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Google Trends is a great tool to discover the latest trends. But if you don’t know what to exactly search for, it isn’t going to help you much in niche research. Furthermore, it doesn’t specify the trending popular topics in your industry. And that’s where Exploring Topics comes in.

This guide will teach you how to find a niche with Exploding Topics. You’ll also learn how to use all its features to filter and get the best niche ideas. Ready? Let’s go!

Key Takeaways:

  • Unlike Google Trends, Exploding Topics offers category-based trend analysis, making niche discovery more user-friendly.
  • To get specific niche ideas, you can sort results based on time ranges or categories like AI, marketing, media, etc..
  • The tool provides important stats like search volume and growth percentage for each topic.
  • Evaluate niche popularity and audience needs before committing to a niche to ensure long-term.

What Is Exploding Topics?

Source: Exploding Topics

Before we dive in and learn more about how to find a niche with Exploding Topics, let’s have a quick overview of the tool.

So Exploding Topics is similar to Google Trends in functionality, but what sets it apart is its trend detection capability and easy-to-use interface for discovering any trending topic.

Brian Dean, one of the big figures in the SEO industry is the co-founder of Exploding Topics.

Unlike other trend analysis tools like Google Trends, where you have to input specific keywords to get results, Exploding Topics lets you explore categories.

The user-friendly design and browsing feature cuts down the research time significantly, enabling you to focus more on strategizing and content creation.

You can browse through various industry categories and effortlessly identify trends that align with your goals.

Here’s How To Find A Niche With Exploding Topics

Sorting Out The Data In Exploding Topics

You can sort the results in exploding topics in three ways:

  • First of all, it helps you sort the results in terms of year. From the past 3 months to the past 15 years.
  • Next you have categories. In that, you can filter your results based on different categories like AI, marketing, media, technology, pets, travel, etc.
  • And lastly you can also search a specific keyword in their search database.

So using these three filters you can find great potential needs ideas.

Detailed Analysis Of The Data From Exploding Topics

Source: Exploding Topics

So in the time filter I chose past 6 months then in the category I chose home and after that I started analyzing the data sets.

I got some of the topics like:

  • Family friendly
  • AI Interior Design
  • Glass Pumpkin
  • Car Backseat Organizer
  • Mini Inkless Printer

Now from all of these topics, the car backseat organizer topic as well as the mini to inkless printer topic really stuck to me.

Let me explain both of these in a bit more detail.

Car Backseat Organizer:

Source: Exploding Topics

Car Backseat Organizing helps keep the interiors of the car clutter-free. After clicking on the graph, exploding topics showed these details:

Search Volume: 6.6K volume

Growth: 38%

Also, following related keywords were shown:

  • Carseat Monitor
  • Backseat Net 
  • Rotating Car Seat
  • 360 Car Seat

All these topics showed 8% to 355% growth. What does this all tell?

Well, from all the data, graph, and trend it seems that car interiors are a pretty trending topic.

So what you can do is start working on a blog specifically focused on car interiors. Products like car backseat organizers, car seat monitors, and backseat nets are not just in demand but are also experiencing significant growth.

This is a strong indicator that consumers are actively seeking solutions for a more organized and convenient car interior.

Mini Inkless Printer:

Source: Exploding Topics

A Mini Inkless Printer is a compact, portable printing device that uses advanced thermal printing technology to produce images and text without the need for ink cartridges or toners. This technology allows for a lightweight and portable design, which is ideal for professionals on-the-go, outdoor enthusiasts, or anyone who needs quick, hassle-free printing solutions. 

The Exploding Topics tool presents some compelling statistics for the Mini Inkless Printer:

  • Search Volume: 3.6K
  • Growth: 750%

Moreover, the tool also showcases trends in related areas:

  • Mini Portable Printer: +133%, 22.2K
  • Mini Vacuum Cleaner: +34%, 18.1K
  • Mini Washing Machine: +27%, 110K
  • Bedroom Mini Fridge: +355%, 40.5K

The Mini Inkless Printer is showing an emerging trend with a staggering 750% growth. Furthermore, related ‘mini’ gadgets also exhibit substantial growth rates and high search volumes. Specifically, the Bedroom Mini Fridge and the Mini Portable Printer are seeing triple-digit growth percentages, signaling robust consumer interest.

Specifically, the Bedroom Mini Fridge and the Mini Portable Printer are seeing triple-digit growth percentages, signaling robust consumer interest.

Given this data, it’s clear that there’s a larger trend at play here: the rise of ‘mini’ and portable gadgets. You could capitalize on this by creating a blog that’s entirely focused on mini gadgets. Sounds interesting, huh?

Before tools like Exploding Topics, you’d have to rely heavily on gut instinct or sporadic data to identify a new niche. Now, you can base your decisions on concrete, real-time trends, allowing for a much more strategic approach to niche selection.

By the way, did you know that you could also use ChatGPT for niche research? Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to find a niche with ChatGPT.

What To Keep In Mind While Finding A Niche With Exploding Topics

Consider Competition

Firstly, evaluating competition is crucial. While it might be tempting to jump onto a trend that no one is talking about, some level of competition is actually beneficial.

If you don’t see blogs or content specifically focused on your potential niche, at least make sure there are a few articles around the topic already ranking on search engines. This helps validate that there’s interest and potential profitability in that area.

For a more in-depth understanding, look at how the topic has performed over time(example 5 years period) in Google Trends. Take it a step further by checking social media channels like YouTube, where video content can offer another layer of insight into audience engagement and competition levels.

Consider Your Audience

Remember, your target audience is equally important. 

Who are you trying to reach? What are their interests, pain points, and questions? When you select keywords to focus on, they should resonate with your intended audience.

The ideal niche will be where your knowledge or services intersect with what your target audience is actively searching for. Failing to consider this can result in content that’s not only irrelevant but also unprofitable.

Another way to find niche ideas is to use specific tools like that are made just for niche research purposes. Check out the detailed guide on how to find a niche with

Think About the Long Term

 It may be tempting to go for something that’s trending right now, but what about in a few years? You need a topic that will stand the test of time.

Evaluate the longevity of your selected keywords by considering their past trends and how they align with future industry shifts.

Finally, don’t overlook the power of related topics. The Exploding Topics tool usually has a feature that lists topics related to your main keyword.

This provides an opportunity to broaden your niche and discover related areas that might be equally profitable or could serve as secondary focus areas to diversify your content.

Pros And Cons Of Finding A Niche With Exploding Topics

Quick Identification of TrendsRisk of Short-Term Relevance
Well-categorized topicsLimited Target Audience Insights
Search volume and growth percentage shownRequires Additional Research

One of the major benefits of using Exploding Topics is the ability to quickly identify emerging trends. This saves you the time and effort that might otherwise be spent researching for new trends on the web.

By pinpointing a trend before it goes mainstream, you can position yourself as an early authority in the niche.

Next, this tool often includes data like search volume, growth percentage, and related topics. This can further help you in assessing and analyzing the niche before you finally decide to work in that niche.

So these are all the pros, but like any other tool, it also has some cons.

The downside is that some topics may only have short-term relevance. Jumping on a trending topic without proper research could land you in a niche that fizzles out quickly. So further research is still required before you dive into the niche.

The tool may not offer an exhaustive understanding of your target audience. For deeper insights, additional research, such as surveys or social media analytics, would likely be necessary.

Once you understand both the advantages and drawbacks of using Exploding Topics for niche selection, you can make an informed decision. Pairing this tool with other research methods can provide a well-rounded approach to finding a profitable niche site idea.

Do you know that you can also do niche research through online marketplaces like Flippa? Here’s a detailed guide on how to find a niche with marketplaces.

Final Thoughts

In short, to find a niche with exploding topics, first select your preferred industry from the categories in the Exploding topics dashboard.

Then, select the appropriate time range. Exploding Topics allows you to sort the data from the past 3 months to the past 15 years. And finally, start browsing, and analyzing all the trends and graphs.

You may have to do further research before finalizing any niche topic. But overall, Exploding Topic is a great tool to find niche topics before others know about it.

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