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I’m so excited today because this is one of the most interesting things in blogging, finding low competition niches for blogs.

Whether you’re a beginner blogger or looking for your next niche idea to expand your niche site portfolio, you’re at the right place.

Stay tuned till the end to discover the top 19 low competition niches for blogs along with my insider insights to get started in the right direction.

Key Takeaways:

  • Passion And Expertise: There are plenty of low competition niches for blogs like woodworking, pottery, beekeeping, and more. But the main thing is to give preferences to niches where you have expertise and passion.
  • Content Potential: While choosing a niche don’t forget to consider factors like evergreen potential, ongoing demand around the topic, and profitability.
  • Diverse Products: Select a nice that offers you enough opportunities to promote products and tools. Examples include the sewing niche, home automation, and backyard niche.
  • Use The Right Tools: You can use NicheScout.Pro, a free tool to brainstorm new niche site ideas.

19 Best Low Competition Niches For Blogs

1. Woodworking

Woodworking is a niche geared toward craft enthusiasts, DIY lovers, and professionals alike. Despite its niche appeal, competition remains relatively low, making it an enticing area to explore. Topics range from tool reviews to DIY project guides, contributing to its consistent popularity. This niche also offers lucrative opportunities for affiliate marketing with tool suppliers, display ads, and selling educational courses to those eager to improve their woodworking skills.

2. Pottery

A creative niche that targets artists, hobbyists, and home decor enthusiasts. Competition is low, but interest is high, especially in areas like DIY pottery or ceramic art techniques. Topics might include pottery wheel reviews or glaze selection. Affiliate opportunities with art supply companies, course sales for beginners, and ad revenue from display ads on technique tutorials are all viable income streams.

3. Beekeeping

This niche attracts environmentally conscious readers and hobby farmers. It’s a low-competition field with a dedicated audience. Posts on bee species, hive maintenance, and honey extraction would be popular. Income can be derived from affiliate marketing of beekeeping supplies, selling ebooks, or through display ads on informative articles.

4. Sewing

Source: Google Trends

Catering to DIY fashion enthusiasts and home crafters, sewing blogs are gaining traction. Competition is moderate, but with niche content like vintage pattern sewing or fabric reviews, there’s room to stand out. Affiliate marketing for sewing machines or fabrics, advertising, and course sales for various sewing skills are monetization avenues.

5. Backyard

The backyard niche is perfect for homeowners, gardening enthusiasts, or those looking to upgrade their outdoor space. Despite its vast topic potential, competition remains low-moderate. Whether it’s landscaping advice, outdoor furniture reviews, or DIY plans, there’s a variety of content to cover. Overall, it’s easier to find a low-competitive niche area to begin. Profit avenues include affiliate links for outdoor products, and display ads.

6. Boxing

Aimed at fitness enthusiasts and boxing learners, this niche has a growing audience with moderate competition. Topics can vary from boxing gear reviews, training techniques to diet plans for boxers. You could profit from affiliate marketing with sports brands, display ads, or selling training courses for boxing beginners.

7. Fishing

Source: Google Trends

This niche is popular among outdoor enthusiasts and sports fishers. While competition is moderate, niche content like deep-sea fishing guides or reviews of fishing gear can stand out. You can talk about fly fishing, bass fishing, and other sub-niches. Given the niche is so huge, it would be easier to find cracks and explore low-competition areas. Just remember that there could be an element of seasonality in the niche. Income opportunities include affiliate marketing for fishing equipment, display ads, or selling ebooks on specific fishing techniques.

8. Watches

A niche for watch enthusiasts and collectors, with moderate competition. Topics like luxury watch reviews, care tips, or historical features on classic brands resonate well. You could also touch on smartwatches and gears. Monetize through affiliate marketing with watch retailers, and display ads on detailed articles.

9. Bathroom

Aimed at homeowners and interior design fans, this niche has lower competition. Explore topics like bathroom renovation tips, fixtures reviews, or eco-friendly solutions. Profit avenues include affiliate links for bathroom products, display ads, or selling eBooks on bathroom design and organization.

10. Pest Removal

This practical niche targets homeowners, renters, and small businesses. It’s low competition but high demand. Topics can include pest identification, prevention, or DIY removal techniques. Income potential comes from affiliate marketing for pest control products, display ads on informative posts, or consultation services for severe infestations.

11. Calligraphy And Pens

This artistic niche caters to calligraphy hobbyists and stationery lovers, with moderate competition. Blog topics might include calligraphy tutorials, pen reviews, or handwriting improvement tips. Monetize through affiliate marketing for pens and stationery, display ads on how-to articles, or selling calligraphy courses for beginners.

By the way, if you’re keen to start a hobby niche blog our guide on finding profitable niches through hobbies would surely help you.

12. Soccer

Popular among sports fans and players, competition is moderate and demand is quite high. Niche content like soccer training drills, gear reviews, or analysis of iconic games can stand out. Revenue can be generated from affiliate marketing with sports brands, display ads, or selling soccer coaching eBooks.

13. Green Energy

This eco-friendly niche attracts the environmentally conscious and tech-savvy, with moderate competition. Discuss topics like solar panel reviews, sustainable living tips, or updates on green technology. Monetize by promoting affiliate products like home energy solutions, and display ads on popular articles.

14. Home Security

A niche targeting homeowners concerned about safety, with moderate competition. Blog about security system reviews, safety tips, or DIY installation guides. Revenue can be generated through affiliate marketing for security products, and display ads on in-depth guides.

Insider Tip: I’m always a big fan of home-related niches because you get the highest ad earnings and affiliate marketing opportunities.

15. Home Automation

This tech-savvy niche appeals to homeowners wanting a smart, convenient lifestyle. Though competition is growing, there’s room for niche content like reviews of automation gadgets or integration tips. Monetization opportunities include affiliate marketing for smart home devices, display ads, or selling guides on setting up a smart home.

16. Horse

This niche is for equestrian lovers and horse owners, with low to moderate competition. Write about horse care, riding techniques, or breed profiles. Profit from affiliate marketing for horse care products, display ads on horse health articles or sell e-books and courses on horse training.

17. Farming

Source: Ahrefs

Targeting farmers and hobbyists, it’s a niche with low competition but high demand. Topics can include sustainable farming practices, livestock care, or farm equipment reviews. Income can be earned through affiliate marketing for farming tools, display ads, or by selling courses on organic farming. If you’re interested in the field of agriculture and farming, this niche is for you.

18. Automotive Troubleshooting

This practical niche caters to vehicle owners and DIY mechanics, with moderate competition. Posts on common car issues, maintenance tips, or parts reviews are popular. Monetize by affiliate marketing for car parts, display ads on tutorials, or selling e-books on automotive repair.

19. Art And Craft Niche

This creative niche is popular among DIY enthusiasts and hobbyists. Despite moderate competition, niche content like crafting for specific occasions, art supply reviews, or technique guides can stand out. Generate revenue through affiliate links for craft supplies, display ads on how-to posts, or sell craft tutorial courses.

How To Find Good Low Competition Niches For Blogs?

Choosing the right blog niche is like a perfect mix of personal passion, market need, profitability, and low competition. Here’s how to do it:

First, think about various potential topics. These could be your hobby, things you love, industries you’ve worked in, or unique subjects you’re always interested in. Be open and adventurous.

Pro-Tip: As you’re reading this post, just have a look around. What objects can you see? This trick works like a charm while coming up with niche site ideas.

For instance, do you have an indoor plant on your desk? Great, how about starting an indoor plant blog?

Are you watching a camera in your office? How about starting a Home security blog? Hope you got the idea.

Your interests and expertise should also guide your choice. If you love the niche and know it well, your blog will be more enjoyable to create and more authentic for readers.

Another important thing. Don’t forget to consider the profitability and competition in your potential niche. Are people interested in your topic? How many other blogs are discussing it? You might need to use keyword research or tools like Google Trends to answer these questions.

Try brainstorming some blog post ideas and search for related keywords. This will give you an idea of your niche’s competitiveness and potential popularity. Lots of low-competition keywords with good search volume is a positive sign.

Remember to think about the type of content you’ll be creating. Is it better for short-term trending posts or long-term evergreen content? A combination of both is usually best.

Lastly, assess the ongoing demand and longevity of your chosen topic. It’s best to pick a niche with steady, lasting interest.

At NicheScout, we are all about helping you to find the best niche site idea for starting your next blog content. So if you are looking to explore more niche site ideas, be sure to check out NicheScout.Pro Free Tool. It contains a list of potential niche site ideas, and you can filter out the niches based on the search volume, competition index, and more.

Final Thoughts

In short, some of the most low competition niches for blogs include woodworking, beekeeping, sewing, backyard, home automation, and more. Usually, the most high-paying niches are the ones where your target audience is homeowners.

Also, a niche where you could talk about many different products and tools would make it a good niche from an affiliate earning standpoint. But above all, the crucial factor to consider is the interest in your niche as that is what allows you to keep creating awesome content for years to come.

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