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If you are looking for steady revenue from affiliate marketing then evergreen niches are the way to go. But what are the best evergreen niches for affiliate marketing?

In this guide, we’ll share the 23+ best evergreen niche ideas along with a complete guide on what evergreen niches are and how to choose the right one. Ready? Let’s jump straight in!

Key Takeaways:

  • Most High Paying Evergreen Niches For Affiliate Marketing: RV, Travel, Golf, Home Air, Kayaking
  • Most Low Competition Evergreen Niches For Affiliate Marketing: Bowling, Farming, Pest Control, Lawn Care, Horses
  • Most Stable Evergreen Niches For Affiliate Marketing: Home Decor, Art and Craft, Lights, Heating Solutions, History
  • Most Easy Content Creation Evergreen Niches For Affiliate Marketing Niches: Bearded Dragon, Turtles, Fishing, Bathroom, Toys

What Are Evergreen Niches For Affiliate Marketing?


An evergreen niche is simply a topic that people always care about. It’s something that stays relevant and doesn’t need lots of updates or changes

Here are some of the major criteria of an evergreen affiliate marketing niche:

  • Always In Demand
  • Huge Popularity
  • Less Updates Required

It’s a topic that never goes out of style. It’s something people always want to know about, regardless of the time, season, or any passing trend. Unlike topics that spike in popularity and then fade away, evergreen niches are steady, reliable, and time-tested.

Whether it’s health, wealth, or relationships, these are areas of life people continually seek to improve, regardless of the era we’re living in.

The reason evergreen niches are such is because they hit on the fundamental human needs. People will always look for ways to be healthier, to earn more money, and to have better relationships.

So that’s all about the evergreen niche. But why even choose them?

Well, starting an affiliate marketing blog in an evergreen niche means ensuring a long-term, steady income stream.

Here are some of the best benefits:

  • Steady Traffic Potential
  • Long-Term Revenue
  • Less Content Update Pressure
  • Wider Audience Appeal

Since the demand in these niches rarely wanes, there are always opportunities to attract new audiences and convert them into customers or clients.

The biggest benefit of an evergreen niche is you don’t need to chase that next big trend. Just focusing on your blog year after year, you can generate a good stable revenue.

Evergreen Niches For Affiliate Marketing Niches – How To Pick The Right One?


Here are the top factors you need to consider while choosing the right evergreen affiliate marketing niches:

  1. Niche Competition
  2. Profitability
  3. Content Creation Challenge
  4. Seasonality
  5. Interests And Expertise

From all the niches, the best niche would be the one where competition is less, profitability is high, content creation is less challenging, less seasonality, and above all, your interest and expertise in the niche matters the most.

How can you know that? Well, first pick your top 5 or top 3 niches from all the evergreen niches list. Then, rate them on all the four factors we discussed. The one with the highest average scores will be the right pick for you.

Remember that seasonality is also a factor to consider in some cases. For instance, gardening and any outdoor niches will be highly seasonal. And that means you will have your best revenue and traffic numbers only a few months a year. So you need to have a back up plan for the rest of the month

Got it? Now let’s dive in and see the top niche ideas. We have scored each niche based on the factors we just saw so that you can easily decide which niche is best for you.

How We Evaluated These Evergreen Niches For Affiliate Marketing? Our Scoring System

In our scoring system, we’ve evaluated each niche based on several key factors, assigning scores on a scale of 1 to 10.

  • Higher scores generally indicate better potential in that factor for instance when we talk about profitability.
  • However, it’s important to note that in some cases, a lower score can be a good thing. For instance, low competition is denoted by a low score, which is favorable for niche selection.
  • Similarly, when we rate ‘content creation‘ as a low score, it signifies that the niche is beginner-friendly, making it easier for individuals looking to start their affiliate marketing journey.

Best Evergreen Niches For Affiliate Marketing


1. Horses:

Niche Competition3/10Low competition, making it easier to establish authority.
Profitability6/10Moderately profitable with less products available and limited niche size.
Content Creation6/10Content creation is not that challenging.
Seasonality2/10Negligible seasonality.

One of least crowded, evergreen niches in the affiliate marketing space is the Horses Niche. You can’t promote a lot of items in this niche, but still, there’s a huge scope. If you want to make a display ad and affiliate focused website, then this niche would be perfect. Horse riding boots, helmets, saddles are some of the products you can promote along with other informational-heavy articles.

2. Bearded Dragon:

Niche Competition8/10Higher competition may require more effort to stand out.
Profitability5/10Potentially lower profitability due to niche size and lower-priced products.
Content Creation4/10Content creation is easy, with a focus on reptile care and products.
Seasonality2/10Very low seasonality, almost negligible.

If competition is your main concern then the bearded dragon niche is worth trying out for affiliate marketing. Bearded dragons are popular pets in the US and you can expect steady traffic if your posts rank well for the target search terms. Remember that the niche size would be small so it is best to start a reptile pet website and work on bearded dragons as one of its categories.

3. Rabbits:

Niche Competition8/10High competition, which may require more effort to establish authority.
Profitability6/10Moderate affiliate product promotion scope due to limited niche size.
Content Creation9/10Content creation is quite easy, especially for those interested in rabbits.
Seasonality2/10Minimal seasonality in the niche, highly evergreen.

Rabbits are one of the most popular pets. Competition is high in the niche and affiliate products promoting scope is moderate. But content creation is quite easy as long as you’re interested in rabbits. So if you’re a beginner blogger and looking for an evergreen, this is one of the best niches.

4. Turtles:

Niche Competition3/10Low competition, making it easier to establish authority.
Profitability8/10Wide range of items to promote, including turtle tanks, food, and tank lights.
Content Creation4/10Content creation is manageable and beginner-friendly.
Seasonality2/10Very less seasonality, almost negligible.

This is one of the best niches for beginners. Competition is low in the niche and you can promote a variety of items like turtle tanks, best turtle foods, tank lights and more.

5. Art and Craft:

Niche Competition6/10Moderate competition; building a brand can yield significant pageviews.
Profitability5/10Products may have lower prices, but a strong brand can lead to profitability.
Content Creation8/10Highly evergreen with minimal updating work required. Expertise and hands-on art experience is required though!
Seasonality3/10Less seasonality.

If you love art and craft then this niche is for you. The price of the products you can promote may be less but if you build a big brand, you can really stand out and bring lots of pageviews on your blog. It’s a highly evergreen niche and hardly any updating work will be required.

6. Pottery:

Niche Competition3/10Expect less competition in this niche, making it easier to establish authority.
Profitability6/10Decent potential for profitability with the right audience. Pottery wheels, clays and courses can be promoted.
Content Creation9/10Requires pottery expertise, but it’s a niche with less updating work required.
Seasonality1/10Negligible seasonality.

If you know about pottery then go with this niche. Expect less competition. And the scope for affiliate marketing is also decent.

7. Sewing:

Niche Competition5/10Moderately competitive but offers opportunities for growth.
Profitability7/10Good affiliate marketing scope due to a variety of sewing products.
Content Creation8/10Content creation is a little bit challenging and some expertise is required.
Seasonality0/10No seasonality; Google Trends data is steady over the years.

A moderately competitive and highly evergreen niche with good affiliate marketing scope. Content creation could be a bit challenging but overall it’s a nice, low competition niche to dive into.

8. Fishing:

Niche Competition7/10High demand with lots of affiliate marketing opportunities, but competition is high as well.
Profitability8/10Highly profitable due to the availability of affiliate marketing options.
Content Creation9/10Content creation is not that challenging with proper research.
Seasonality8/10Highly seasonal niche.

A high demand niche with lots of affiliate marketing opportunities. The niche is highly seasonal but the content is evergreen.

9. Hiking:

Niche Competition8/10High competition but excellent for affiliate marketing due to the variety of products.
Profitability7/10Strong potential for profitability with the right audience and products.
Content Creation6/10Moderate level of content creation skills and knowledge is good to go at starting.
Seasonality7/10Seasonality is a concern, but overall content remains evergreen.

A high competition niche but great for affiliate marketing as there are lots of products you can promote. Hiking boots, hiking gloves, you name it. Seasonality is again a concern but overall content is evergreen.

10. RVing:

Niche Competition7/10High competition, but focusing on niche keywords and gradual expansion can help you stand out.
Profitability9/10Best for both affiliate marketing and display ads, offering strong revenue potential.
Content Creation8/10Evergreen content opportunities with potential for niche targeting. Moderate to high-level expertise and background in the niche will be required.
Seasonality5/10Slight Seasonality can be a factor, but consistent demand exists.

The best of all niche for both affiliate marketing and display ads. Competition is high but you can still stand out by targeting more niche keywords at first gradually expanding to more competitive keyword topics.

11. Surfing:

Niche Competition7/10Suitable for water sports enthusiasts with content covering surfing techniques and equipment. Competition is moderate.
Profitability6/10Decent profitability potential, especially for dedicated enthusiasts. You can recommend surf boards and surfing equipment like wet suits.
Content Creation7/10Content creation demand is moderate, but having expertise in the niche can help you stand out.
Seasonality6/10Seasonal aspects should be considered, but the niche remains evergreen to a broad extent.

If you like water sports then this niche is perfect for you. From surfing techniques to equipment you can cover a lot. This niche is also evergreen but at the same time seasonality is a factor considered for this niche.

12. Kayaking:

Niche Competition6/10Moderate competition with many high-ticket items for affiliate marketing.
Profitability8/10Great potential for profitability due to the variety of products available.
Content Creation7/10Creating content is not that challenging as long as you can research well and add unique insights.
Seasonality8/10Highly seasonal niche, which may impact consistency. But the overall content is highly evergreen.

Great for affiliate marketing! Boat, paddle, helmet, footwear and many high-ticket items available in the niche. But remember, this is a highly seasonal niche and there’s still a moderate level of competition.

13. Golf:

Niche Competition9/10Very high competition in the niche.
Profitability9/10Excellent potential for profitability with numerous products for promotion.
Content Creation8/10Requires expertise to create quality content.
Seasonality5/10Some seasonality considerations, but the niche offers evergreen aspects.

After the RV niche, golf is the next best niche for affiliate marketing. There are lots of products you can promote. But remember, competition is very high in the niche and it also requires some expert knowledge to create quality content and stand out in the niche.

14. Bowling:

Niche Competition3/10Competition is relatively low.
Profitability7/10Good potential for profitability with affiliate marketing.
Content Creation6/10Moderate content creation requirements with a focus on bowling.
Seasonality4/10Some seasonality based but overall the content is highly evergreen.

Bowling is a popular game and there are decent affiliate marketing opportunities in the niche. It’s low competitive and content creation is relatively easy making it a great niche for beginners.

15. Farming:

Niche Competition3/10Less competitive, evergreen niche with plenty of topics.
Profitability7/10Potential for profitability with consistent demand. Faring tools can be promoted with decent revenue scope.
Content Creation4/10Content creation is relatively easy.
Seasonality4/10Minimal seasonality, offering consistent content possibilities.

If you prefer a less competitive niche yet something that is evergreen and big enough so that you never run out of topics, then farming niche is the best pick.

16. Home Air:

Niche Competition4/10Less competition with a focus on air quality and filters.
Profitability8/10Good affiliate marketing potential with products.
Content Creation3/10Content creation is quite easy with proper research.
Seasonality2/10Some seasonality, but overall evergreen due to air quality concerns.

This niche revolves around air filters and promoting fresh air in homes. So apart from air filters you can cover a lot about air quality and tips on keeping home pollution free. Competition is less and it is perfect for affiliate marketing.

By the way, do you know that the air filter niche is also a great micro niche site idea? And speaking of micro niche sites, you will find this guide on how to rank micro niche sites quite helpful.

17. Bathroom:

Niche Competition5/10Relatively less competition.
Profitability7/10Suitable for affiliate marketing with a variety of products.
Content Creation7/10Content creation is relatively easy, focusing on bathroom-related topics.
Seasonality3/10Minimal seasonality, making it a highly stable niche.

Bathroom niche is pretty evergreen and good for affiliate marketing. Lots of products available to promote and content creation is relatively easy. Competition is also less.

18. Home Decor:

Niche Competition5/10Competition is moderate.
Profitability9/10Excellent for affiliate marketing opportunities with lots of home decor items to be recommended.
Content Creation7/10Content creation is relatively easy but requires a lot of images which can be a bit challenging.
Seasonality0/10Negligible seasonality, offering year-round content possibilities.

Home decor is one of the best affiliate marketing niches. You don’t have to worry about seasonality in the niche. 

19. Lights:

Niche Competition2/10Relatively less crowded and unique, focusing on home lighting solutions. Highly untapped niche.
Profitability7/10Many products are available related to this niche
Content Creation8/10Moderate level of knowledge is good enough for creating high quality content in the niche
Seasonality3/10Very little seasonality, offering consistent content possibilities.

This is one of the unique niches and also relatively less crowded – talking all about home lighting solutions. From the best LED lights to lamps, you can write reviews and roundups. The best part is this niche is again very evergreen.

20. Heating Solutions:

Niche Competition3/10Very low competition.
Profitability8/10Great affiliate marketing potential with various heating products.
Content Creation7/10Relatively easy with proper research.
Seasonality4/10Some seasonality with heating needs varying by season, but overall content is evergreen.

Furnaces, Floor heating systems, fireplaces and all make this home heating solutions niche a great affiliate marketing niche. This is a highly evergreen although with little bit of seasonality.

21. Lawn Care:

Niche Competition4/10Relatively less competition in the niche.
Profitability8/10Good affiliate marketing opportunities in the lawn care niche.
Content Creation8/10Content creation is relatively easy with proper research.
Seasonality5/10Highly seasonal niche with content relevance varying by season. But the content will be evergreen overall.

The lawn care niche is a highly seasonal niche but the content is pretty evergreen. So you don’t have to worry about frequent updates. Affiliate marketing opportunities are also good in the niche.

22. Pest Control:

Niche Competition3/10Low competition, vast, and highly evergreen niche.
Profitability8/10Excellent potential for profitability with numerous products and services.
Content Creation7/10Relatively easy content creation, suitable for beginners.
Seasonality4/10Minimal seasonality, making it consistent and evergreen.

If you are looking for a low competitive, vast, and highly evergreen niche then pest control is the right niche. You can promote a lot of products and services in the niche. Content creation is also relatively easy, making it perfect for beginners.

23. History:

Niche Competition4/10Relatively less competition in the niche.
Profitability5/10Moderate profitability with historical products and books to be promoted.
Content Creation10/10Highly evergreen content in the history niche.
Seasonality1/10Minimal seasonality with historical topics remaining relevant all year round.

Monetization could be a bit challenging in this niche but you can still promote historical themed products, books, etc. History is one of the most evergreen niches. Check out this analysis about the history niche for blogging for further insights.

24. Toys:

Niche Competition5/10Competition is relatively low which is a good sign.
Profitability6/10Moderate profitability with toy and board game promotions.
Content Creation8/10Easy content creation opportunities in the toys niche.
Seasonality3/10Minimal seasonality with consistent demand for toy reviews.

Content creation is easy and the niche is highly evergreen. You could toy reviews and board game reviews.

25. Motivation and Personal Development:

Niche Competition7/10Moderately competitive in the motivation and personal development niche.
Profitability4/10Potential for profitability with various affiliate programs.
Content Creation6/10Requires motivational and personal development content creation. But overall, it’s not that hard.
Seasonality2/10Minimal seasonality, offering consistent content opportunities.

If you want to choose a niche where content creation is easy then personal development or motivation niche is the right choice. The niche is highly evergreen and competition is moderate. Affiliate marketing opportunity is there but it’s more related to courses and programs. In terms of products it’s a bit limited as you can’t promote a lot of products except books.

26. Travel:

Niche Competition8/10Competitive niche with challenges in original content creation.
Profitability10/10Highly profitable with numerous affiliate programs available.
Content Creation7/10Requires effort in creating original and insightful travel content.
Seasonality7/10Some seasonality, but travel remains a highly profitable niche.

Competition and original content creation could be a challenge in this niche. But the travel niche is one of the highest paying affiliate niches with lots of affiliate programs available to promote.

If you are interested in the travel niche then here’s a guide for you on the best travel blog niche ideas. Check it out to gain further insights and inspirations for niche ideas related to the travel niche.

Niches That Don’t Tend To Be Evergreen

  • Tech
  • Softwares
  • Internet

These niches are always in demand. So you may think they are evergreen niches. But here’s the thing. These tech and internet related niches change rapidly. If you write a post and publish it today, be prepared to update it in six months to years time. Otherwise, you will have serious traffic hits on your blog.

Sure, it is important to remember that choosing an evergreen niche doesn’t mean you can publish your content and forget about it. Search engines as well as readers prefer fresh content. So no matter what niche you choose, updating content every once in a while is necessary.

So, then what’s the benefit of choosing an evergreen niche?

The pressure to update the content will be less and the amount of updates you have to make in the content will also be less.

Let me give you an example:

Say you wrote a post about a smartphone app feature that users really struggled with. You wrote thorough guides to help them with that problem.

Now think about it. Six months down the line, new updates were released and that made the feature in-built (and not requiring to read guides or tutorials on that anymore). So what would happen to your articles that were getting traffic. A big hit, right?

Compare this with an article you wrote about how to take care of rabbits or tips to grow plants indoors.

The content you wrote today will stay relevant even six months down the line.

Of course, new competitors will come in and some trends can change here and there.

So, it would make sense to add any latest updates to the content. But for the most part, the best benefit of an evergreen content is you will require less updates. 

In both evergreen and non-evergreen niches, the decline of traffic will occur if you don’t update your posts regularly. But in non-evergreen niches like tech, the chances of traffic decline will be higher. So keeping that in mind as you move forward in this affiliate marketing journey is crucial.

Final Thoughts

There we go! We’ve explored what evergreen niches are and how to choose the right evergreen niche. We also saw a list of highly profitable and evergreen niches for affiliate marketing. In a nutshell, an evergreen niche is a topic that’s always relevant.

When picking your niche, make sure it’s something you’re interested in, there’s a demand, and you can make money from it!

So what are you waiting for? Feel free to jump into these niches, find what clicks with you, and kickstart your affiliate marketing journey!

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