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Is Gardening a good niche for affiliate marketing? If you’re on the lookout for new niches, the gardening niche is one of the most popular choices that comes to mind. But is it really a good niche to dive into? What are the benefits and challenges?

In this guide, we will do a full analysis of the gardening niche along with helpful insights on whether or not it will be a profitable niche for you and some of the best gardening niche affiliate programs. Interested to learn more? Keep reading till the end!

Key Takeaways:

  • Wide product range can be recommended in the gardening niche, which is beneficial for affiliate marketing.
  • Content creation is relatively easy as compared to other niches.
  • The niche is quite evergreen even though the seasonality factor is worth considering.
  • Diverse revenue streams from affiliate marketing to display ads possible in the niche.

Is Gardening A Good Niche For Affiliate Marketing?

Gardening is a good niche for affiliate marketing because there are lots of products to recommend and many affiliate programs available. However, it’s essential to consider factors like competition and seasonality before making a gardening niche blog.

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Pros Of Gardening As A Niche For Affiliate Marketing

Wide Range Of Products To Recommend

When you’re jumping into the gardening niche, the first thing that stands out is the sheer variety of products available to recommend inside your posts. What does that mean to you? Great opportunity to generate affiliate sales!

There’s a tool for every task, whether it’s the pruners used by a meticulous bonsai enthusiast or the everyday gardener’s watering can. And let’s not forget about those trusty gardening gloves.

Also, you can recommend many gardening supplies, like gardening seeds, lights, and kits. There are also ample affiliate programs in the gardening niche available, so you never run out of options.

Whether it’s seeds that grow into majestic sunflowers, fertilizers for those plump tomatoes, potting soil, planters, and products to keep those pests at bay, you can talk about a lot of stuff.

Moreover, tech gadgets like soil pH meters, automated watering systems, and cutting-edge grow lights are also quite popular.

An Audience Rooted in Passion

You know what’s common between a rose enthusiast, a balcony gardener, and a commercial farmer? Passion. The gardening community is tight-knit and ever-enthusiastic.

When folks are passionate about a hobby, they often don’t think twice before splurging on it. For an affiliate marketer, this is gold. Why? Because passion drives purchase decisions!

Easy Content Creation

Gardening is one of those niches where the love for the subject makes content creation feel less like a chore and more like sharing a piece of oneself.

With a touch of passion and a pinch of research skills, you’re not just churning out content; you’re creating art. And guess what? Your readers will notice and appreciate that authenticity.

The Evergreen Essence of Gardening

Sure, gardening has its seasons, but the advice? That’s perennial. A tip about planting roses can be as fresh and relevant today as it might be five years down the line.

What does that translate to? Sustainable, long-term pageviews.

By the way, are you familiar with the tool Exploding Topics? Then, you might also like to check out this guide on how to find a niche with Exploding Topics.

Challenges Of Gardening As A Niche For Affiliate Marketing

Source: Ahrefs

Competition In The Niche

Gardening is indeed a popular niche among affiliate marketers and bloggers. After Technology, Health, and Finance like big niches, in terms of high competition the Gardening niche probably comes next.

The barrier to entry in the niche is low. You need to be passionate about gardening and have basic content research skills, and that’s it. You can easily start a gardening blog. And that has led to so much competition in the niche. But the good news is gardening is a huge niche.

Think like an ocean full of fish instead of a pond full of fish. So, in other words, sure, there is a lot of competition. But at the same time, the gardening niche is huge, giving you enough opportunities to find any suitable sub-niche and create an awesome blog. But still, be prepared to face a decent level of competition in the niche

Importance Of Visual Content

Imagine reading about the vibrant hues of a marigold without seeing it. Doesn’t paint the whole picture, right?

Gardening is a highly visual niche. Readers expect high-quality photos or videos in the blog posts they read. These visuals transport them into the world of vibrant petals and verdant leaves

For how-to type content where you need to actually demonstrate each step visually, it can be especially challenging to produce content.

Gardening Across The Globe

If you’ve ever tried planting tropical plants in a temperate zone, you’ll understand this challenge firsthand. What flourishes well in the warmth of Florida may not grow well in the chilly atmosphere of Alaska.

So, unless you’re well aware of these kinds of nuances of gardening, producing accurate and high-quality content can be a bit challenging.

General advice, while beneficial, might not cater to all. Tailoring your content for different geographic locations or climates might be the way to go.

By the way, are you interested in making a blog for the USA audience specifically? Then, this guide on the best USA blog niche ideas will surely help you to learn about niche ideas that are popular in the US!

How Much Can You Earn From A Gardening Niche Blog?

The gardening niche is flourishing, and affiliate marketing is one way to tap into this profitable market.

Source: Answer The Public

Affiliate Marketing As A Revenue Stream In Gardening Niche

Here’s a closer look at what you can expect from common gardening products (Remember that in the gardening niche you typically earn a commission rate of 3% in the Amazon affiliate program):

Tool:Average Selling Price:Affiliate Commission per Sale
Pruning Shears$50$1.50
Spades, Rakes, and Sprayers$30$0.90

Even though the per sale value might seem low, just think about the volume of sales. Also, you get paid when someone purchases other products from Amazon along with your recommended product within the 24-hour cookie period.

Other Revenue Streams Like Ads And Digital Products

1. Display Ads: A Consistent Revenue Stream

Now, let’s switch gears a bit. Beyond affiliate marketing, display ads can offer a steady stream of income. Gardening websites, with their rich content and engaging visuals, tend to draw readers in.

It’s no wonder RPMs (revenue per thousand impressions) can range between $15 on the lower end to a whopping $30-$40 on the higher end of the spectrum.

Such figures are quite impressive, especially when compared to other niches. However, it’s worth noting that these numbers can fluctuate depending on the following factors:

  • Ad network
  • Target audience
  • Average time on page metrics

2. Diversify with Courses and Products

Consider this: What if you could share your gardening knowledge and passion and earn from it? Selling courses is a fabulous way to do just that. But wait, before you jump into course creation, consider your audience.

Do they prefer step-by-step guides or tips and tricks related to gardening? Based on that, you can tailor your content accordingly.

Moreover, with the digital world shrinking barriers, it’s easier than ever to introduce your very own gardening products. This, of course, demands a strong community.

So, start building that email list. Engage on social media platforms. Convert your readers into loyal followers.

Keep in mind that keyword research is crucial to niche site content creation, just as other elements are. For effective keyword research, there are tools that can greatly help you. Check out this guide on the 7 best niche keyword research tools every blogger should know

Best Gardening Affiliate Programs:

1. Click And Grow Affiliate Program

Click & Grow offers smart indoor gardens, plant pods, garden kits, and accessories with a price tag ranging from $9.95 to $599.95. They offer a handsome 10% commission, and with a 45-day cookie duration, you have a good window to earn.

2. Garden Tower Affiliate Program

Vertical gardening has been a trend, and with the Garden Tower Affiliate Program, you can tap into this niche market. They offer a substantial 16% commission and have a lengthy 60-day cookie duration.

With the product price ranging from $300-$400, just a few conversions could result in significant earnings. The uniqueness of a vertical garden planter might just be the product that your audience didn’t know they needed.

3. Botanical Interests Affiliate Program

From veggies and flowers to organic products, Botanical Interests promises diversity. With products priced between $3 to $300 and a commission of 15%, this affiliate program offers a mix of low and high-ticket items. The 45-day cookie duration adds to its appeal.

4. Hoss Tools Affiliate Program

From tools to seeds, Hoss Tools caters to a broad spectrum of gardening enthusiasts. With a 10% commission and a 30-day cookie duration, the product prices, ranging from $20-$100, can easily convert given the right audience. After all, who doesn’t need good-quality gardening tools?

5. Earth Easy Affiliate Program

Planter boxes, sheds, or garden beds, Earth Easy brings a range of products for the keen gardener. With a commission of 10% and a generous 90-day cookie duration, products priced between $45 and $400 could be an attractive choice for potential buyers.

6. Gardener’s Supply Company Affiliate Program

With products like gardening gear, accessories, and supplies, Gardener’s Supply Company covers a vast spectrum. Though the commission is at 8%, the varied product range priced between $25-$200 can result in decent earnings.

7. Succulents Box Affiliate Program

The charm of succulents is hard to resist. With products ranging from $6-$60 and a commission rate of 10%, the Succulents Box offers a trendy niche. The 30-day cookie duration is a decent period for conversions.

8. Amazon Associates Program

Amazon’s wide range of gardening tools and accessories priced between $10-$120 is hard to ignore. Even though the commission is at 3% and the cookie duration is just 24 hours, people tend to buy a lot on Amazon on a daily basis. As a result, it would be one of the primary affiliate marketing revenue streams on your gardening blog.

9. AeroGarden Affiliate Program

AeroGarden’s offering of plants, seed kits, lights, and garden accessories is distinct. Their affiliate program offers a 7.5% commission, and products range from $10-$140. The 40-day cookie duration is another plus.

If you’d like to explore more niche site ideas, tools like NicheFinder can come in handy for you. Here’s a detailed review and tips on how to find a niche with

Is Gardening A Profitable Niche For Affiliate Marketing?

In short, gardening is a profitable niche for affiliate marketing. If you earn an average of $20 RPM from display ads and get at least 50,000 pageviews per month, you could make $1000 per month just through ads.

You can also boost that revenue to $1,500 or $2,000 if you add affiliate marketing revenue streams to the mix with the same level of traffic.

Note that these are just rough minimum numbers. If you can scale your blog with a team and build a brand through social media channels, many revenue streams will open up for you.

With the surge of interest in sustainability, organic produce, and homegrown vegetables, gardening has become more than just a hobby—it’s a lifestyle.

According to Statista, the gardening market in the US (in 2023) is estimated to be worth around $129.3 billion.

With such numbers, it’s not just the plants that are growing; there’s a vast market blossoming alongside. And as a result, numerous bloggers and marketers are turning towards gardening, making it a competitive space.

With increased competition comes the need for content that outshines the rest. That means investing in high-quality, detailed, and unique content.

So, should you plant your seeds in the gardening niche? Absolutely! With the right approach, dedication, and continuous learning, there’s no reason why you can’t have a thriving affiliate marketing blog.

Speaking of niche ideas, another niche idea is the History Niche. Curious to know more about it? Check out this guide about the complete analysis of the history niche for blogging.

Final Thoughts

In a nutshell, gardening is a good niche for affiliate marketing. The competition might be a bit high, but so are the opportunities in this vast niche.

Many affiliate programs are available to explore and implement on your site. And your blog will keep performing well as long as you focus on creating long-form, comprehensive, and highly valuable content.

Interested in exploring more niche ideas? Then check out this guide on the best low competition niche ideas for blogging.

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