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Starting a lifestyle blog? But not sure where to begin? Then don’t worry, because in this guide you’ll learn about the best lifestyle blog niches. From Fashion To entrepreneurship, we will cover it all. So stay tuned till the end.

Key Takeaways:

  • Niche Selection: Your blog niche should reflect your interests and expertise. For instance, if you love books or traveling, make them your niches.
  • Low Competition Niches: Selecting less competitive niches, such as backyard activities or apartment living, can give you an advantage.
  • Evergreen Niches: Consider evergreen niches like parenting, simple living, or skincare for a constant audience demand.
  • Affiliate Opportunities: Niches like fashion, skincare, or home decor offer lucrative affiliate marketing opportunities.
  • Profitability Matters: Consider the earning potential through display ads, eBooks or courses in niches like home office, travel, or self-improvement.

Best Lifestyle Blog Niches:

Source: Google Trends

1. Fashion:

The fashion niche is perfect for trendy, style-savvy individuals. While competition can be fierce, due to its universal appeal and ever-changing trends, the scope for fresh content is infinite.

This niche could cover topics like ‘seasonal trends’, ‘how to style a piece multiple ways’, or ‘sustainable fashion.

Creating content might require some photography skills and an eye for aesthetics. Regular content updates are crucial to keep up with changing trends.

Promoting affiliate products like clothes, accessories, etc., can be very lucrative. Although it might require active participation, the potential for display ads and selling style guides or e-books is significant. The fashion niche can be a fun, creative outlet with rewarding outcomes.

2. Skin Care:

This niche is a great fit for those passionate about healthy, glowing skin. While the market is somewhat saturated, there’s a consistent demand for personalized, practical advice.

Content could range from ‘DIY home remedies’, ‘reviewing skincare products’, to ‘skin routines for specific skin types’. A good understanding of skincare products and routines is needed here.

It’s an evergreen niche, but with new products launching, periodic updates would keep the blog fresh. Affiliate marketing for skincare products or selling personalized skincare plans could work well.

3. Hair Care:

This niche is ideal for those with a knack in hair care and other hair fasion. With moderate competition, this niche offers great potential due to the diversity of hair types and concerns.

Topics could include ‘hair care routines for different hair types’, ‘product reviews’, or ‘hair styling tutorials’. This niche may require some photography skills and knowledge about hair care.

Affiliate promotion of hair care products and display ads could be quite profitable. Though it’s an evergreen niche, periodic content updates help maintain relevance. Creating online courses or selling hair care guides is possible.

4. Gardening:

Source: Ahrefs

Gardening can be a rewarding niche for those who love to talk about plants. While competition is medium, the topic’s popularity has increased quite a lot.

Possible blog topics could be ‘how to start a home garden’, ‘composting at home’, or ‘indoor plants care’. While this niche requires practical knowledge of plants, it’s an evergreen one with constant new trends to cover.

Affiliate links for gardening tools, seeds, or decor can be quite profitable. Ads for gardening stores and selling eBooks on gardening tips can also be profitable. Even though it may require active participation, it’s a fulfilling niche that connects people with nature.

5. Home Decor:

The home decor niche is suitable for those with an eye for design. Despite being a competitive field, the quest for creating a comfortable living space makes it ever popular.

Topics like ‘DIY decor ideas’, ‘furniture buying guides’, or ‘room makeover tips’ are always in demand. Creating content may require a good sense of aesthetics and photography.

Display ads and affiliate marketing for home decor items can be profitable. The niche is evergreen, but with changing design trends, periodic updates are beneficial.

Selling eBooks on decor tips or creating an online course about home styling can work well. Despite the competition, the chance to inspire cozy, beautiful living spaces makes it a top choice.

6. Fun Craft Activities:

Crafting is an evergreen niche with a passionate audience from all across the globe. While it’s moderately competitive, it’s vast with sub-niches, such as paper crafts, DIY, and recycled crafts.

Content creation can be a bit challenging, requiring clear step-by-step instructions, engaging pictures, and sometimes even videos.

However, the joy of creating and sharing fun projects outweighs the effort. Regular updates showcasing new projects can keep your audience hooked.

From craft tools to DIY kits, ample affiliate marketing opportunities exist. Display ads and craft tutorials, pattern downloads, and craft book reviews can be great income sources too.

Although it demands effort and creativity, the craft blog niche stands out due to its enduring popularity and interactive nature.

7. Weight Loss:

Weight loss is an ever-trending topic. The audience varies from fitness enthusiasts to individuals seeking healthier lifestyles.

The competition is steep, but with unique, scientifically-backed content, you can carve a niche.

Topics could range from diet plans, workout routines, and weight loss journey stories to health tips. Although content creation requires research and knowledge, it’s rewarding.

Regular updates on current health trends are vital. Affiliate marketing can thrive here with fitness gear, food supplements, and healthy recipe books. Display ads and personalized diet and fitness plans could be lucrative too. The challenge lies in standing out, but with authentic, relatable content, a weight loss blog can make a profound impact.

8. Vegan Diet:

The vegan diet niche targets health-conscious individuals. While competition is moderate, its growing popularity makes it worth exploring.

Posts can include vegan recipes, nutritional tips, and restaurant reviews. Content creation demands nutritional knowledge, unique vegan recipes, and potentially numerous food photographs.

Regular updates are necessary to stay on top of vegan trends. Affiliate marketing for vegan food products, cookbooks, and kitchen tools works well here. Display ads, recipe eBooks, and online cooking classes could also generate income.

9. Running:

Running blogs appeal to beginners, marathoners, and everyone in-between. The competition level is moderate.

Topics can include training routines, gear reviews, motivational stories, and race recaps. Creating content demands personal running experience, an understanding of fitness and some high-quality photos.

Periodic updates with fresh tips and news from the running world will keep readers engaged. You can promote affiliate products like running shoes, gear, and fitness watches. Display ads and selling custom training plans, running eBooks can also be profitable.

10. Backyard Activities:

Source: Ahrefs

Backyard activities are a less competitive niche, appealing to families, DIY lovers, and outdoor enthusiasts.

You can blog about DIY backyard projects, gardening tips, outdoor games, and more. Creating content requires creativity, hands-on project experience, and plenty of vibrant pictures.

Regular seasonal updates would keep your content fresh. Affiliates can include gardening tools, outdoor game sets, and DIY project kits.

Display ads work well, and selling eBooks with project plans or gardening guides can bring extra revenue. While it requires hands-on involvement, the chance to encourage outdoor activities makes this an engaging, rewarding niche, especially for outdoor enthusiasts.

11. Parenting:

Are you a parent full of ideas, advice, and experiences to share? The parenting niche may be the perfect fit for you.

It’s a moderately competitive field but is evergreen, attracting parents seeking advice and guidance. Popular topics include child development, parenting styles, or fun activities.

Content creation may require personal stories and images but it’s manageable. Affiliate products like kids’ gear, toys, and books work well.

Display ads can supplement income, and potential courses might involve parenting tips or child development. The challenge is the need for updated content, but the chance to help other parents makes it worthwhile.

12. Simple Living:

If you’re passionate about a minimalistic, frugal lifestyle, the Simple Living niche is your stage. It’s moderately competitive but popular.

Topics can include decluttering, and minimal living. Content creation is straightforward, usually needing just engaging write-ups and occasional images.

Display ads and affiliate marketing of eco-friendly products are profitable routes. The niche is evergreen, requiring only occasional updates. The challenge is standing out but promoting a fulfilling lifestyle makes it rewarding.

13. Apartment Living:

The Apartment Living niche is tailor-made for those residing in small spaces and making it work. With low competition, topics like space-saving hacks, apartment décor, or city life are popular.

Content creation may require pictures but doesn’t require any special skills. It’s an evergreen niche with the opportunity for passive income through display ads. Affiliate products can include home décor or storage solutions.

14. Home Office:

In a world increasingly moving towards remote work, the Home Office niche is booming. Moderate competition exists, but popular topics are ergonomic setups, productivity tips, and home office décor.

Content creation is manageable with pictures and write-ups. It’s moderately evergreen, needing updates as trends change.

Display ads, affiliate marketing of office supplies, and courses on productivity or ergonomics can be profitable.

The challenge is keeping up with trends but helping others create an efficient work environment is satisfying.

15. Travel:

The Travel niche is for those who love traveling. It’s highly competitive, but the popularity is always high. Topics can range from travel guides to budget travel, or unique experiences.

Content creation requires travel experiences and pictures, making it challenging.

Affiliate products can be travel gear or booking services. Display ads and travel guidebooks or courses can generate income. The challenges are high competition, but the joy of sharing experiences and inspiring others to travel makes it worthwhile.

16. Cooking:

Source: Google Trends

The cooking niche is a delightful culinary world. It’s popular among food lovers and home cooks.

Moderately competitive, you’ll find endless sub-topics, from vegan cooking to baking pastries. Content creation might require culinary skills and mouth-watering photos.

Regular updates are appreciated, keeping up with trends and seasonal foods. Affiliate opportunities? Plenty! Think kitchen gadgets, recipe books, and ingredients.

Display Ads work well here due to high user engagement. You can even sell cooking courses or e-books. Challenges include staying innovative amidst other food bloggers. Yet, the universal love for food makes this an appetizing lifestyle blog niche.

17. Self-Improvement And Productivity:

This niche attracts individuals seeking personal growth and efficiency. While competition is high, topics like “Time Management”, and “Goal Setting”, never lose their appeal. Creating content requires insight into human behavior.

Updates don’t need to be frequent, as self-improvement advice is often evergreen. You can promote relevant e-books, online courses, and productivity tools.

Display ads might not be as effective due to the focused reader’s mindset. Offering your personal development courses can be a great idea too. The challenge is to consistently provide fresh perspectives but the potential to inspire makes it a fulfilling blogging journey.

18. Photography:

The photography niche is an artistic outlet loved by both professional photographers and hobbyists. It’s quite competitive, but niches like “Mobile Photography”, “Drone Photography”, and “Photo Editing” are constantly evolving.

Content creation can be challenging, requiring striking photos and technical know-how. You’ll need frequent updates as technology changes.

Camera equipment, photo editing software, and photography books are ideal for affiliate marketing.

Display Ads can generate substantial income due to high traffic and user engagement. Online photography classes are a great selling point too. While keeping up with tech trends can be challenging, your shared passion for capturing life’s moments makes this niche engaging and rewarding.

If you want more niche site ideas don’t forget to check out the free tool – NicheScout.Pro.

What is A Lifestyle Blog Niche?

Ever wondered what a lifestyle blog niche is? Let’s decode this. A lifestyle blog is your personal online space where you share aspects of your daily life, interests, and experiences.

It’s a mixed bag of content types – from travel and fashion to home decor and health. For instance, suppose you’re a fitness enthusiast who loves to cook.

Your blog might center around healthy recipes and workout routines – that’s your unique lifestyle blog niche. You see, lifestyle blogs are all about showcasing what you love and who you are, in your own expressive way.

How To Pick The Right Lifestyle Blog Niche?

Choosing the perfect lifestyle blog niche can be a bit tricky, but here’s a secret. Pick what you’re passionate about. Yes, it’s that simple.

Your blog should be a reflection of what you love and where your expertise lies. Are you a book lover? Or a travel enthusiast? There you go, you already have your blog niches.

Of course, look for spaces where there is low competition, profitability, and easy content creation. But remember, your interest and know-how should be your primary compass.

After all, it’s your personal journey that you’re sharing with the world, and it should be as authentic as you are. Enjoy the process!

Final Thoughts

In short, there are tons of opportunities in the lifestyle blogging niche. From fashion to home decor, hair care to parenting, each niche addresses a distinct set of audience.

It’s essential to find a niche you’re passionate about. Also, it should provide scope for creative, regular content, and monetary potential. Though competition varies, unique, and relatable content can help you stand out.

And remember, your lifestyle blog should be an authentic representation of you and your passions in what you’re doing. So, pick your niche, create great content, engage with your audience, and enjoy the ride.

Every blog post you craft, every insight you share, adds value to your audience’s life and yours.

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