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Finding the right keywords is one of the most essential aspects of growing any niche site. That’s why we are here with the 7 best niche keyword research tools to up your niche keyword research process.

Key Takeaways:

  • Ease of Use & Pricing: Keyword Chef and Answer The Public are user-friendly and affordable, starting at $5/month and offering free trials.
  • Feature-Rich: Semrush and Ahrefs offer extensive features like Content Gap Analysis but start at $99-$129.95/month.
  • Quick & Batch Research: Keyword Chef excels in batch research, and Answer The Public provides fast results, catering to different needs.
  • Affordability & Detail: Ubersuggest’s $12/month plan offers detailed keyword metrics at a budget-friendly price.
  • Special Functions: Keywords Everywhere focuses on Google Auto Suggest and integrates with Search Console, while Google Trends is great for trending topics but lacks standard keyword features.
  • Learning Curve: Semrush and Ahrefs require time to master due to their feature depth, and Google Trends demands skill in interpreting trending data.

Best Niche Keyword Research Tools

Keyword Chef – Best Untapped Niche Keyword Research Tool

Ease Of Use: 9/10

Features: 8/10

Usability: 8.5/10

Pricing: Starts at $20 for 1200 credits

Easy to useMust manage credits wisely
Finds low-competition long-tail keywordsLimited features
Reasonable pricing
Suitable for batch keyword research

Want to discover a lot of low competition long tail keywords? Then Keyword Chef can be of great help. This tool has been in the industry for quite some time now and offers pretty neat features.

It is one of the most easy to use niche keyword research tools, suitable for beginners. All the features and filters are nicely organized with a search bar at the center.

You can filter out the keywords based on questions, best-type keywords, alternatives, comparisons, and more. 

Once you log in as a new user, you get around 1000 credits for free, which is good enough for testing and trying out the tool’s functionality.

You can then purchase more credits depending on your requirements. The cost of credits is reasonable. However, like any other credits-based tools, use it wisely; otherwise, you will use up too many credits than you’d actually need.

Overall, Keyword Chef is perfect for those new to blogging who want to do a batch of keyword research and find all the untapped keyword opportunities. The tool is designed and programmed in a way that shows you low-competition keywords that are just perfect to target.

By the way, like keyword research tools, there are also several niche research tools. In fact, here’s a guide to some of the best free niche finder tools.

Answer The Public – Best Quick Niche Keyword Research Tool

Source: Answer The Public

Ease Of Use: 9/10

Features: 7/10

Usability: 8/10

Pricing: Starts at $5 per month for 100 searches per day

Affordable pricingLimited free searches per day
Quick keyword resultsThe layout may not be suitable for everyone
Pictorial representation for easy understandingFeatures may be less comprehensive than other keyword research tools
Ideal for quick niche keyword research
Reasonable pricing for the Pro version

Answer the Public is a popular keyword research tool that stands out for its pictorial representation of all the keywords at a glance.

You enter the seed term related to your niche, and within a few seconds, the tool gives out all the relevant keywords and helpful data.

Once you register, you get access to 3 free searches per day. 

This tool is perfect if you want to do keyword research for your niche sites quickly.

Upgrading to the pro version makes sense to access more searches per day and view more data related to each keyword. In fact, it has a reasonable price in the pro version.

The layout and representation are slightly different from traditional niche keyword research tools. So it may only be preferable for some. But you should check out its free version because of all the features you get.

Ubersuggest – Best Affordable Niche Keyword Research Tool

Source: Ubersuggest

Ease Of Use: 9/10

Features: 9/10

Usability: 8.5/10

Pricing: Starts at $12 per month for 150 searches per day

Affordable pricingLimited daily searches on the basic plan
User-friendly interfaceLess feature-rich compared to other high-end tools
Detailed keyword metricsThe free version has limited capabilities
Traditional keyword research layout
The pro version offers more searches and metrics

Ubersuggest is one of the oldest and most popular niche keyword research tools. If you want specific data metrics for each keyword, like the volume, SEO difficulty, CPC, and trend for each keyword, then this keyword tool is for you.

It has the traditional keyword research tools layout where you enter the seed term and get a list of keywords in a table, along with other metrics about each keyword.

Like Answer The Public, you get a set number of daily searches when using its free version. Upgrading to the pro version gives you more access to the number of searches and the critical metrics for each keyword.

Compared to high-end keyword research tools like Semrush and Ahrefs, Ubersuggest’s paid plan is affordable.

So, if you’re looking for a relatively affordable tool that gives you detailed metrics for each keyword, Ubersuggest is the right pick.

By the way, if you want to explore niche ideas for your blog, you should also check out NicheFinder.io. Here’s a detailed guide on how to use NicheFinder.io to find a niche.

Semrush – Best Feature-Rich Niche Keyword Research Tool

Source: Semrush

Ease Of Use: 9/10

Features: 9.5/10

Usability: 9.5/10

Pricing: $129.95 per month

Comprehensive Keyword Magic toolHigh monthly cost
User-friendly interfacePotential learning curve
Advanced filters for specific resultsMay be overwhelming for beginners
Content Gap Analysis tool
Detailed metrics like intent, volume, and CPC

Semrush is one of the most feature-rich tools and stands out for its user-friendly interface.

The best feature of Semrush for finding potential niche keywords is its Keyword Magic tool. Once you open the Keyword Magic tool inside Semrush, enter the seed keyword and wait a few seconds. The tool gives a detailed output of keywords and metrics like keyword intent, volume, keyword difficulty, CPC, and more.

There are many relevant filters that you can use to tweak and get specific results. For instance, if you want to target only question-based keywords with low competition. Then, just hit the questions tab and set the KD% filter to some low numbers, like in the green color range, and now you just have a list of all the potential keywords you could target on your blog.

Another helpful feature of Semrush is the Content Gap Analysis tool. So it works like this: You enter your domain name and 3-4 more competitor domain names.

The tool analyzes the site keywords you rank for compared to your competitors and provides an insightful report. The report shows which keyword your competitors rank well but your website needs to include. Analyzing this data will open up many keyword opportunities you’d never considered targeting.

However, the only major downside is the cost of entirely using the tool. Also, there are so many features and technical aspects to explore, so there could be a learning curve associated if you’re just starting out. But it’s not complicated at all. Even if you’re new to keyword research tools, within a week, you could master the tool.

Ahrefs – Best Detailed Niche-Keyword Research Tool

Source: Ahrefs

Ease Of Use: 9/10

Features: 9.5/10

Usability: 9.5/10

Pricing: $99 per month

Comprehensive feature setHigh price point
In-depth Site Audit toolSteeper learning curve
Content Explorer for niche contentMay offer more features than needed for beginners
Robust Keyword Explorer
Reliable Rank Tracker
Strong industry reputation

Ahrefs is a comprehensive SEO and digital marketing toolset specializing in niche keyword research, backlink analysis, and competitive benchmarking.

With a strong reputation in the industry, it is popular among digital marketers, SEO experts, and content creators for its robust functionalities.

One of the most powerful features of Ahrefs is its Keyword Explorer, which enables users to identify high-volume and low-competition keywords effectively.

The Site Audit feature of Ahrefs is another noteworthy aspect. This feature provides an in-depth analysis of your website, identifying SEO-related issues and offering actionable suggestions to resolve them. 

Content Explorer is yet another innovative tool within the Ahrefs ecosystem. It helps identify top-performing content within a particular niche or industry. Rank Tracker is another essential feature that monitors keyword rankings.

While Ahrefs offers an exhaustive set of features, it does come with a significant price tag. The basic plan starts at $99 per month, which may make it a considerable investment for small businesses or beginner bloggers.

Keywords Everywhere – Best Auto Suggest Niche Keyword Research Tool

Source: Keywords Everywhere

Ease Of Use: 8.5/10

Features: 7/10

Usability: 7.5/10

Pricing: Starts at $15 per year for 100,000 credits a year

Affordable pricingCredits expire after 1 year
Shows data on SERPsLimited features compared to competitors like Semrush
Integrates with Search ConsoleNo content gap analysis
Chrome extension for ease of useLimited filtering capabilities
Suitable for Google Auto Suggest researchNo traditional keyword research layout

Keywords Everywhere is one of those handy tools that shows all the crucial data like keyword volume, difficulty, CPC, and trends data written on the SERPs while you’re doing keyword research.

If you heavily use the Google Auto Suggest feature to find new keyword topics, then the Keywords Everywhere tool can be great.

It comes with a Chrome extension, so whenever you search any keyword, it shows the volume data and other vital metrics on the SERPs. Why is this important? It helps you validate the keywords. For instance, if you have a target of only going after keywords with a volume of at least 200-500, then you can evaluate that using this tool.

Another nice feature of keywords everywhere is it connects with the Search Console and adds other columns of Volume, Competition, and CPC for each keyword. This feature can be helpful for blogs already getting some traffic and bloggers who want to analyze what’s working on their blogs and find new topics to target.

You can also import your list of keywords into the tool to get the volume data for each keyword. 

The tool is reasonably priced, offering you 100,000 credits for $15 a year. Remember, credits will expire after 1 year.

Overall, the tool is helpful for those who do a lot of keyword research using Google’s suggest feature. However, it doesn’t help in doing a content gap analysis like Semrush. This is the right tool if you need a keyword research tool to just get the volume data for each keyword without any additional features.

But it doesn’t have the traditional keyword research tools like layout and all those filtering capabilities. You would have to go with Ubersuggest, Semrush, or Ahrefs for that.

Source: Google Trends

Ease Of Use: 9/10

Features: 8/10

Usability: 9/10

Pricing: Free

Free To UseNo keyword volume data available
User-friendlyNo competitor analysis
Trending TopicsA little bit of a learning curve is required in interpreting data
Topic popularity comparison

Google Trends is a free web-based tool to explore trending topics and keywords over any given time range and across various regions.

It doesn’t give you the keyword volume; however, it does help in finding out the popular or latest trending topics.

If you are always looking for trending topics, knowing how to use Google Trends is crucial. Here’s a guide on using Google Trends to find new niches. It will help you get started and learn about the ins and outs of the tool.

But in a nutshell, while using Google Trends, here’s how you can do keyword research:

  • First, input any seed term related to your niche in the search bar.
  • Select your target location and timing. If you want recent topics, then select anything less than 1 year or 6 months. For a better long-term view, set a 5 years timeline.
  • Once that is done, start analyzing the results. Look at the graph, especially all the related topics at the bottom. That’s where you’re going to discover those trending topic ideas.

Final Thoughts

Each tool offers unique benefits and limitations, from the budget-friendly Ubersuggest to the feature-rich Semrush. Answer The Public is an excellent tool for quick research, while Ahrefs offers in-depth analysis at a premium price.

If you prefer finding long-tail, low-competition keywords, then Keyword Chef or the Keywords Everywhere tool is the best choice. However, if you often like to explore the latest trending topics in your industry, Google Trends is the best choice. Your choice ultimately depends on your specific needs and budget.

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