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Ready to add some affiliate links in your horse niche blog posts and monetize them? Cool! But what are the best horse affiliate programs?

In this post, you’ll find the top 9 list of Horse affiliate programs along with all the key details like commissions, cookie period, etc that really matter. So, without further ado, let’s dive right in!

Key Takeaways:

  • There are many horse affiliate programs to choose from, offering commissions from 4% to 25%.
  • Look for decent commission rates and reputable brands.
  • Longer cookie duration and lower minimum payouts are preferable. Check the payment conditions, especially minimum payouts before applying.
  • Higher ticket prices (around $100 avg) give better commissions. But volume sales of lower priced items can also generate income.
  • Compare factors like brand reputation, cookie period, commissions, etc. before choosing which horse affiliate program to join. Pick ones aligning with your niche and content focus.

Best Horse Affiliate Programs

1. Horsepal

Source: Horsepal

Type: Technical products, horse sensors and monitors

URL: https://horsepal.com/affiliate/

Commission: 10% per sale

Cookie Duration: Not Specified

Horsepal is an Ireland based brand offering technical products like sensors and monitors to keep a track of the horse’s health.

As their affiliate, you can promote products such as follows:

  • Comfort Sensors
  • Heart Belt
  • Training Belt

The program also offers you an opportunity to give a 5% discount to your audience. This is beneficial because special offers like this boost conversion rates and sales.

You get a decent 10% commission rate. And the average product price ranges from $50 – $185. Overall, this affiliate program is a nice addition for any horse website’s monetization strategy.

You do need to plan your content more towards health oriented topics to more easily promote the monitors and sensors.

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2. Equestrian Coach

Source: Equestrian Coach

Type: Informational Product, Video Courses, Membership

URL: https://www.equestriancoach.com/content/become-affiliate

Commission: 10%

Cookie Duration: 90 days

Do you want to promote a horse affiliate program that gives you recurring commissions? Then the Equestrian Coach is the right choice.

The Equestrian Coach is a membership packed with informational videos related to Horse training and Horse riding. If you can encourage your readers to purchase the membership, you get 10% commissions for each sale.

The best part is even if they renew after 1 year, you will get paid the commissions. Sounds cool, right?

Payments are made through Paypal and the joining process is simple. You need to fill out a form and then email them with the details. Once they review your application, you can get accepted and start promoting their courses and video programs.

The average monthly price of their subscription is around $29.99 monthly and $299.99 yearly.

As an affiliate, you get paid as long as the customer stays subscribed to their membership.

3. Horse Education Company

horse-affiliate-programs-Horse Education Company
Source: Horse Education Company

Type: Horse Gear

URL: https://horseeducation.co.uk/pages/become-a-dealer

Commission: 5%

Cookie Duration: Not Specified

The Horse Education Company is a Horse product brand that sells high-quality ropes, sticks, and headcollars.

Through their affiliate program, you get 5% commission for each sale. Although the cookie period is not specified, the average product price is $30 to $120.

Although the overall commission percentage is a bit lower than other horse affiliate programs, you can still make a decent revenue by getting sales in high volume.

To sign up, you just have to enter your email address. The best benefit is the products of the Horse Education company are pretty high standard because they have been featured in biggest horse events. So there are high chances of getting good conversions provided you promote them with relevant content pieces.

4. Adams Horses Supply

horse-affiliate-programs-Adams Horses Supply
Source: Adams Horses Supply

Type: Horse Supplies

URL: https://adamshorsesupply.com/affiliate-home

Commission: 2% – 5%

Cookie Duration: Not specified

Adam’s horses supply is a big horse supply brand selling products from horse apparels, helmets, boots, saddle, etc. horse related products.

On every sale you generate for them as an affiliate you get 5% commissions.  Interestingly, you also get 2% commissions whenever your referred customers make a purchase. However, this is only limited to 1 year.

There is a minimum Payout requirement of at least earning $25 after which you will get paid on PayPal. Also, note that there is a 75 day holding period and you don’t get paid for returned products.

Overall, Adams Horse Supply is a decent affiliate program for any horse niche content creator. 

The affiliate sign up process involves creation of a customer account and that’s it. Once you login in your customer portal, you will get access to the affiliate corner containing all the resources like the links and banners required to promote the product.

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5. Pink Equine

Source: Pink Equine

Type: Horse Gear and accessories

URL: https://www.pinkequine.com/horse-affiliate-programs/

Commission: 10% 

Cookie Duration: 90 days

Pink Equine is a well established, global horse accessories brand, first founded in the year 2007. They sell horse bridles, saddle pads, head collars, boots and other accessories.

As an affiliate, you get 10% commission which is decent considering the average sale price of their product– close to $100.

Like all other standard affiliate programs, you get access to links, banners, and special affiliate promotions once you become their affiliate.

The signup process is quite straightforward. You need to just put your basic details in a registration form and submit.

Later on, after they review your application, you’re accepted. Then, logging to your affiliate dashboard you can access all the resources and tools for setting up your affiliate offers.

6. Working Equitation

Source: Working Equitation

Type: Horse Training Courses

URL: https://workingequitationsimplified.com/affiliates/

Commission: 25%

Cookie Duration: Not Specified

This is one of the most profitable horse affiliate programs as it offers up to 25% commissions on each sale.

There are a couple of courses related to horse training each ranging from $9 – $97. So if we consider an average sale price of $40, for instance. Then 25% commissions will yield to $10 on each sale.

Now just think if you could generate at least 10-20 such sales each month… $100-$200 revenue is pretty decent considering you have all other affiliate programs and monetization strategy in place.

Affiliate payments are made monthly for all the sales generated. Paypal is accepted as well. Plus, you also get a tracking facility analyzing your sales. So all in all, this is a nice affiliate program you can promote.

You can apply for the program through a simple application form.

7. Redpost Equestrian

horse-affiliate-programs-Redpost Equestrian
Source: Redpost Equestrian

Type: Horse Apparel

URL: https://www.redpostequestrian.co.uk/blog/redpost-affiliate-programme/

Commission: 5%

Cookie Duration: 14 days

With Redpost Equestrian, you can promote good booking riding hats, boots, and other horse-riding apparels.

Application process is quite straightforward in which you have to fill up a form and then just wait to hear back from them. You can also directly email if you have any questions.

The website is primarily UK-based but they ship their products internationally as well. Overall, it’s a decent affiliate program to explore.

8. Mad Barn

Source: Mad Barn

Type: Horse Food And Nutritional Supplements

URL: https://madbarn.com/affiliate-agreement/

Commission: 10%

Cookie Duration: 30 days

Mad Barn is a unique program to promote as it is dedicated just to Horse food and supplements. The program offers a good commission rate of 10%. Paypal is also accepted. But keep in mind that there is a minimum payment balance of $100 and payments are released on a 3 month cycle.

If you create a lot of content centered around Horse Food and nutrition, then this is one of the best horse affiliate programs. 

The average price of the products ranges from $20-$90 which is decent. You do need to generate sales in volume to generate considerable profits from the program. Application process is easy. You just need to register on their Affiliate dashboard.

9. Equus

Source: Equus

Type: Horse Apparels, Kits, Accessories

URL: https://www.equus.co.uk/pages/affiliates

Commission: 4% commission

Cookie Duration: 30 days

Equus is a UK-based Horse retailer brand that ships internationally. They have been in the business for more than 6 years and  as their affiliate you can sell all types of products related to Horses. Clothing, footwear, accessories, you name it, they have got all options.

The commission is a bit lower than all other affiliate programs we saw in this list. But that said, you get a lot of product options to promote.

To join their affiliate program, you indeed to join through the Awin platform link provided on their affiliate program page. You can also reach out to them directly if you’re blogger or equine content creator and have any specific query.

How To Select The Right Horse Affiliate Program?

Here’s a simple checklist you can go through while deciding which program you should apply for:

  1. Commission structure–Compare all the horse affiliate programs and select the ones that offer standard commission rates. This is crucial for ensuring profitability.
  2. Cookie Period–Longer the better because your chances of conversion increases. Unfortunately, not all horse affiliate programs clearly specify the cookie period they use, so it’s best to contact their affiliate team and ask all the questions upfront.
  3. Payment process–Usually Paypal is the standard way most affiliates get paid, but still it’s good to make sure you know about the exact payment process and whether you’re eligible to receive payments through it or not.
  4. Minimum payment requirement–This is a good factor to keep in mind. Many affiliate programs will have a $25 or $100 minimum payout requirement. That means, unless you hit that requirement, you won’t get paid.
  5. Brand reputation–The brand reputation also matters because your conversion rates will be directly proportional to that. Your audience will only buy the products if you’re recommending a well-reputed brand. One clear way to look at this is to check how long a particular brand is in business.
  6. Product’s average price–In affiliate marketing, $100 is considered the best average selling price of the product in terms of profitability. Why? Because that enables you to earn better commissions. Just think 10% for selling a $10 product and 10% for selling a $100 product. You got it, right?
  7. Compatibility with your brand–Lastly, it’s also crucial to assess whether or not the products you’re about to promote align well with your content strategy. If you’re not attracting the right target audience through your content, then conversion rates will be naturally lower. 

Keeping all the above mentioned points in mind, you can select the right horse affiliate programs.

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Final Thoughts

So which one is best from all the horse affiliate programs?

Well, all programs are good but the three that particularly stand out are the Equestrian Coach, Working Equitation, and Horsepal.

Equestrian Coach offers recurring commissions through their membership site, providing videos on horse training and riding.

Working Equitation has a generous 25% commission rate on their horse training courses.

And Horsepal provides an opportunity to promote horse health products like sensors and monitors for a 10% commission.

Ultimately, whichever horse affiliate programs you choose, be sure to evaluate the commission structure, cookie period, minimum payouts, brand reputation, average product price, and how well the products align with your niche.

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