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Want to start a YouTube channel but worried about how to find a niche on YouTube? Then you’re at the right place! Here’s how you can find a niche on YouTube:

To find a niche on YouTube, first identify your passions, skills, and interests. Next, brainstorm ideas and conduct niche research, assessing aspects such as competition, profitability, and audience demand. Also, consider your video editing skills and comfort level with appearing on-camera during this niche-finding process.

In this guide, we will give you a detailed walk-through on how to find a niche on YouTube. You will learn an in-depth explanation of all the 7 essential factors that will help you find the right niche of your choice. So keep reading till the end to learn more.

Key Takeaways

  1. Passion: Passion is the secret ingredient in your YouTube journey. Choose a niche you’re genuinely enthusiastic about, as it will help maintain your drive and appeal to your audience.
  2. Knowledge: Your expertise in your chosen niche will help you stand out among other YouTubers. This can be formal knowledge or personal experience.
  3. Competition: Finding a niche with high demand but low competition can give you a head start in the YouTube race. Consider the competitiveness of your chosen niche.
  4. Video Editing Skills: Your niche will often dictate the level of video editing required. Choose according to your skills or budget for hiring professionals.
  5. On-Camera Comfort: Depending on the niche, showing your face on camera could be a necessity or a choice. Choose a niche that aligns with your comfort level.
  6. Audience Demand: Ensure your chosen niche has a sizable, engaged audience that shares your interest. Success on YouTube isn’t necessarily about large numbers but about dedicated followers.
  7. Profitability: Consider the earning opportunities each niche offers. Align your passion and expertise with a niche that allows you to monetize effectively.

What Is A Niche On YouTube?

Essentially, a niche serves as your YouTube­ “theme” or “genre­.” Picture it as your own special corne­r in the vast universe of YouTube­. It’s a specific area of intere­st that you consistently explore through your vide­os.

Source: YouTube

Marques Brownlee­ as an example of someone­ who is recognized for his tech-re­lated content. His YouTube channe­l focuses on tech revie­ws, where he e­xcels at simplifying complex tech topics into e­asily comprehensible language­.

Why Is A Niche Important On YouTube?

The answe­r can be found within two primary factors: retaining the atte­ntion of the audience and e­stablishing a strong brand identity.

YouTube has a vast user base of more than 2 billion. It’s e­asy to feel lost in the crowd. Howe­ver, by carving out a niche, you make a promise­ to your viewers regarding the­ type of content they can e­xpect from your channel.

This create­s a consistent viewer e­xperience and e­ncourages repeat visits from your audie­nce.

Secondly, a defined niche is crucial for e­stablishing a unique brand identity in the vast landscape­ of YouTube channels. People with specific interests are more likely to discover you when you stick to one niche and become well-known as an expert in the niche.

Moreover, if you make a dozen YouTube videos on any particular topic, and provided those videos get a decent level of engagement from the audience, YouTube is more likely to show your videos.

So due to all these reasons, it becomes important to find a niche on YouTube.

Examples Of Popular YouTube Channels And Their Niche

YouTube ChannelNicheSubscriber Base
MrBeastEntertainment, Stunts169M
Marques BrownleeTech14M
Vlad And NikiKids99.1M
Babish Culinary UniverseFood10.1M

How To Find A Niche On YouTube?

To find a niche on YouTube, first, identify your passion, skills, and interests. If you have already done that, you’ve already completed 50% of the task of finding a niche on YouTube.

Source: NicheScout.Pro

For brainstorming ideas, consider checking the free tool, NicheScouts.Pro. There, you will discover a list of different hobbies and niches. Moreover, you can take the Niche Medium Quiz and Money Method Quiz to help find the right answers and narrow down your choices.

Here are some of the important factors that can help you find a niche on Youtube.

1. Passion: Your Secret To YouTube Success

Think about this: choosing a niche for your YouTube channel isn’t a random task, it’s a decision fueled by an important ingredient – passion.

Remember, YouTube isn’t a quick game, it’s a long journey.

Imagine spending months, perhaps years, focusing on something you don’t even like? Not the best plan, is it? Because, without passion, maintaining the consistent enthusiasm necessary to grow a successful YouTube channel becomes a tough task.

Passion, besides fueling your journey, also serves as a hook for your audience. When you talk about something you genuinely love, it reflects in your videos. This excitement can attract your audience like nothing else.

So, when selecting a niche, ask yourself, “Do I truly enjoy this topic?” A positive response can be your first step towards a fruitful YouTube journey.

2. Knowledge: The Main Pillar Of Your YouTube Journey

Another crucial aspect while picking your YouTube niche is knowledge. It’s critical to have expertise in your field to establish credibility.

Let’s say you’re moving into the healthcare or finance niche. Here, not only should you have a good understanding of the topics, but you might also need valid credentials to earn the trust of your audience.

However, in niches like travel or vlogging, your personal experiences and authenticity matter more than formal knowledge. So, consider your expertise, formal or experiential, before selecting your niche.

3. Competition: Your Shortcut to YouTube Success

Remember, competition matters as much as other factors. Finding a balanced niche is crucial to getting faster results. You want it to be popular, but not too crowded.

YouTube is like a big ocean. It’s full of creators, all with different skills. Some areas are packed, but none are too full to join.

Yet, finding a niche that’s both needed and not too crowded? That’s the key takeaway here. Think about the Tech Niche. A few years back, it wasn’t a big thing. The ones who got in early saw promise. They made good content. Their channels grew fast, there was little competition.

Now, it’s different. The Tech Niche is a tough game.

So, you need to dig in deep. Look for the areas that need more but have less. If you find a niche like that, you’ve got a head-start. You’ve got a shortcut in the YouTube race.

4. Video Editing Skills: Picking the Right Lane

Also, consider your video editing skills while selecting a YouTube niche. The niche you choose will often determine the level of video editing skills required.

High-quality tutorials, intricate animations, or professional travel videos need advanced editing skills. But, if you’re not proficient at video editing and can’t afford to hire an expert, don’t fret. You still have room on YouTube.

For instance, vlogs don’t require complex editing. They thrive on being authentic and relatable.

You don’t need to be an editing pro to create engaging content. But having good video editing skills does help.

So, keep your editing skills or your budget for hiring professionals in mind while deciding your niche.

Remember, the aim is to create engaging content, whether it involves complex editing or basic cuts is up to you.

5. Showing Face vs. Faceless Videos: Making Your Choice

A frequently overlooked aspect when choosing a YouTube niche is whether you’re comfortable with showing your face on camera.

It’s an essential consideration because, depending on the niche, it could be a necessity or a choice.

If you’re drawn to vlogging or travel niches, showing your face in videos is almost a necessity. The audience in these niches thrives on connecting with the person behind the camera.

They’re drawn to your personality, your experiences, and the unique lens through which you see the world. Think of creators like Casey Neistat. Their faces are integral to their brand.

Source: YouTube

However, not all niches require a constant on-camera presence.

Tutorials, gaming, or voice-over narrative niches like book reviews or motivational videos often thrive without the creator’s face in the frame. Channels like Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell or CGP Grey have managed to build a massive following with faceless videos, focusing on delivering high-quality content and engaging narratives.

If you’re camera-shy or value your privacy, these niches could be an excellent fit for you. So, when selecting your YouTube niche, consider whether you’re comfortable with consistently showing your face or prefer to let your content do the talking.

The choice is yours, and YouTube is versatile enough to accommodate both. The main thing is to create content that engages your audience and resonates with them.

6. Audience Demand: The Secret Sauce to YouTube Success

Gauging audience demand is a critical step in pinpointing your niche on YouTube. It’s about finding that perfect blend – a niche that you’re passionate about and where there’s a sizable, engaged audience that shares your interest.

Here’s the thing:

You don’t need millions of subscribers to be successful on YouTube. You heard it right! What matters more is having an engaged audience that values your content.

Even a fan base of a few thousand can translate into significant earnings if it’s made up of dedicated followers.

Then there’s affiliate marketing.

Tech YouTubers are particularly good at this. They review products and then provide affiliate links. Each purchase through these links earns them a commission, which, over time, can be quite profitable.

Lastly, as your niche expertise grows and your community expands, there are brand deals and sponsorships to consider.

Brands are always on the lookout for influencers who have a dedicated following that matches their target demographic.

So, when you’re planning your YouTube niche, check for audience demand. Ensure that there are enough people interested in your content, and don’t get too caught up in the numbers game. 

7. Profitability: The Essential Ingredient in Choosing a YouTube Niche

On YouTube, there’s a variety of ways to turn your passion into profit. However, we can boil them down into four primary categories:

  • Ads
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Selling courses, services, products, or consultations
  • Brand deals and sponsorships

As a newcomer to the platform, the most accessible routes to earning are through ads and affiliate marketing.

These methods offer a straightforward way to start generating revenue as you build your audience.

Then, as your community grows and your brand strengthens, selling your own courses, securing sponsorships, and signing brand deals become increasingly viable.

Here’s the interesting part: each niche opens different opportunities and scopes for earning.

Consider you’re creating content in the ‘make money online’ niche. Your ad earnings could be relatively high due to the placement of high-value ads on your videos.

In comparison, if your channel revolves around motivational content or book reviews, the ad revenue might be less.

Take another example. Imagine you’re running a vlog or entertainment channel. Your primary sources of income will likely be ads, affiliate marketing, or brand deals.

Selling courses might not be a natural fit in these niches. Instead, brand deals, sponsorships, or affiliate marketing are often more suitable.

Final Thoughts

To sum up, here’s how you find your YouTube niche. First, know what you love and what you’re good at. Look at what’s trending in the market and what people want.

Use tools like NicheScouts.Pro to help you think and fine-tune your ideas. Check out the competition. See how you can make money in different niches. Think about your skills in video editing and how comfortable you are in front of the camera.

Once you weigh these factors, it becomes easier. You can find a niche. A niche where you can create good, engaging content. A niche where you can build a successful YouTube channel.

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