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Looking to carve out your niche in the Health space? Then you already know that it’s a very competitive niche. So, what’s the solution to it? Well, starting a blog on a specific topic related to health is the best way to go.

And that’s why, we are here to share with you the best health sub niches to give you lots of inpiration. Without further ado, let’s jump right in!

Key Takeaways:

  • Active Lifestyle: Running, Body Building, and Senior Fitness are some of the health sub niches suitable for those who are looking to create a brand in the active health and fitness domain
  • Health Care: Sleep, Baby Care, Hair loss, and Skin Care are some of the health care sub niches suitable for those who want to go more specific with their niche choice.
  • Hygiene: Home hygiene and Dental hygiene are perfect as a blog site because there are good display ad and affiliate opportunities in those health sub niches.
  • Diet: If you’re seeking for more health and nutrition focused health sub niches, then Keto Diet and Nutrition would be great choices.
  • Diseases: This niche can be very competitive but if done right it can be a worthwhile niche to dive into especially due to its high demand.

Best Health Sub Niches

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1. Running

Source: KeywordTool.io

Enjoy the thrill of the open road with the running niche. Running is related to the health and fitness domain and makes a great sub-niche.

This sub-niche is mainly dedicated to joggers, marathoners, and casual runners. While the competition is moderate due to the popularity of the sport, it’s a pretty expansive niche offering room for a variety of subtopics.

You could talk about training techniques, recommend running gear, or share inspiring stories of personal achievements. Creating content won’t require specialized skills, but a passion for running and a knack for storytelling will give you an edge.

Images can certainly boost engagement, but they’re not always necessary. This is mostly an evergreen niche, but fresh content on new race events or running shoes could help maintain reader interest.

Running shoes is the main topic you could focus on here. The affiliate product scope is decent, including running shoes, apparel, and fitness trackers.

Display ads could work well too, especially those relevant to fitness and wellness. Coaching services or personalized running plans could be a great fit for info products.

One challenge could be the need for firsthand running experiences to connect authentically with your audience. However, the shared enthusiasm amongst runners is a nice opportunity to build a passionate, loyal following.

2. Weight Loss

The weight loss niche targets a broad audience – anyone looking to shed a few pounds. Despite high competition, it remains popular due to the constant demand for effective weight loss methods.

You could cover diets, workout routines, motivational tips, and success stories. No special skills are needed, but a solid understanding of health and wellness helps. Regular content updates are necessary to keep up with evolving dietary trends and workouts.

Numerous affiliate products like diet supplements, fitness equipment, and meal plans exist. Display ads related to health and wellness are also viable.

Online courses on weight loss or eBooks with meal plans and workouts make great info products. The challenge lies in standing out and becoming a true authority in the niche.

Still, if you can build a reputation for reliable and helpful content, you’ll stand out from the crowd and become a go-to resource for weight loss advice.

3. Bodybuilding

Source: KeywordTool.io

The bodybuilding niche is a hub for fitness enthusiasts and professional bodybuilders. The competition level is moderate to high, but it’s a growing trend, with popularity skyrocketing among both men and women.

Topics could include workout routines, nutrition guides, and reviews of bodybuilding equipment. While no specific skills are needed, first-hand experience with bodybuilding can boost your credibility.

High-quality pictures demonstrating workout routines and showing progress will be beneficial. This niche is somewhat evergreen, but new workouts and trends emerge often, so frequent updates help.

Affiliate opportunities abound in protein supplements, gym equipment, and fitness apparel. Display ads for related products and services can be lucrative.

You might sell eBooks on workout plans or courses on bodybuilding techniques. The challenge is cutting through the noise and becoming a go-to resource in the niche.

However, if you’re passionate and knowledgeable, you can establish yourself as a trustworthy voice, making this niche very rewarding.

4. Keto Diet

Source: Ubersuggest

Want a more specific health sub-niche? Then try the keto diet niche, perfect for individuals interested in low-carb, high-fat diets. This niche has moderate competition to a high level but remains highly popular due to the effectiveness of the diet.

You could discuss meal plans, share keto-friendly recipes, or provide guides related to the keto diet. A solid understanding of nutritional science is beneficial here, but not strictly necessary.

Content updates should keep pace with new research and trending keto-friendly foods. Affiliate products include keto cookbooks, supplements, and meal delivery services.

Display ads for health, wellness, and cooking could also work well. Info products might include personalized keto meal plans or in-depth guides to starting and sticking with the diet.

The main challenge is beating the competition and making a mark in the niche. Despite this, the potential to genuinely help people improve their health makes the keto diet niche a rewarding one to explore.

5. Sleeping

Source: Google Trends

Sleeping Niche caters to everyone suffering from sleeping to difficulties to those simply seeking better sleep quality.

While the competition is low, the importance of good sleep makes it increasingly popular. You can blog about sleep hygiene, review products like mattresses and pillows, or discuss the impact of lifestyle habits on sleep.

Expertise in sleep science isn’t necessary but would lend credibility. Images aren’t overly critical in this niche, but relevant visuals can enhance engagement.

The content is largely evergreen, though occasional updates to reflect new research are valuable. Affiliate products could include sleep aids, sleepwear, and bedding. Display ads for related products and wellness services should do well.

You could offer online courses on sleep hygiene or eBooks on natural remedies for sleep problems. The challenge would be keeping up with the competition and scaling your site as an authority in this niche.

However, the universal need for sleep and the joy of helping people achieve restful nights make this niche both relevant and fulfilling.

6. Baby Care:

Parenting is an evergreen topic and baby care is a prime sub-niche, catering to new and expecting parents.

It’s a moderately competitive field but the demand is always high. Topics like baby care advice, sleep schedules, and developmental milestones are popular and helpful.

Creating content requires some research, but not necessarily high-level expertise. Blogs need regular updates as parenting practices evolve.

Affiliate product promotions such as baby gear, toys, or parenting books have a strong potential. Display ads can generate good revenue due to high traffic.

Online courses for first-time parents could be a hit. The main challenge is keeping up with the competition and creating high-quality well-researched content. However, if you’re passionate about this niche, it is a great health sub-niche to dive into.

7. Home Hygiene:

Home hygiene is a high-interest topic. The competition is moderate, but there’s always room for unique voices.

You can write about DIY cleaning solutions, and hygiene routines, or review cleaning products. Creating content is relatively easy with some research, and visual aids can be beneficial.

Updating content can be monthly or based on seasonal needs. Affiliate opportunities include cleaning supplies or home organization products.

Display ads will work well given the high interest in the topic. Ebooks or online courses on the home organization could also be profitable.

As such, there are no big challenges in this niche apart from creating high-quality content. People’s need for clean, organized homes makes this an evergreen and promising niche.

8. Hair Loss:

Source: Ahrefs

Hair loss is a niche topic where you can get a targeted group of audience. Competition is low to moderate but the need for reliable information is high.

Blog topics could range from the science behind hair loss, treatments, or product reviews.

Creating content can be demanding, as you need to understand scientific studies and interpret them in an easy to understand way. The content is somewhat evergreen, but should be updated when new treatments emerge.

Affiliate marketing opportunities exist with hair growth products. Display ads might have lower yields due to the specific target audience, but selling ebooks or courses about hair health could be successful.

The challenge lies in understanding scientific literature. Yet, you have some experience or interest in this niche, then it is the right choice to go after.

9. Skin Care:

With an audience ranging from young adults to seniors, skincare is a popular niche. It’s a highly competitive field, but with personalized advice and reviews, you can stand out.

Topics can be skin routines, product reviews, or tips for specific skin issues. High-quality photos are beneficial for this niche.

Affiliate marketing is fruitful, with countless skincare products to promote. Display ads are lucrative due to high traffic. Info products like ebooks or online courses about skincare routines can be profitable.

The challenge is the need for constant updates on trends. Still, if you have a passion for sharing skin care knowledge, then there is a great reason to blog in this niche.

10. Dental Care

Source: KeywordTool.io

Dental care, a highly specific health sub-niche, is a great niche for bloggers who can deliver expert-level insights. It’s moderately competitive, which means there’s room for you to establish your authority.

Topics like oral hygiene, dental treatments, and teeth-friendly diets are evergreen and popular. To write about this, a basic understanding of dental health is required, and visual content like dental care routines can be beneficial.

Content updates won’t be as frequent as other health sub niches but keeping up with dental trends and advances is crucial. Dental products for affiliate marketing are numerous, and display ads will work well due to high user engagement.

Selling info products like dental care guides or video tutorials can bring extra income. The challenge is maintaining credibility and establishing authority, but with a comprehensive and accurate approach, your blog can shine in this niche.

11. Diseases

Blogging about diseases, while competitive, can be good for growth if you target less talked about conditions or unique perspectives.

The popularity of this niche is huge, with people seeking information on a range of diseases. Blog topics can range from prevention methods to living with a specific disease.

However, this niche demands a high degree of research and medical knowledge, making content creation a bit hard.

Regular updates are necessary due to the evolving nature of medical research. Promoting health-related affiliate products is an option, and display ads can generate good income due to high search volumes.

E-books or courses about disease management could be an extra source of revenue. Challenges include staying updated, creating high-quality content and establishing trust, but if done right, your blog could be a go-to resource for many.

12. Nutrition

Now, how about the nutrition niche? This niche has a wide audience that ranges from fitness enthusiasts to those simply looking to lead a healthier lifestyle.

Don’t be scared off by the competition here; it’s only a sign of how popular the topic is, and there’s always room for fresh perspectives.

Potential blog topics in this niche are countless: you can dive into “Balanced Diets for Vegetarians,” or even discuss “Nutrition Plans for Athletes”. This niche is ideal if you’re passionate about food and wellness; with a bit of research and creativity, content creation shouldn’t be too hard.

Remember, with evolving dietary guidelines, it’s crucial to update your content periodically. Yet, many topics remain evergreen.

The potential for affiliate marketing is substantial here, think about health products, recipe books, or even fitness equipment. Display ads can also add to your revenue stream, especially when you have targeted, high-quality content.

Offering an e-book about healthy recipes or a course on nutritional planning could be a big hit. Challenges? Sure, there’s a need to keep up-to-date with nutritional studies, but your unique take on the topic can make you stand out.

The Nutrition niche, with its vast audience and variety of monetization options, is a flavorful recipe for a successful blog.

13. Senior Fitness

Senior Fitness, now that’s a unique health sub-niche! As the global population ages, more and more seniors are looking to stay active and healthy.

While the competition isn’t as fierce here as in other health sub niches, it’s an increasingly popular topic.

Writing about “Exercise Routines for Arthritis”, “Balance-Improving Workouts”, or “Fitness Tips for the Elderly” can draw a dedicated audience.

Don’t worry, you don’t need to be fitness professional to excel here, though having a knack for breaking down complex exercises into simpler steps will help.

Most topics in this niche are fairly evergreen, but new research and workout techniques call for occasional content updates. Affiliate product opportunities abound: think resistance bands, workout equipment, or even fitness courses tailored for seniors.

Display ads focused on senior products can generate good income too.

Challenges could include the need for in-depth understanding of senior fitness requirements and creating well-researched content accordingly. But if done right, your blog, focusing on promoting health for seniors, has the potential to be both rewarding and lucrative.

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Final Thoughts

So there you have it! We just shared a list of 13 high-potential health sub niches for blogging. Whether it’s running, weight loss, nutrition, or even senior fitness, when you choose a niche in which you are most passionate, the chances of success increase a lot.

But be sure to also consider factors like competition, monetization opportunities, evergreen potential, and challenges before you dive into any niche.

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