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Welcome to another niche-finding video! Today, we will explore ways to uncover new and profitable niches through hobbies using data from Amazon affiliates. By applying various filters, such as domain traffic and language, we will identify interesting niche opportunities and analyze the potential value of pursuing them.

During this exploration, we will investigate several specific niches in detail, providing insights into their traffic, earnings, and competitiveness. Along the way, you may choose to take notes or even order a report on Fiverr to help with your own niche research. Now, let’s dive in and uncover some potentially lucrative niches!

Key Takeaways:

  1. Finding profitable niches through hobbies can be a practical approach that might lead to less competition. Some examples of niches discovered this way include window tint percentages, various Bible verses, drawing doodles, and Amazon liquidation stores.
  2. Analyzing the backlinks, domain traffic, and domain authority of a site can provide great insights into the competition and profitability of specific niches.
  3. Using filters when exploring Amazon for niches can increase efficiency. Some helpful ones could be setting a minimum domain traffic, a maximum domain rating, and preferring English language domains.
  4. Even niches with low domain authority and minimal backlinks can have impressive traffic values and organic traffic, such as the ones about drawing doodles, computer full forms, Pokemon generations, and laser engravers.
  5. Complete analysis of niches should take into account metrics like traffic value, organic keywords, and referring domains. All these considerations will provide a more comprehensive view of the niche’s potential.
  6. Several profitable niches are related to Amazon products, like laser engravers, high-end knives, and Amazon liquidation stores. By creating engaging content around these products or providing solutions to related problems, one can capitalize on these opportunities.

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Finding Niches Through Hobbies

One of the better ways of finding niches is through hobbies. I’ve been exploring Amazon, specifically looking at the associated niches where Amazon Affiliates are using links, to analyze the backlinks and domain traffic. With a few filters applied, I found some interesting niche opportunities.

I came across a page about Amazon liquidation stores, which had a domain authority (DR) of only seven, but was receiving 28,000 traffic. This niche is worth quite a bit, as the page alone was worth 10,000 dollars. This brought back memories of when I first started blogging and targeted the thrifting shops niche.

Another interesting niche I found was related to window tint percentages. With a DR of just 13, this site used a custom visual tool to help users visualize their preferred window tint percentages. This site built almost 600 links and had a traffic value of 15,000.

I also discovered a site focusing on 35 Bible verses, with a relatively low DR of 16 and a traffic value of 8,000 dollars. The page itself was ranking for almost 6,000 keywords.

As I continued searching, I found a niche in doodles to draw anytime. This page had only one backlink, one referring domain, and a DR of 12, but it got 11,000 organic traffic and had a traffic value of almost 2,000 dollars.

Lastly, I stumbled upon a niche discussing the best laser engravers with a DR of 10. The site had a traffic value of 6.5 thousand dollars with 10,000 traffic, four referring domains, and 4,000 organic keywords.

These are just a few of the discoveries I made while exploring niches through hobbies. This method presents a great opportunity for finding profitable niches with relatively low competition.

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Using Filters on Amazon

When searching for niches on Amazon, it’s essential to apply a few filters to narrow down the results. For instance, I’m interested in domain traffic starting from a thousand to weed out the trashy or newcomer websites. Additionally, I like to set my Domain Rating (DR) to something pretty low, like 20, which is quite achievable.

Unless you are from a non-English speaking country and want to do business there, I usually set my language to English. It doesn’t help all the time, so you may still get some non-English websites, but it serves as a filter.

I primarily focus on Amazon’s associated niches, which can be identified through the use of specific links like amzn.t.o. Moreover, analyzing backlinks can provide valuable insights into the profitability of the niche and the level of competition.

While exploring different niches, it’s crucial to check the traffic value and the number of backlinks a domain has, as it helps in better understanding the potential of the chosen niche. For example, I found a domain related to Amazon liquidation stores that has a traffic value of 10,000 bucks and six backlinks. This indicates that the niche is relatively popular and potentially profitable.

In summary, using filters on Amazon can be a powerful way to find under-the-radar niches for creating engaging content or products. By considering factors like domain traffic, language, domain rating, and backlinks, you can enhance the chances of finding a profitable niche.

Exploring Potential Niches

Just to summarize, here’s a table with all the discussed niches and their metrics:

NicheTraffic ValueOrganic KeywordsReferring Domains
Amazon Liquidation Stores$10,0006,0006
Bible Verses$8,0006,0004
Window Tint Percentages$15,0004,00072
Drawing Doodles$2,00011,0001
Laser Engravers$6,5004,0004
Professional Knives$4,0005,0003

Liquidation Stores

I found an interesting niche about Amazon liquidation stores. These stores offer discounted and overstock items. The domain I came across had a DR of 7 and 28,000 traffic. Surprisingly, a single page on this site is worth $10,000 and has six backlinks.

Bible Verses

Another niche I stumbled upon is focused on Bible verses. I found a site with a DR of 6 and a page ranking for almost 6,000 keywords. The traffic value of this particular page is $8,000 and revolves around 35 Bible verses, making it an interesting opportunity.

Window Tint Percentages

I also discovered a niche on window tint percentages. The domain has a DR of 13, and it offers a customizable tool to visualize different window tint percentages. Interestingly, this site has managed to build 600 links, and the traffic value is $15,000.

Educational Test Papers

Few websites offer free download of previous year question papers for entrance tests and learning classes. This can be a potential niche to explore, as it has a good amount of traffic and may lead to sales of test preparation materials.

Doodles To Draw

Another niche I found is about drawing doodles. A simple DR 12 site I came across has an impressive traffic value of $2,000, with only one backlink. The site leads to sales of drawing equipment like brushes and pens, making it an interesting opportunity.

Computer Full Form

Although the computer full form niche may not be highly profitable, it still has potential. A DR 4 site I found has an impressive traffic value of $9,000 and has 4,000 organic keywords, indicating that there is still some interest in this niche.

Pokemon Generations

A DR 14 site discussing various Pokemon generations piqued my interest. The traffic value for this page is $4,000, and it ranks for 5,000 keywords. It leads to sales of Pokemon-related merchandise, presenting some opportunities for affiliates.

Laser Engravers

I discovered a niche about laser engravers that has solid potential. A DR 10 site showcases different laser engravers along with impressive pictures. The traffic value of this site is an astonishing $6,500, with only four referring domains and 4,000 organic keywords.

High-End Knives

Lastly, I came across a niche on high-end knives. A DR 14 site I found offers reviews and guides on best professional knives. Its traffic value is $4,000, and it has numerous affiliate links for expensive knives. This is a promising niche given the high price of the products.

By analyzing these niches and their metrics, you can determine which ones might be the most profitable for your affiliate marketing efforts or content creation. Remember to do further research on each niche to ensure its long-term potential before committing to it.

Conclusion and final thoughts 💭

  • Searching hobbies on Amazon can lead to finding potentially lucrative niches with relatively low competition.
  • Applying filters, such as domain traffic and domain rating, helps to narrow down niche possibilities.
  • Domains with lower domain ratings but high traffic, backlinks, and traffic value may offer unexplored opportunities.
  • Analyzing these niches and their metrics is key to determining their profitability.
  • The niches found span topics such as Amazon liquidation stores, Bible verses, window tint percentages, drawing doodles, laser engravers, and high-end knives, each offering unique opportunities for content creation or affiliate marketing.
  • It’s crucial to remember to analyze traffic value, organic keywords, and referring domains of the potential niche to gauge its profitability and competition.

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