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Want to start a blog in the make money online niche space? But finding the right niche seems tricky, right? Don’t worry anymore because, in this guide, we will share with you the 14 best make money online sub niches. Keep reading till the end to explore more!

Key Takeaways:

  • Content Creation Niches: Includes Blogging, YouTube, and Graphic Design; suitable if you have a passion for creating unique content. Monetization through affiliate marketing, display ads, and selling courses or tools are all possible options.
  • Technical Skills Niches: If you’re a tech enthusiast, explore Software Reviews, App Development, Web Development, and Animation. Earnings from affiliate products, ads, and digital sales, but require a keen eye for detail and tech knowledge.
  • Freelancing and Remote Work Niches: Freelancing, Virtual Assistant, Proofreading And Editing, and Consulting are ideal for experienced freelancers and remote workers. Monetize through affiliate marketing, display ads, and selling digital products or services.
  • Online Business Niches: Ebook Publishing, Dropshipping, and Social Media Marketing if you’re interested in online entrepreneurship. Opportunities for affiliate marketing, display ads, and selling courses or platforms.

Top 14 Make Money Online Sub Niches

1. Blogging:

One of the best, make money online sub niches is blogging. Yes, it does have some serious challenges like high competition and a small group of audience. But if you have a passion for the niche and have something unique to share, then this could be a great sub niche for you.

Earning potential is huge because you could do affiliate marketing of various tools and services along with selling courses. Display ads also do well.

Content creation isn’t overly demanding; a deep understanding of the blogging landscape suffices. Regular content updates to keep your content relevant are crucial though. 

2. YouTube:

Source: Ahrefs

Growing YouTubers form the target audience for this niche. In the blogging field, competition is moderate in the niche.

The immense popularity of YouTube makes it an appealing niche to dive into. You could post about “starting a YouTube channel,” “video editing techniques,” or “channel growth tips”.

Content creation requires a thorough knowledge of YouTube functionalities. But if you are passionate about YouTube and are willing to share YouTube tips, you’re good to go!

You can promote video editing software or YouTube SEO tools as an affiliate. Display ads also perform well. While it requires active participation, it’s a fantastic niche, especially for those immersed in YouTube daily.

3. Freelancing:

Source: Ahrefs

This niche targets the growing individuals of self-employed professionals. It’s moderately competitive but popular because of the rise of remote work.

Topics might be “how to freelance,” “building a portfolio,” “writing quality content,” and more. You need first-hand freelancing experience to create content. And it also requires updates with time as trends and strategies change.

Affiliate opportunities and display ad opportunities are nice. But selling specific courses on freelancing skills would really do well.

Although there’s a need for specialized knowledge, it’s an excellent niche for experienced freelancers wanting to guide others.

4. Ebook Publishing:

Source: Ahrefs

This niche attracts writers interested in self-publishing. The competition level is low to moderate, but the demand for self-publishing guidance is high.

Topics like “writing an ebook,” “self-publishing platforms,” or “marketing your ebook” are popular. Creating content isn’t demanding, and it’s a largely evergreen niche.

Affiliates can promote writing tools or self-publishing services. Display ads and selling courses on ebook publishing are viable income sources.

Despite the need for an understanding of publishing, it’s a brilliant niche for those with a passion for literature and writing.

5. Software Reviews

If you’re a tech enthusiast, writing software reviews could be your ideal niche. It’s highly popular, with a moderate level of competition, mainly because new software is always being developed.

Cover categories like productivity apps, games, or design tools. The challenge? Keeping up-to-date with the latest software developments and writing solid well-researched articles which require actual software testing.

But if you’re a tech enthusiast, it’s more like fun than work! Use screenshots and detailed explanations, but don’t worry – no specialist skills are required beyond a keen eye for detail.

You could promote affiliate software products to monetize your blog. Display ads will work like a charm given the high traffic this niche can generate.

Selling courses on how to use particular software could be a revenue source too. This niche is perfect for those passionate about tech, and eager to help others to find the right software product.

6. Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing – a moderately competitive but always popular niche. If you’ve got a passion for creating engaging content and growing an online presence, this sub niche is for you.

Topics can range from platform-specific strategies (like Instagram or LinkedIn) to broader themes like content creation and analytics. You will need to stay on top of trends and platform changes, but that’s part of the excitement!

Promote marketing tools or services as affiliates and display ads can add to your earnings too. Your own social media consulting services or online courses could be a hit with your audience.

Although staying current might require regular updates, the upside is high demand and potential profitability. Ideal for marketing enthusiasts who love social media’s dynamism.

7. App Development

Are you an app developer or aspiring to be one? Then blogging about app development could be a lucrative choice for you.

It’s a relatively less crowded niche, given that it requires specific knowledge and skills. You could cover anything from coding languages, development tools to app marketing strategies.

The challenge lies in creating technical content, but the upside is that it’s evergreen – people will always want to develop apps.

Promoting software, online courses, or even your own app could be profitable, and display ads can also bring in a decent income.

Due to its specialized nature, you could sell premium content like in-depth tutorials or consulting services. Perfect for tech-savvy individuals with a love for sharing their knowledge.

8. Animation

A niche dedicated to the world of animation is sure to captivate a wide audience, including art students, professionals, and enthusiasts alike.

Although competition is moderate, the field is ever-evolving. From 2D animation techniques, and 3D modeling, to industry trends, there’s a wealth of topics to explore.

Content creation will require knowledge of animation and visual media. Affiliate marketing opportunities exist with software and tools used in animation.

Display ads can work well too. Courses or webinars related to animation techniques could also be offered.

The main challenge is the technical knowledge required, but this niche is promising for anyone passionate about animation.

9. Web Development

A blog niche focusing on web development is great for both professionals and beginner web developers.

With moderate competition and an ever-increasing demand for tech skills, it’s a popular choice. From front-end and back-end development, and UX/UI design, to coding tutorials, the possibilities are endless.

While technical knowledge is essential, content update requirements aren’t as frequent unless covering current trends.

Affiliate marketing with coding tools, books, or software is possible, and display ads generally perform well.

The niche is suitable for selling online courses, or eBooks. The barrier is the need for proficiency in web development, but for those with a background in this niche, it’s a nice opportunity.

10. Graphic Design

If you’re an experienced or budding graphic designer, blogging in this niche could be the right fit.

While competition is somewhat high, graphic design remains ever-popular as it’s integral to digital media. You can cover a broad spectrum of topics like design principles, software tutorials, or typography.

Creating content demands a flair for design and may require ample images.

Affiliate marketing can include design software, books, or hardware. Display ads can be profitable with the right strategy. You can sell courses, design templates, or even eBooks.

The main challenge is the skill requirement, but for those with a creative edge, this niche can be a great option.

11. Virtual Assistant

Blogging about being a virtual assistant caters to an expanding remote-work target audience. The competition is lower. You can cover areas like task management, communication skills, and niche services.

Content creation is fairly straightforward, without the need for special skills or constant updates. Affiliate marketing opportunities lie in productivity tools, software, and training programs.

Display ads will yield good returns, and selling eBooks or online courses for beginner virtual assistants could be a nice option.

The main challenge is quality content and doing keyword research to find suitable topics, but for those who have a background or interest in the virtual assistant field, it’s worth diving into.

12. Proofreading And Editing

For those with a skill for the written word, a proofreading blog can serve beginner proofreaders and writers along with editors. Competition is moderately low, and with the surge in digital content, the demand for proofreaders and editors is on the rise.

Topics can include grammar rules, editing techniques, and software recommendations. Content creation is relatively easy.

Affiliate opportunities could be with grammar software, online dictionaries, and training courses. Display ads would work well. Selling eBooks or courses for proofreading and editing can also be profitable.

The challenge lies in finding suitable topics to write about and also creating in-depth content pieces. But for those passionate about language, this niche can indeed be a great choice.

13. Consulting

Consulting blogs are moderately competitive yet always sought-after. Ideal for consultants, businesses, or individuals seeking expert advice.

Topics can range from management advice, industry trends to business strategies. The content requires industry knowledge with a few images.

Updates following market trends are crucial. Suitable affiliate products could be business software, books, or courses.

Display ads are good earners and consulting services can be sold too. While field knowledge is required in the niche to stand out, for experienced consultants, it’s a great way to expand reach and revenue.

14. Dropshipping

Dropshipping blogs are quite competitive but popular among entrepreneurs, businesses, or anyone interested in e-commerce.

Topics could include dropshipping tips, e-commerce trends, or product reviews. Content creation needs some technical background and images of products.

Regular updates following e-commerce trends are needed. Affiliate products like dropshipping tools or e-commerce platforms work well.

Display ads and courses on dropshipping can also give good income. Though the challenge of keeping up with the e-commerce industry is there, this niche offers the opportunity to tap into the profitable world of online selling.

Final Thoughts

In short, from blogging to social media marketing, and from app development to dropshipping, there are many different money online sub niches.

Each niche has its own set of challenges and benefits. It’s essential to select a niche that matches your skills and interests so that you can make your blog truly stand out.

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