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Want to dive into a fashion niche that resonates with your style? But let’s face it fashion is a vast industry and it’s easy to get overwhelmed while choosing the right fashion sub niche.

But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. In this guide, we will share with you the best top 12 fashion sub niches along with detailed insights for each. So, ready to dive in? Let’s go!

Key Takeaways:

  • Style Oriented Fashion (Streetwear, Retro): Targeting younger generation; medium to low competition; focus on individuality and nostalgia.
  • Broad Audience Niches (Men’s, Fitness): High competition; diverse content possibilities; offers personalization and health focus.
  • Specialized Interests (Fashion Bags, Jewelry): Attractive for enthusiasts; high to moderate competition; requires high-quality visuals; lucrative affiliate marketing.
  • Family-Focused (Children’s, Wedding): Targeting parents or wedding parties; moderate competition; requires regular updates; opportunity in guides or ebooks.
  • Unique Combos (Fashion and Travel, Fashion and Film, Cultural): Moderate competition; unique content; challenges in balancing trends; potential in diverse products.
  • Creative Niches (DIY Fashion): Low competition; hands-on content; evergreen nature; offers crafting opportunities and joy in creativity.

Best Fashion Sub Niches

1. Streetwear Fashion

Source: Google Trends

Streetwear fashion is a blend of stylish sportswear and high-end fashion.

Targeted mostly towards the younger generation, it’s an ever-evolving niche with a medium level of competition. Its popularity lies in its uniqueness and ability to express individuality.

Blog topics could include “Upcoming Streetwear Trends”, “How to Style Streetwear”, or “Affordable Streetwear Brands”.

Creating content isn’t too hard, though staying current with trends requires consistent updates. It’s ideal for promoting affiliate products, such as sneakers.

Display ads can work well, but the real potential lies in collaborations with brands. One challenge might be the rapid pace of change, but if you’ve got your finger on the pulse of fashion, this niche could be perfect for you.

2. Men’s Fashion

Men’s fashion is all about style, comfort, and personal expression. The audience here is broad, ranging from young adults to older men.

Competition is high but the scope for creating diverse content is vast. Popular topics include “Office Wear Essentials”, “Seasonal Fashion Trends”, or “Essential Grooming Tips”.

High-quality visuals are critical. Affiliate marketing for products like grooming kits, shoes, or accessories can work well.

While display ads can provide steady income, selling personalized style guides or online consulting could yield higher profits. The need to keep up with evolving trends might be challenging, but with a deep understanding of male fashion dynamics, you’ll shine in this space.

3. Children’s Fashion

Children’s fashion is a delightful niche, targeting parents and family members looking for stylish and comfortable clothing for kids.

The competition here is moderate, yet its popularity is unending because kids grow up, but there’s always a new generation behind them.

Topics could include “Summer Styles for Kids”, “Choosing The Right Materials for Children’s Clothing”, or “Celebrity Kids Fashion”.

Creating content can be fun but requires regular updates as trends evolve. Affiliate marketing for children’s clothing brands works well, as do display ads.

Guides or ebooks on children’s fashion could be sold too. The constant trend updates can be a challenge, but the joy of this niche is its creativity.

4. Fashion Bags

Source: Google Trends

Fashion bags, a fascinating niche, is all about style and practicality. It attracts bag enthusiasts and fashion-conscious individuals alike.

Though the competition is high, it remains popular due to the endless variety and trends in bags. Blog topics could include “The Latest Bag Trends”, “Choosing the Perfect Bag for Any Occasion”, or “Designer vs. High Street Bags”.

High-quality images are essential to showcase designs and details. While content needs frequent updating to stay on-trend, affiliate marketing for brands or display ads can be very lucrative.

The challenge may lie in staying up-to-date, but the reward is tapping into a market that’s always in need of the next perfect accessory.

5. Jewelry Fashion

Jewelry Fashion revolves around accessorizing and adding sparkle to any outfit. Primarily attracting those who love a bit of bling, it is moderately competitive yet remains popular for its ability to transform ordinary outfits into something extraordinary.

Ideal blog topics include “Jewelry Trends for the Season”, “How to Accessorize for an Event”, or “DIY Jewelry”. Visual content is key and it needs regular updates to stay relevant. Affiliate products like handmade or designer jewelry can be promoted.

Display ads can work well, especially when linked with jewelry brands or retailers. Creating a jewelry styling guide could be a profitable info product. The primary challenge is differentiating your content in a well-covered space, but success comes from understanding the subtleties of jewelry styling and sharing that with your readers.

6. Fitness Fashion

Source: Google Trends

Fitness fashion has a broad audience – from gym-goers to those seeking comfortable yet stylish clothing. It’s a highly competitive space but remains popular due to the increasing focus on health and wellness.

Blog topics could include “Best Workout Clothes for Different Exercises”, “Transitioning from Gym to Casual Wear”, or “Sustainable Fitness Brands”.

It requires a good balance of text and visuals, and regular updates to keep up with changing trends. Affiliate products like sports shoes, workout gear, or smartwatches can be promoted, and display ads can provide steady income.

Offering personal shopping or styling services could be an option. The challenge is the high competition, but by carving out a unique angle – you can truly shine.

7. Fashion And Travel Combined

Dive into the fascinating world of fashion and travel, an interesting fashion sub niche perfect for fashion-forward globetrotters.

Competition here is moderate, as it’s a unique blend of two popular fields. Blog topics might explore “Global Street Styles,” or, “Suitcase Essentials for Fashionistas”.

It may require more effort to produce content since combining detailed fashion analysis with travel experiences can be challenging. Expect regular updates to stay current with the changing fashion trends and travel tips.

Affiliate marketing possibilities abound, from clothing lines to travel gear. Display Ads earnings could be promising due to the dual nature of this niche.

As for info products, fashion travel guides or packing tips eBooks can sell well. Challenges include staying updated with fashion trends worldwide and providing unique travel content, but if you have a flair for fashion and love traveling, this niche is a compelling choice.

8. Cultural or Regional Fashion

This fashion sub niche resonates with fashion enthusiasts interested in diverse styles. This niche has low competition due to its specialized nature.

Some popular blog topics could include “Japanese Street Fashion Trends,” or “French Fashion For Beginners”.

Creating content requires in-depth knowledge of various cultures and their fashion, making it somewhat challenging. Still, updates can be evergreen, focusing on traditional attire.

Affiliate products could include regional garments or fashion books. Display Ads could work well due to the niche’s unique content.

Challenges might include understanding the complex details of each regional and cultural fashion, but the chance to introduce readers to global fashion diversity makes this a worth it option.

9. Wedding Fashion

Now wedding fashion is a lucrative niche catering to brides, grooms, and wedding parties. Despite moderate competition, its enduring popularity is undeniable.

Possible blog topics include “Bridal Fashion Trends,” “Groom’s Suit Guide,” and “Choosing Wedding Dresses.

Content creation requires a keen sense of style, and regular updates are necessary due to ever-changing trends.

This niche is ripe for affiliate marketing, from wedding dresses to accessories. Display Ads will likely perform well, thanks to the niche’s popularity.

Selling eBooks on wedding fashion or bridal styling courses could be profitable. Challenges include keeping up with wedding fashion trends, but if you have an interest in this fashion sub niche, it is the right choice for you.

10. Retro Fashion

Get into nostalgia with retro fashion? A delightful fashion sub niche for vintage clothing enthusiasts. Given its specific focus, competition is relatively low.

Topics like “70’s Fashion Revival,” “Vintage Shopping Guide,” or “Styling the 80’s Look” would be well-received.

Content creation might require sourcing and photographing vintage outfits, and while fashion eras don’t change, your blog can continuously explore different decades.

Affiliate opportunities include vintage clothing stores and retro-inspired fashion labels. Display Ads should perform well thanks to the niche’s dedicated audience.

You could also sell digital guides on retro styling. Despite challenges like finding authentic vintage pieces, the joy of revisiting fashion’s past makes this niche truly special.

11. Fashion and Film

For movie enthusiasts with a keen eye for style, the ‘Fashion and Film’ niche is perfect. It’s a moderately competitive field due to the unique intersection of interests.

You could create posts like ‘Iconic Movie Outfits’ or ‘Film-Inspired Wardrobe Essentials.’ While some film knowledge and a sense of fashion trends are required, the content isn’t hard to create.

You might need occasional updates with new film releases. Promote film-related merchandise or fashion items through affiliate links.

Display Ads would work well as readers are often keen on the latest trends. Info products like ‘Film Style Breakdowns’ or e-books on film fashion could be popular.

Balancing film insights with fashion trends might be challenging, but the unique cross-over appeal makes this niche a rewarding venture.

12. DIY Fashion

The ‘DIY Fashion’ niche is perfect for creative individuals. This niche has low competition due to the hands-on nature of the content.

Topics could include ‘Upcycle Old Jeans,’ or ‘Create Your Scarf.’ Creating content can be a bit hard, requiring your own projects and pictures.

However, the evergreen nature of DIY means less frequent updates. Affiliate marketing for crafting supplies is a significant opportunity.

Display ads around fashion and crafting also offer potential revenue. DIY guides or courses on ‘Sewing Basics’ could be popular.

Challenges may include the need for active participation and crafting skills. However, the joy of creating unique fashion pieces makes this niche both fun and profitable.

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Final Thoughts

So that’s it! You’ve explored the 12 best fashion sub niches each full of potential opportunities and challenges. 

Whether you’re drawn toward the streetwear fashion sub niche or the creativity of DIY fashion, there’s a place for you. 

Dive in, find your passion, and let your style shine. It’s your turn to create an impact in the fashion industry by creating a nice fashion blog. Happy blogging!

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