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Finding the Right Medium for Your Niche

1. How confident are you in your public speaking skills?

  • A. Very confident
  • B. Somewhat confident
  • C. Neutral
  • D. Not confident at all

2. How much do you enjoy writing?

  • A. I love it
  • B. I like it
  • C. It’s okay
  • D. I don’t like it

3. How important is visual content to your niche?

  • A. Very important
  • B. Somewhat important
  • C. Moderately important
  • D. Not important at all

4. How do you prefer to consume content?

  • A. Watching videos
  • B. Reading articles
  • C. Listening to podcasts
  • D. Scrolling through images

5. How much time are you willing to invest in content creation?

  • A. A lot of time
  • B. Moderate amount of time
  • C. Limited time
  • D. I need quick results

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