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Excited to start a blog but not sure which niche to choose? Then this guide on the best free niche finder tool is just for you. Read on till the end as we share a detailed guide on some of the best free niche finder tools. Along with that, we’ll also share how to select a profitable niche and how to validate a niche site idea. Stay tuned!

Key Takeaways:

  • Free Niche Finder Tools: Tools such as NicheScout.Pro, Quora, Reddit, Google Trends, YouTube, Answer The Public, and Amazon are great resources to find some of the best and most profitable niche site ideas.
  • NicheScout.Pro: This tool contains a list of niche site ideas along with other helpful data like search volume, competition index, and bid range – all of which can come in handy while choosing the niche.
  • Using Quora and Reddit: Platforms like Quora and Reddit act as free niche research tools when they are used in the right way, especially using the search function and finding various niches and topics.
  • Google Trends And YouTube: Both of these platforms allow you to find the topics and niches that are currently trending. Do research. analyze the insights you gain. And find your best potential niche using these platforms.
  • Answer The Public And Amazon: Answer The Public is a great tool to find all the potential topics and questions related to any niche. You can enter broad seed terms related to the industry to find niches and sub-niches related to it using this tool. Alternatively, you can also get niche ideas by exploring the categories and subcategories section of Amazon.
  • Niche Profitability and Validation: It is important to consider all monetization opportunities of any niche before you actually start working on it. And it’s also crucial to validate it based on different factors like competition to evergreen potential to find the best niche out of all.

Here Are The Best Free Niche Finder Tool:

1. NicheScout.Pro

Source: NicheScout.Pro

NicheScout.Pro is a completely free tool that gives a list of potential niche site ideas. You can find the average monthly search volume, competition index, and the top-of-the-page bid range.

The best part is that you can export all the data in the form of a CSV file. And along with that, you can also search for particular niche ideas.

To give you a sample of what the tool can do for you, here’s a sample of some of the potential niche ideas and the relevant data we sourced from the tool.

Niche (Keyword)VolumeBid rangeCompetiton Index
3D Printing500,0001.33100
Bread Making5002.2911

Give it a try and start exploring highly profitable niche site ideas for free with this free niche finder tool.

2. Quora

Source: Quora

Next, Quora is a great platform to do niche research. People from all over the world answer questions on a variety of topics thus offering ample opportunities to find various niche ideas.

So how to start your niche research on Quora? Well, head over to Quora.com and type your broad seed keyword in the Quora search bar. You will couple of answers popping on the screen instantly as you type any keyword.

Go through them and see what kind of questions and answers are present around your core topic. The people who have asked the questions and the people who have answered, both are your target audience.

So by going through Quora, you are not only doing niche research, but at the same time, you’re also understanding the target audience and their needs. This will help you to form strategies and plan out your blog in a better way.

Next, discover various spaces. You will see spaces related to various niches and sub-niches. Go through them, and see what kind of content is being posted.

3. Reddit


Another way to explore niche site ideas for free is by going through Reddit. Reddit is one of the world’s largest platforms.

People sharing common interests often form a subreddit and perform their discussions. Your work would be to find those sub-niches where the popularity is high but not many bloggers really know about the topic.

As a result, you could discover a niche that is low competitive and offers you great opportunities.

What kind of questions are people asking? Did you find any unanswered questions? Analyze everything and observe a common pattern. You will soon find a high-potential niche site idea.

You can do all the research using the search function of Reddit. And also explore related questions that appear everywhere on the site while reading any particular question.

Source: Google Trends

Next up, we have Google Trends. With this tool, you can know about the past and present trends of any keyword term.

Once again, you need to input a list of broad seed keywords. For instance, you can input a keyword like health, fitness, weight loss, or diet, and see what’s all coming up in Google Trends.

Looking at the graph, and exploring the related topics and queries below the graph you can find new niche site ideas.

Study all the related queries and topics carefully. As you go through those queries and topics, chances are, you’d soon come across your desired niche idea from those lists of topics.

And not just that, you can also compare the popularity of any niche with respect to another niche. So this will help you to filter and decide between the niches that have more demand. Apart from competition, profitability, and interests in the niche, assessing the demand is also a crucial step.

5. YouTube

YouTube is a social platform that probably needs no introduction. Let’s face it, every day we watch YouTube videos so many times that it can be even hard to count. But did you know that you could also find potential niche site ideas using YouTube?

Here’s how:

First, go to your YouTube history and have a look at all the types of channels you’ve been watching every day. What niche do these channels belong to? Then start researching on YouTube itself things related to these niches.

Why this method? Since you’re already watching those topics daily, you’re already interested in that topic or niche. So that means you’re already ahead in your niche research process. You don’t have to filter out any niches later on based on your interests.

But if this method didn’t work for you then another method is to find popular channels in a given niche. So enter any broad keyword and do the search on YouTube.

Explore all the popular channels that you see in the results. What type of content are they producing? And more importantly, what are their popular videos? Notices the views and the topic of the videos.

You can try out this method for a couple of different niches. And while doing this niche research, please be sure to note down separately whatever niche idea comes to your mind. And that’s how you can use YouTube as a free Niche Finder Tool.

6. Answer The Public

Source: Answer The Public

Now Answer The Public works like this. You enter a keyword and within a few seconds, it generates a neatly presented topical map of all the related questions and terms.

It shows the results in the form of the following five ways:

  • Questions
  • Prepositions
  • Comparisons
  • Alphabetical Ordered
  • Related

So browsing through all the mindmaps, you can easily uncover your potential niche site idea. The tool gives you 3 daily searches for free per day once you register with it. It’s a decent way to explore various keywords and possible questions related to them.

For best results, try to put any broad seed keyword, and then carefully observe all the questions and keywords. With some observation, you can easily find some great niche site ideas.

And the best part about browsing this Answer The Public Tool, you’re not just exploring niche ideas, but you’re also observing the possible blog post ideas. So it will quickly give you a rough idea of what types of topics you can cover in any given niche. 

7. Amazon

Source: Amazon

Last but not least, the best free niche finder tool is Amazon. You can start niche research by browsing various product categories on Amazon.

Look for various product categories on Amazon and then drill down further into various sub-categories.

Also, have a look at the best-seller categories and products that have got many positive reviews in any given category or sub-category.

Doing niche research using Amazon is best. You can learn about all the relevant products you could promote in your niche. So let’s say you are interested in creating a niche site with a primary income source being the affiliate. Then it’s good to do all the market and product research prior before you actually dive into the niche.

Read the reviews of the products and understand the pain points of your readers, and analyze their likes and dislikes. Doing this will help you a lot to get a broad picture perspective about your niche.

You can also enter various broad seed keywords in the Amazon search bar and see what products come up.

Let’s say you decide to find a nice niche in the tech industry. Then start inputting various seed keywords related to the tech gadgets. Sooner or later, you will run into Headphones and wow, now you have found a great niche idea.

And similar to that, you can type smartphones and see which smartphones are more popular. Or maybe type laptops and see what laptops are often in the best-seller category.

Read the reviews to get an overview of the niche. With all these steps, you can find some great niche ideas. But in essence, the best way to research niche ideas is to utilize the categories and subcategories sections of various products on Amazon.

How To Find A Profitable Niche For Free?

To find a profitable niche site idea for free, you need to validate and explore all the income streams available in the chosen niche.

For instance, you can ask these questions while deciding whether or not the niche is profitable:

  • Can you promote affiliate products and do they convert well?
  • How much is the RPM in the niche? Higher the better.
  • Is there potential for selling info products like ebooks or courses down the line?

How To Validate Your Niche Idea?

Once you use all the free niche finder tools, you will likely have a list of potential niche site ideas that you think would work best. But wait, before you work and shortlist any of them, it’s essential to validate those ideas.

Here are some of the important factors to consider while validating any niche idea:

  • Competition Level
  • Profitability
  • Interests In The Niche
  • Content Creation Potential
  • Evergreen Potential
  • Scaling Capability
  • Updating Requirement

When you consider these factors and validate your niche site idea while passing through each of these, the resulting niche is much better.

Here are some of the best qualities a great niche idea will have: Low competition, highly profitable, matches your interests, has evergreen content potential, scaling content production is easy, and doesn’t require much content update.

Final Thoughts

In a nutshell, there are a variety of tools available to do niche research from NicheScout.Pro to Amazon. But the best of all is NicheScout.Pro because it presents all the high-quality niche ideas in an easily accessible way along with their relevant data.

But you can also use other platforms like Quora, Reddit, or tools like Answer the Public to find high-potential niches.

Ultimately, it’s also essential to consider the profitability of any niche. And make sure you validate each niche idea before you finally decide to start working on it.

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