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Etsy is a great platform to market your products and get a lot of eyeballs on them. But the question is, how to find profitable niches on Etsy? Well, that’s what we’ll be explaining in this post in a step-by-step way. So keep reading till the end to explore more.

Key Takeaways:

  • Start with Passion: Your interests can lead to profitable niches on Etsy, as they fuel motivation and create genuine connections with customers.
  • Use Etsy’s Search Bar: This can reveal nice, potential markets and current trends, helping you find niche opportunities.
  • Validate with Tools: Tools like EverBee provide crucial data for validating product ideas, helping you pinpoint profitable niches.
  • Narrow Down Options: Systematically evaluate and reduce your list of potential niches, considering factors like competition, profitability, and your personal interest.
  • Explore Examples: Gain inspiration from successful Etsy niches like vintage clothes, wall art, baby products, and more. Each has its own unique challenges and rewards.

Here’s How To Find Profitable Niches On Etsy:


Brainstorm Product Ideas Based On Your Interests

When you’re in search of profitable niches on Etsy, your personal interests can be a great factor to consider. Here’s why. You are more likely to understand and engage with a market that ignites your passion.

You’re not just selling a product, you’re sharing something you love. This genuine interest fuels your motivation and increases your chances of success.

Start with a brainstorming session. Ask yourself: what do I enjoy? What are my hobbies? You might be into vintage clothing, homemade soaps, or custom jewelry. Your hobbies aren’t just pastimes; they’re potential business ventures. List them all in a list and keep it for future reference.

When you transform personal interests into products, you bring a depth of knowledge that’s hard to replicate. You understand what your potential customers want because you’re one of them. This translates into products that resonate with your audience and stand out in the crowded Etsy marketplace.

Remember, passion is contagious. When you sell products you’re passionate about, it doesn’t just reflect in your work, but also your marketing efforts, customer interactions, and overall brand story. This genuine, passion-driven approach can be a game-changer, helping you carve out a profitable niche on Etsy.


Using Etsy’s search bar effectively is a very handy tool when exploring potential niches.

Type in a product idea, then take note of the results. Seeing a massive number of listings isn’t always a good sign—it might mean the market is already saturated.

Don’t forget to stay current with trends. What’s trending today could be your next big seller. To do this, use Etsy’s trending items as your compass. Are custom pet portraits all the rage? Maybe it’s time to unleash your inner artist.

Now, let’s delve into the ‘related searches’ feature. It helps you expand your horizons, bringing to light niches you might not have considered. For example, searching for ‘wooden earrings’ might lead you to ‘recycled wood earrings’, a niche with eco-conscious customers.

Lastly, be sure to explore product reviews. What do people love? What do they wish was better? The answer might just steer you towards a profitable niche that you can dominate. Remember, on Etsy, every click is a clue, and every search is an opportunity to strike the best opportunity.

Validate The Product Ideas Using Tools Like EverBe

Finding a profitable niche on Etsy can feel like a tiresome task, but with the right tools, it doesn’t have to be. This is where EverBee comes into play. It’s a nice Etsy niche research tool that will help you validate your product ideas, making it a breeze to pinpoint potential product ideas and niches.

EverBee is a Chrome extension that is designed to enhance your Etsy experience. It feeds you valuable metrics related to the product keyword you search for. The insights this tool provides are not just numbers, but a roadmap leading you to your profitable Etsy niche.

So, what exactly does EverBee show? The first thing you’ll see is the product name and shop name, helping you assess the competition. Next, you’ll see the price, monthly sales, and monthly revenue. These metrics will tell you how well a product is performing and how much money it’s making.

But there’s more, EverBee also provides data like total sales, the number of reviews, and the listing age. These metrics are very important to understand the demand and longevity of any product or niche.

To get a broad-level overview, EverBee also shows the average price and monthly selling for the whole category of products. This way, you can estimate if your product is a good fit for the category.

Don’t limit yourself just to EverBee, though. Feel free to use other tools as well to validate your ideas.

Source: Google Trends

Google Trends, for instance, can show you if a product is trending down or has a steady trend along with other helpful data. Social media platforms can also be a valuable resource to know what’s currently in demand.

Validation is the cornerstone of finding a profitable niche on Etsy. It’s the sieve that separates potential winning niches from losing niches. And when it comes to validation, it’s better to have too many tools than too few. Right?

Narrow Down Your Niche And Product Idea

When diving into the vast world of Etsy, it’s vital that you have a clear focus.

The first step is to reduce your broad list of potential niches into the sorted-out list. This doesn’t mean eliminating any niche without extra thought. Instead, it needs to be done as a systematic evaluation.

Next, you need to weigh several factors in your decision-making process. This isn’t just about finding a niche you’re passionate about – though, of course, that helps! It’s also about seeking out a niche with the potential to be profitable.

Look for niches with a healthy level of competition, niches that prove there’s a market demand but aren’t so saturated that you’ll struggle to carve out your own space.

Profitability is another key factor. Will customers be willing to pay a price that not only covers your costs but also leaves you with a healthy profit margin?

Lastly, it’s also important to consider your personal interest in the niche. If you love what you’re doing, you’ll be more motivated and creative, which in turn can lead to more unique and compelling products.

Once you’ve carefully considered these aspects, you can create a shortlist of the most promising niches. And from that, you can finally pick the niche of your choice.

Need inspiration? Read on to explore a list of some of the most profitable niches on Etsy.

Examples of Most Profitable Niches On Etsy

Vintage Clothes:

You’re dipping into the past with this one. This niche does need some effort – finding quality pieces that’ll stand the test of time. But the payoff? Huge! People love the charm of vintage. If you’ve got a keen eye for style, this is a great niche to go after.

Wall Arts:

You’re dealing with art lovers here. Help them make spaces beautiful. The trick? Having diverse and unique pieces for every taste. But people’s love for art keeps this niche alive and kicking. So, if you’re an artist at heart, this is your canvas.

Baby Products:

Parents and grandparents are your target audience for this niche. From cute outfits to toys, there’s so much to sell. Safety is key here, though. But the demand never dies, making this niche a solid choice. 

Handmade Fashion Apparel:

You’re reaching out to fashion enthusiasts with this Handmade Fashion Apparel niche. Custom, handmade pieces? They’re all over it. Yes, it’s hard work to create every unique piece. But the joy of seeing someone wear your creation? Priceless! If you love being a trendsetter, this niche is your runway.

Home Decor Products:

Home Decor products are for everyone who appreciates a warm, well-decorated space. Homeowners, interior designers – they’re all in your audience. The trends change fast here, so keep up! But remember, people’s love for a stylish home keeps this niche profitable. If you’ve got an eye for design, you’ve found your niche.

Gift Items:

You’re in a niche that caters to everyone with something to celebrate. Gifts can be of various types depending on the different occasions. You need to keep it fresh and unique, which can be tough. But the joy of gifting keeps this niche going strong. If you’re a creative person who loves to make people smile, this one’s yours.


You’re catering to professionals who need to showcase their work. It’s a techie niche that needs skill. But the growth of digital marketing makes this a great spot. If you’re a techie who loves design, this niche is your playground.

Pet Products:

In this niche, your target audience will be active pet parents who are constantly on the search for the next products for their lovely pets. Toys, beds – you name it, they need it. Safety and durability are your challenges here. But people’s love for their pets keeps this niche profitable.

Need more niche ideas and inspirations? Try exploring the FREE Tool – NicheScout.Pro.

Final Thoughts

In short, to find profitable niches on Etsy, start with your interests, utilize Etsy’s search bar, validate your ideas with tools like EverBee, and finally, narrow down your options.

And it’s not just about finding a niche that speaks to your passions, but also one with the potential for profitability. We’ve already highlighted a few popular niches on Etsy. Like that, you can explore various niches and consider all important factors like competition, challenges, profitability, and interest levels before finalizing your niche on Etsy.

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