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The explaining concepts to children niche involves creating content to help make complex topics understandable for young audiences. This niche appeals to parents, teachers, and anyone passionate about education. Let’s explore its potential for blogging.

Explaining Concepts to Children Niche for SEO & Blogging
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Brief Niche Description

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The explain concepts to children blogging niche focuses on topics like:

  • Explaining advanced concepts in simple terms
  • Making subjects like science, math, literature more relatable
  • Teaching financial literacy, critical thinking, and life skills
  • Discussing philosophical ideas like ethics in kid-friendly ways
  • Using examples from pop culture, entertainment, and daily life
  • Creating analogies, visual aids, activities, and demonstrations
  • Promoting character development and emotional intelligence
  • Fostering curiosity, imagination, and a lifelong love of learning

The goal is sparking children’s interests and building their knowledge foundations.

Pros and Cons of the Niche


  • Evergreen appeal since parents and teachers always seek engaging education.
  • Allows creativity in transforming complex concepts into easily understood formats.
  • Passionate niche audience of parents, families, and educators looking for resources.
  • Relatively low competition from niche-specific blogs focused on explaining concepts simply.
  • Monetization options through related children’s media, courses, affiliate promotions, and more.


  • Producing regular, unique content requires substantial background research across disciplines.
  • Since niche is fragmented, consistency is key to rise above competing sites.
  • Writing levels must match age groups like early elementary vs. middle school.
  • Heavily competitive for generic children’s education keywords.
  • Monetizing through affiliates should be done carefully to maintain trust.

Suitable Medium for the Niche

blog is an optimal medium for the explain concepts to children niche. The long-form blog structure readily supports in-depth explanations using simplified language, stories, examples, and images. Blogs facilitate community in the comments where parents and teachers can share feedback.

YouTube would allow creating engaging explainer videos on complex topics tailored for kids. However, regular video production has high resource demands compared to blogging. TikTok could work for quick tip style content.

Instagram and Pinterest enable sharing visual aids like diagrams. But these platforms constrain long explanations and discussions.

Available Monetisation Methods

There are several options for monetizing an explain concepts to children blog:

  • Display advertising – Display ads from Google, Ezoic, Mediavine can be placed between paragraphs or in sidebars. Advertisers may specifically target parents and teachers.
  • Affiliate marketing – Promoting relevant children’s products like books, toys, media, and more through affiliate links. Ensure products provide legitimate educational value.
  • Sponsored posts – Accepting paid posts from brands aligned with niche audience values like literacy programs and enrichment activities. Vet sponsors thoroughly.
  • Online courses – Creating educational programs, workbooks, lesson plans, and other premium content for parents and teachers.
  • Services – Offering personalized consulting to parents on effective teaching methods for their child’s needs.
  • Merchandise – Creating educational toys and products featuring blog brand mascots and characters.

Scoring the Explain Concepts to Children Niche

Here is how I would score the explain concepts to children niche on a 1-10 scale across four criteria:

Traffic Potential: 7/10

Strong search volume exists for “how to explain __ to kids” queries and other long-tail variants around simplifying complex topics. Exact match keywords will be key.

Competition: 4/10

A low level of competition exists from dedicated niche sites focused specifically on concept explanation for children.

Earning Potential: 8/10

Solid monetization upside through display ads, affiliate promotions of children’s products, premium content, and merchandising.

Overall Score: 6.3/10

A viable niche supported by engaged parent/teacher audiences seeking educational resources. Delivering consistent value is challenging but doable.

20 Low Competition Keywords

Here are 20 low competition keywords one could target in the explain concepts to children niche:

Important SEO Considerations

Starting a site in the “Explain Concepts to Children” niche presents unique opportunities and challenges. This niche can be both rewarding and impactful, as it aids in children’s education and understanding of complex ideas. Here are the important SEO considerations for a beginner in this niche:

  1. Understand Your Audience:
    • Age Group: Tailor your content to specific age groups (e.g., preschoolers, elementary school kids, pre-teens).
    • Parents & Educators: Remember that adults will likely be the ones searching for these resources, so your content should be appealing and trustworthy to them too.
  2. Keyword Research:
    • Use tools like Google’s Keyword Planner, Ubersuggest, or SEMrush.
    • Look for questions or queries parents and educators commonly search for, like “how to explain gravity to a child”.
  3. Content Clarity:
    • Ensure content is clear, concise, and age-appropriate. Use simple language and relatable analogies.
    • Incorporate multimedia: Children often learn best with visual aids, so use illustrations, animations, or videos.
  4. Mobile & Tablet Friendly:
    • Many children and parents access content on tablets or mobile devices. Ensure your site is responsive and easy to navigate on these platforms.
  5. Interactive Elements:
    • Interactive quizzes, puzzles, or games can enhance engagement and understanding. They also increase time spent on your site, a positive signal for SEO.
  6. Optimized Meta Data:
    • Craft engaging meta titles and descriptions. Make sure they are clear about the concept being explained and the age group it’s suitable for.
  7. Backlink Building:
    • Collaborate with educational websites, parenting blogs, or e-learning platforms to gain authoritative backlinks.
  8. Regularly Update Content:
    • Education methods and tools evolve. Keep your content updated to stay relevant and authoritative.
  9. Content Diversity:
    • Offer a mix of content types: articles, videos, infographics, quizzes, etc.
  10. Engage with Your Audience:
    • Encourage feedback from parents and educators. Create a community where they can share their experiences and suggestions.
  11. Local SEO (if relevant):
    • If you’re offering in-person workshops or classes, optimize for local search.
  12. Safety and Trust:
    • Ensure your site is secure (use HTTPS). Parents and educators need to trust that your site is safe for children.
    • Avoid aggressive advertising or pop-ups, which can be off-putting for the target audience.
  13. Structured Data:
    • Use schema markup to indicate the type of content (e.g., educational content, video content). This helps search engines understand and rank your content better.
  14. User Experience:
    • Site speed, easy navigation, and a clear content hierarchy are crucial. Remember, your audience will range from young children to adults.
  15. Social Media & Sharing:
    • Create shareable content and encourage sharing on platforms where parents and educators are active, like Pinterest or parent-focused Facebook groups.

Starting in this niche requires a balance between catering to the children’s learning needs and ensuring the content is discoverable and trusted by adults. With the right approach, it can be a rewarding venture both in terms of SEO success and the positive impact on young learners.

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SEO Writing is an optimal AI writing tool for the explain concepts to children niche. Benefits include:

  • Inserting focus keywords into titles and throughout content
  • Generating related LSI keywords automatically
  • Creating content with media, lists, quotes, tables for engagement
  • Built-in on-page SEO analysis
  • Easy publishing to WordPress

The tool enables efficiently producing high-quality, SEO-optimized blog posts tailored for this niche. The affordable pricing works well for bloggers needing substantial unique content.

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Final Verdict: Suitable for Beginners?

In summary, the explain concepts to children niche represents an interesting opportunity supported by search demand from parents and teachers seeking educational resources. While competitive, focusing on specific long-tail keywords allows carving out an audience within the broader kids education space. Delivering value through clear, engaging explanations should be the top priority. AI tools can help accelerate content production. The niche most suits those with a genuine passion for education, learning, and children.

Niche DescriptionExplaining complex topics simply for kids. Making subjects relatable using examples, visuals, analogies. Promoting learning foundations.
ProsEvergreen demand for educational resources, creative Transforming concepts, passionate audience, relatively low competition, monetization upside
ConsSubstantial research needed, consistency critical to stand out, varied age groups, competitive generics keywords, careful affiliate practices
Suitable MediumBlog – long-form structure, community discussion capabilities
Monetization MethodsDisplay advertising, affiliate marketing of children’s products, sponsored posts, online courses, educational services, merchandise
ScoringTraffic Potential: 7/10
Competition: 4/10
Earning Potential: 8/10
Overall Score: 6.3/10
20 Keywordshow do you explain cremation to a child, how to explain a soul to a child, how to explain adultery to a child, how to explain ashes to a child, how to explain cremation to a child, how to explain easter to a child without religion, how to explain embarrassment to a child, how to explain god is real to a child, how to explain good friday to a child, how to explain half siblings to a child, how to explain hell to a child, how to explain love to a child, how to explain occupational therapy to a child, how to explain parents surgery to a child, how to explain the 6th commandment to a child, how to explain the 9th commandment to a child, how to explain the crucifixion to a child, how to explain the meaning of christmas to a child, how to explain virgin to a child, how to explain who made god to a child
SEO ConsiderationsLong-form content, question-style keywords, creative writing style, well-organized sections, engaging visuals, site optimization for mobile, links from education sites, local SEO
Best AI ToolSEO Writing – automatic keyword optimization, readable content, on-page SEO analysis, WordPress publishing
VerdictViable niche given demand from parents/teachers, but competitive. Focus on specific keywords. Delivering value through clear explanations is key. AI can assist with content creation. Most suits those passionate about education, learning and children.

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