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Thinking about becoming a TikTok content creator? Then, it’s quite natural to wonder what is the best niche for TikTok. Continue reading this guide until the end to discover the top 16 best TikTok niches and helpful guidance on how to grow on TikTok. Ready? Let’s jump right in!

Key Takeaways:

  • Diverse TikTok Niches: Gaming, health & fitness, inspirational content, guitar, facts, animated videos, vlogs, crafts, fashion, outdoor living, gardening, home decor, movie reviews, sports, dancing, and comedy cater to varied audiences.
  • Choosing a Niche: Align with personal passion and audience demand for success.
  • Unique Opportunities: Some niches like animation and gardening have lesser competition, offering unique growth opportunities.
  • Growing on TikTok: Prioritize content quality, consistent posting, and audience engagement. Leverage trending hashtags.
  • Engagement is Crucial: Actively engage in comments to build trust and strengthen the creator-audience bond.
  • Fast-paced Content: TikTok’s short video format demands quick delivery of key information to keep viewers hooked.

What Is The Best Niche For TikTok?

The best niche on TikTok varies based on individual talents and audience interests. Some popular niches include gaming, health & fitness, inspirational content, guitar, facts, animated videos, vlogs, and crafts. Choosing a niche should align with one’s passion and potential audience demand.

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Here are the best 16 niches for TikTok:

1. Gaming

Source: Google Trends

Gaming has become a daily routine for many, and its growth on platforms like TikTok is undeniable. Players, both new and experienced, often look for highlights, tricks, and tips to improve.

The competitive scene is also gaining traction, with many eager to show off their best gaming skills.  For those who get stuck or need advice, there’s a great number of walkthroughs & guides available.

Content creators share how-to’s for popular games, making complex levels or challenges seem simple. If you love gaming and have insights to offer, TikTok is the perfect platform to connect and share with fellow gamers.

By the way, you can also discover some of the best gaming sub-niches. These sub-niches are specifically helpful if you’re interested in narrowing down further in the gaming niches.

2. Health & Fitness

Ever flexed in the mirror after a solid workout and thought, “Dang, I did that!”? Well, the health & fitness niche on TikTok is totally your thing, then!

Whether you’re a certified trainer or a fitness enthusiast, TikTok is the right stage to connect with like-minded folks who share the same passion for fitness as you!

Share your workout, meal prep tips, or even those post-run selfies. Remember, everyone’s looking for that extra little push of motivation to get through their workout routines. Be their source of inspiration and start sharing knowledge about health and fitness on TikTok!

Remember that the health niche is vast. So, when you’re starting, it also makes sense to start in a specific sub-niche or category. That way, you’ll have better chances of success. Check out some of the best health sub-niche ideas to get more niche ideas and inspirations.

3. Inspirational Content

Do you like to talk about inspirational and motivational stuff? Then, creating bite-sized content around this would surely interest you.

You can share tips on positivity and guidance on overcoming personal barriers. In short, this personal development niche is for you if you have a specific interest in sharing inspirational content with your audience.

4. Guitar

Source: Google Trends

There’s something magical about strumming those strings and getting lost in the rhythm. Guitar enthusiasts, TikTok is calling you. If you’re a pro, drop those tutorials for the trickiest chords. If you’re someone who just loves jamming out after a long day, share it!

Original compositions, acoustic covers, or just snippets of your learning journey – they all have a place. So, grab your six-string and start creating guitar content.

5. Cool Facts

Have you ever stumbled upon a fact so wild it blew your mind? That’s a TikTok niche right there! If you’re a trivia buff, this is your playground. Share those “Did you know?” moments, from unique animal facts to unsolved mysteries of the universe.

Everyone loves to know about a fun tidbit so that they can impress others. And the best part is this is an evergreen niche. As long as you can create cool content that stands out, you will have a better chance to grow your TikTok account in this niche.

6. Animated Videos

Animated videos are a powerhouse on TikTok. When done right, these vibrant visuals captivate instantly. Notably, there’s less competition in this space due to the expertise required, making it a prime choice for those skilled in animation. Most TikTok users, young adults, naturally gravitate towards these lively and light-hearted animations.

7. Vlog

Ever have those moments where you just wanted to share something with others? Maybe it’s a day in your life, a quick story, or just your morning coffee routine. Then the TikTok Vlog space is the right fit for you!

It’s not about the big moments; it’s about the real, raw, and relatable ones. If you love capturing snippets of your day or have a story to tell, vlogging is the right thing for you. 

Give your audience a chance to get a different perspective by seeing your vlog audience. From college life to city adventures, your everyday life can be someone else’s inspiration or motivation. So, grab your camera and start vlog.

8. Craft

If you can create cool crafts that others find challenging, this Craft niche in TikTok would be best for you. Everyone loves a good DIY project. So, why not dive into some cool tutorials on TikTok? They’ll walk you through, step by step, how to make something great.

Or maybe you’re up for a challenge? Join in on themed crafting games to test your skills and have some fun. And if you have old stuff lying around, don’t throw it out! With upcycling, you can give those items a fresh look and purpose. Crafting is all about using what you have and making it a little more special. 

9. Fashion

Source: Google Trends

Do you remain updated with the latest trends in the fashion industry? Or maybe you have a closet full of stylish costumes and dresses that you’d like to share with your audience. Either way, the fashion niche on TikTok would be the right fit for you.

TikTok is the perfect place to showcase fashion items or DIY clothing tips and tricks. Fashion is all about style, and there’s a world waiting to see your style. So put on that cool outfit, strike the right pose, take a selfie, and start your fashion journey or TikTok.

10. Outdoor Living

Outdoor living is big on TikTok. Camping and RVing? They’re trending. People are always eager to see real and raw information from their favorite influencers on TikTok about their outdoor living and experiences. 

Everyone loves a good campfire story or a unique tip that makes life on the road smoother. Got an opinion on gear? Share it. From tents to hiking boots, viewers want to know all the awesome information you can share.

The best part? This niche isn’t just about sharing; it’s about opportunities. Brands see the value. They’re on the lookout for genuine outdoor enthusiasts to collaborate with. Dive in. It’s more than content; it’s an adventure.

11. Gardening

Ever get that unbeatable feeling when a seed you plant sprouts into life? Or when that stubborn plant finally blooms? Then TikTok’s Gardening niche is for you.

Competition is quite low compared to other overly saturated niches on TikTok. And that makes gardening a great niche to dive into. You can share your own gardening journey or planting tips for beginners in the form of engaging bite-sized videos.

12. Home Decor

That feeling when you find the perfect spot for a vase or when those throw pillows just tie the room together? If you’ve got an eye for aesthetics, explore TikTok’s home decor space.

Whether you’re an interior designer showcasing transformations or someone who just loves rearranging their living room every month, this one’s for you. Show off DIY projects, thrifty finds, or just play around with color palettes. Your cozy corners or minimalist setups could be the inspiration someone’s been looking for.

13. Movie Reviews

Ever wondered if that new film is worth the popcorn? Then TikTok’s movie niche could be the right platform for showcasing your knowledge and expertise with other movie fans. Movie reviews tend to work well on TikTok because they’re bite-sized, to the point, and oh-so-shareable.

If you’re a cinephile with a knack for summing up films quickly, this is your moment. Share quirky insights, fun facts, or even unpopular opinions, and watch your audience grow.

You can add your unique twist with creative graphics or voiceovers. So, next time you leave the theater or wrap up a movie night at home, and feel free to share your thoughts with your audience.

14. Sports

Whether you’re a die-hard fan or just a sports and games enthusiast, TikTok sports niche is another great opportunity you can have. You can showcase that impossible goal, break down a complex play, or share behind-the-scenes from your local games.

If you’re a sports analyst or just someone who has an eagle eye for those ‘did-you-see-that’ moments, this is for you. Offer tips, or relatable fan moments and your audience will really appreciate that.

15. Dancing

Dancing is one of the most popular niches on TikTok. Whether you like doing casual dance moves or hip-hop moves, there’s an audience for you. If you’re a choreographer, use TikTok to share your new routines. Or if you’re just someone who loves to dance, share your joy and perhaps spark a new dance trend.

16. Comedy

Who doesn’t love a good laugh? TikTok’s comedy niche is the place to bring out your inner comedian. If you have a funny bone and can craft hilarious skits, puns, or parodies, your audience is waiting.

The niche is quite saturated compared to other niches we mentioned in this guide. However, if you have great skills, then there’s always a room for a fresher voice to stand out and create an impact in the niche.

Now that you learned all the possible niche ideas for TikTok, what’s next? Check out this guide on how to find a niche on TikTok. In that guide, we share the 5 easy steps that’ll help you to discover the right TikTok niche.

How To Grow On TikTok?

First things first, content quality is the key. See what type of content performs well on the platform and take inspiration from it. Then, depending on your niche, create the best possible content by conducting thorough research.

But be sure to deliver on this principle, giving the most amount of value in the least amount of time. TikTok’s platform is known for its fast-paced short videos, so you need to be quick in delivering key information. At the same time, keep your audience engaged throughout the entire video.

Next, to grow fast on TikTok you need to engage with your community and followers. That means, you need to slide into the comment section and respond to those who took the time to write to you. That’s how you build trust and a connection with your audience.

Also, don’t neglect the power of consistency. Once you start gaining momentum on the platform, your audience will start anticipating your next video. And it’s essential to keep that momentum for better and faster growth on the platform.

Finally, feel free to use the power of hashtags in your content. Choose the hashtags that are especially on-trend. But also make sure that your chosen hashtag suits the video’s vibe.

Final Thoughts

So, what is the best niche on TikTok? It largely depends on your knowledge and interest in the niche. However, in terms of competition, gardening, and animated videos are the best because they tend to have less competition than other saturated niches like Dancing.

But no matter what niche you choose, you’ll have a better chance to grow on the platform as long as you create quality content that viewers enjoy.

Focusing on content quality, choosing the right hashtags, and consistency are some of the crucial aspects for faster growth on TikTok.

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