for new bloggers as it falls under non-YMYL niches.

There’s also less competition as limited dedicated blogs exist in this field. With so many fans ready to spend money to modify and fix up their rides, blogging about off-road vehicles can bring some good cash.

And with more people getting into these vehicles every day, chances for growth run high! So if you know the ins and outs of off-roading and want to share your passion, hop on board – start a blog today!

Woodworking Blogging Niche

Woodworking is a popular niche with many opportunities for bloggers. It’s considered underserved, which means there’s room for new bloggers to find success. Woodworking is profitable, and there are various ways to make money from it.

Bloggers can offer their services or sell finished products. There are also different sub-niches within woodworking, so bloggers can specialize in specific areas. This allows them to cater to a specific audience and become experts in their chosen niche.

Fishing Blogging Niche

The fishing niche is a great choice for blogging and SEO. It attracts many beginners who are willing to spend money on learning and buying expensive equipment. This offers opportunities for earning income through affiliate marketing and other avenues.

Additionally, you can create and sell online courses related to fishing. Promoting and selling fishing gear is another way to make money in this niche. So, if you love fishing and want to share your knowledge with others while making some extra cash, the fishing blogging niche could be perfect for you.

App Development Blogging Niche

The App Development blogging niche is perfect for tech-savvy individuals who want to help businesses grow online. This niche provides opportunities for sharing expertise and assisting businesses in succeeding in the digital world.

It has potential for ad revenue and monetization through online courses and service-based income. The App Development niche is profitable, offering various possibilities for generating income while providing valuable information to readers interested in technology and app development.

Dancing Blogging Niche

Blogging about dancing is a great niche choice if you want to increase your chances of success and attract traffic quickly. In the dancing niche, there are income opportunities like selling online courses or creating a membership site.

It’s important to do market research and identify profitable areas within the dancing niche. Having expertise in solving problems related to dance will also help you stand out. The dancing niche has potential for growth and competition, as many people are willing to spend money on learning dance and related products or services.

By specializing in this niche, you can create targeted content for specific audiences within the dance community.

Cheerleading Blogging Niche

The Cheerleading niche is a great opportunity for bloggers to target moms of cheerleaders and cheerleaders themselves who are interested in pursuing pro-dancing as a career. This niche is considered underserved, which means there is less competition and more chances to stand out.

By focusing on this specific audience, bloggers can create targeted content that addresses their unique needs and interests. Additionally, niche blogs like this one are easier to monetize because they can offer specific products or services tailored to the target audience.

By specializing in the Cheerleading niche, bloggers can build topical authority and improve their search engine rankings, helping them reach a wider audience and attract more readers.

Martial Arts Blogging Niche

Martial arts blogging is a great niche for those who are passionate about martial arts. It allows you to connect with a specific audience interested in learning more about different martial arts styles, techniques, training tips, gear recommendations, and even interviews with martial artists.

With this niche, you can attract a dedicated community of enthusiasts who are seeking information, guidance, and inspiration in their practice. Starting a martial arts blog requires basic knowledge of martial arts and the ability to write informative articles.

By sharing your expertise and providing valuable content for your audience, you can grow your traffic quickly and have opportunities to earn through affiliates and sponsorships.

Survival and Prepping Blogging Niche

The Survival and Prepping niche is becoming increasingly popular in the blogging world. This niche focuses on sharing information and tips about how to prepare for emergencies, natural disasters, and other challenging situations.

With media coverage of these events being a current hot topic, more people are interested in learning how to be self-sufficient and ready for anything that may come their way.

This niche offers many opportunities for bloggers to create valuable content that can help others become more prepared and resilient. From providing advice on essential survival skills like shelter-building or water purification, to recommending gear and tools that can come in handy during an emergency, there’s a wide range of topics within this niche.

Additionally, the Survival and Prepping niche has various sub-niches such as urban survival, wilderness survival, or prepping for specific scenarios like pandemics or economic crises.

With its profitability potential due to the high demand for reliable information in this area, bloggers can monetize their sites through affiliate marketing by promoting products related to survival gear or emergency supplies.

Barbeque/Grilling Blogging Niche

The barbeque/grilling niche is a great choice for blogging, with the potential to earn ad revenue and promote affiliate products. To succeed in this niche, you need to have a passion for cooking and barbequing techniques.

Your blog can provide valuable content like delicious recipes, helpful cooking tips, grilling techniques, and product reviews related to barbeque and grilling. This niche attracts a passionate audience who are always looking for new recipes and ways to improve their cooking skills.

It also offers opportunities for collaboration with brands and companies in the grilling and cooking industry.

Boating Blogging Niche

The boating niche is a great choice for blogging and SEO. It’s a non-YMYL niche that focuses on luxury boatsboat renting, and boat buying during the summer season. This niche has potential for monetization through online courses since there aren’t many comprehensive blogs on the topic.

If you’re passionate about boating, this niche is perfect for you. It’s an underserved area, which means there’s plenty of opportunities for new bloggers to make their mark in this field.

Backyard Hobbies Blogging Niche

The Backyard Hobbies Blogging Niche is a profitable and ideal choice for blogging and SEO. It offers a wide range of hobbies that people enjoy doing in their backyards, such as gardening, birdwatching, stargazing, and outdoor cooking.

This niche has potential for monetization through affiliate marketing with products like gardening tools or grilling equipment. With the increasing interest in sustainable living and self-sufficiency, this niche provides valuable content on topics like organic gardening or DIY projects.

By creating informative and engaging content about backyard hobbies, bloggers can attract an audience interested in these activities and generate income through ad revenue or sponsored content partnerships.

Home Recording Studio Blogging Niche

The Home Recording Studio Blogging Niche is all about creating content for people who are interested in setting up their own recording studios at home. This niche is perfect for those who have a passion for music production, audio engineering, and sound mixing.

In this niche, bloggers can share tips and tricks on choosing the right equipmentsetting up a studio space, and achieving professional-quality recordings from the comfort of one’s own home.

They can also provide reviews and recommendations on various recording gear and software. With the increasing popularity of home recording setups among musicians and podcasters, there is a growing demand for valuable information in this niche.

In order to succeed in the Home Recording Studio Blogging Niche, bloggers should have some knowledge or experience in music production or audio engineering themselves. By sharing their expertise through informative blog posts, tutorials, video demonstrations, and product reviews, they can attract aspiring musicians and hobbyists looking to improve their recording skills or start their own small-scale studios.

High-Power Rocketry Blogging Niche

high-power rocketry blogging niche is a type of blog that focuses on the hobby and sport of building and launching high-powered rockets. It caters to enthusiasts who are passionate about designing, constructing, and flying these powerful rockets.

In this niche, bloggers can share their knowledge and experiences through tutorials, reviews of rocket kits and equipment, launch event coverage, safety tips, and discussions on rocket science principles.

High-power rocketry blogs provide a platform for like-minded individuals to connect, inspire one another, learn new techniques, and stay updated with the latest trends in this exciting hobby.

Green Living Blogging Niche

The green living blogging niche is one of the top 50 non-YMYL niches recommended for blogging and SEO. Bloggers in this niche should have a passion for sustainabilityeco-friendly practices, and living a green lifestyle.

They can use their blogs to educate and inspire readers about environmentally friendly practices and products. Monetization opportunities in this niche include affiliate marketing partnerships, sponsored content, and selling eco-friendly products.

Horse Care Blogging Niche

Starting a horse care blog is a great way to share knowledge about grooming, nutrition, and health care for horses. Whether you’re a horse owner, rider, or enthusiast, this niche offers the opportunity to create content that caters to the needs of fellow horse lovers.

You can cover topics such as equestrian sportstraining techniques, and even equipment reviews. By sharing your passion and expertise in this area, you can attract a dedicated audience of horse enthusiasts who are looking for information and guidance.

A horse care blog can become a community where people exchange valuable insights and connect over their love for these majestic animals.

Farming Blogging Niche

A farming blog is a great choice for those who have a basic understanding of farming and a passion for it. This niche can cover topics like organic farmingsustainable agriculturelivestock farmingcrop cultivation, and gardening.

People interested in learning about farming techniques and staying updated on industry trends are drawn to this type of blog. Valuable information can be provided on soil health, pest control, irrigation methods, and equipment reviews.

Additionally, the farming blog niche can also include content related to homesteading, self-sufficiency, and rural living to appeal to a wider range of readers.

Extreme Sports Blogging Niche

The Extreme Sports Blogging Niche is a thrilling and exciting area to focus your blog on. With extreme sports gaining popularity, there is a growing demand for content that caters to this niche.

From skydiving and snowboarding to rock climbing and motocross, there are endless possibilities for creating engaging articles, videos, and podcasts. By providing valuable information on gear reviewssafety tipstraining techniques, and showcasing adrenaline-pumping adventures from around the world, you can attract an audience of adventure seekers who are passionate about extreme sports.

This niche offers opportunities for partnerships with brands in the industry as well as affiliate marketing with sporting equipment retailers. Remember to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and events in extreme sports to keep your content fresh and appealing to your audience’s thirst for adventure.

Candle Making Blogging Niche

Candle making is a popular non-YMYL niche for blogging and SEO. It offers opportunities for monetization through sub-niches like wedding candles and soy-based candles. Even during non-seasonal periods, the interest in candle making remains strong.

Surprisingly, there aren’t many dedicated blogs providing comprehensive information on this topic, making it an underserved niche. If you’re passionate about candles, blogging about candle making can be highly profitable by selling handmade candles and offering candle making workshops.

Beauty Pageant Blogging Niche

The beauty pageant blogging niche is included in the top 50 non-YMYL niches for blogging and SEO. This niche has potential for monetization through sub-niches like beauty pageant photography, hairstyles, speaking like beauty pageants, makeup, and dresses.

It is a good choice for new bloggers because it has low competition and a decent level of interest. The beauty pageant niche allows bloggers to target specific audiences such as moms of cheerleaders or those considering a career in pro-dancing.

Income can be generated through affiliate marketing, advertising, sponsored content, and promoting beauty pageant-related products and services.

Aquarium Care Blogging Niche

The Aquarium Care Blogging Niche is a great choice for bloggers who love fish and underwater ecosystems. With an increasing interest in aquariums, there are plenty of topics to explore.

You can write about setting up and maintaining different types of aquariumschoosing the right fish specieswater parameters, feeding routines, and dealing with common issues like algae or diseases.

Additionally, you can offer tips on aquascaping and creating visually stunning aquarium displays. There is also potential to monetize this niche through affiliate marketing by recommending products like fish tanks, filters, decorations, and fish food.

Apartment Decoration Blogging Niche

Apartment Decoration Blogging Niche is a popular topic for bloggers who want to provide guidance and inspiration on how to decorate small living spaces. With the rise of apartment living, many people are looking for creative ways to make their apartments cozy and stylish.

In this niche, bloggers can share tips on space-saving furnitureDIY decor projects, organizing hacks, and budget-friendly ideas. By providing valuable content and beautiful visuals, bloggers in the Apartment Decoration Niche have the opportunity to attract a large audience interested in improving their living spaces without breaking the bank or sacrificing style.

Animation Techniques Blogging Niche

Mystic Elements Blogging Niche

The Mystic Elements Blogging Niche focuses on topics related to mysticism, spirituality, and the occult. It covers a wide range of sub-niches like astrology, tarot reading, crystal healing, and numerology.

This niche is known for its passionate audience who are seeking guidance and knowledge about these mystical practices. With an increasing interest in spiritual growth and personal development, the Mystic Elements Blogging Niche presents opportunities for creating content that helps readers explore their spirituality.

This niche has a potential for affiliate marketing through promoting products like tarot decks or crystals. Additionally, there are possibilities for creating digital products such as online courses or ebooks about different mystical practices.


In conclusion, there are plenty of amazing non-YMYL niches for blogging and SEO. From archery to woodworking, these niches offer unique opportunities for content creationmonetization, and building a loyal audience.

By choosing the right niche and providing valuable content, bloggers can achieve success in their blogging journey. So go ahead and explore these niches to find your passion and make an impact in the blogging world!

Non-YMYL Niches F.A.Q.:

What are some non-YMYL niches for blogging and SEO?

Some non-YMYL niches for blogging and SEO include travel, fashion, beauty, home decor, and DIY crafts.

What does “non-YMYL” mean in the context of blogging and SEO?

“Non-YMYL” stands for “Your Money or Your Life.” It refers to content that does not directly impact a person’s health, safety, or financial well-being.

Why should I consider writing about non-YMYL topics?

Writing about non-YMYL topics can be beneficial as they typically attract a larger audience and have less competition compared to YMYL niches.

How can I start a successful blog in a non-YMYL niche?

To start a successful blog in a non-YMYL niche, research your target audience, create high-quality content consistently, promote your blog through social media and other channels, and engage with your readers by responding to comments and feedback.

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