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Excited to start a gaming blog but not sure which niche to pick? Then keep reading till the end because here you’ll discover the 8 best gaming niches that are perfect for starting a blog.

Key Takeaways:

  • Niche Selection: Picking the right niche is a crucial first step in launching a successful gaming blog. From Gaming Gears to Esports, there are many different gaming niches available.
  • Content Creation: Creating engaging content is crucial regardless of your chosen niche. This involves staying updated with latest trends, sharing first-hand experiences, and being able to provide in-depth reviews or guides.
  • Revenue Streams: Monetization methods across these niches typically include affiliate marketing, display ads, and selling information products. The chosen niche and audience engagement will impact the potential profitability.
  • Challenges: Maintaining relevance with constant updates, investing in gaming gear, or staying in touch with fast-paced gaming news can be challenges across these niches. However, a genuine passion for gaming can make these hurdles easy.
  • Market Saturation: Despite a saturated market, the vastness of the gaming industry leaves room for unique voices. Using untapped keywords and high-quality articles you can stand out.

Best Gaming Niches

Gaming Gear

Source: Ahrefs

Gaming gear tops our list of best gaming niches. In this niche, you’ll find a passionate audience of gaming enthusiasts eager to stay up-to-date on the latest gaming peripherals, from cutting-edge VR headsets to ergonomic keyboards and high-precision mice.

The gaming gear niche enjoys moderate competition, giving you a great opportunity to create a standout blog.

Gaming gear is incredibly popular. As advancements in technology push the boundaries of what’s possible, new gear emerges, sparking interest and conversation.

The possibilities for blog topics are abundant. You could write reviews, do gear comparisons, provide setup guides, or even share tips and tricks to get the most out of different gear.

Creating content isn’t too hard, but it does require an understanding of the gear and some firsthand experience.

High-quality pictures of the gear are often appreciated by the readers, adding a tangible feel to your content. Updates are necessary when new gear gets released. But some content like ‘how to clean your gaming keyboard’ can serve you long-term as such topics are relatively evergreen.

You can promote affiliate products easily, linking to online retailers selling the gaming gear you review. Display Ads would also work well as the audience often spends a good deal of time reading in-depth reviews or guides.

Offering detailed guides on setting up and optimizing gaming setups could become a lucrative info product.

Challenges? You’ll need to stay current on new releases and may need to invest in some gear for first-hand reviews. But with an enthusiastic audience and an ever-evolving market, your gaming gear blog can truly stand out.

Plus, the satisfaction of helping gamers level up their experiences is a win in itself!

Gaming Consoles

Next and probably the best of all gaming niches is the Gaming Console niche. This niche has a fanbase spanning generations and a constant stream of developments. The competition is higher here, but so is the demand, making it a nice space to dive into.

Due to the regular release of new consoles and updates to existing ones, the topic’s popularity never fades off. You can craft articles around console reviews, launch updates, comparison posts, game compatibility guides, and troubleshooting tips.

Content creation can be moderately challenging. You’ll need up-to-date knowledge of the console market and may require plenty of screenshots for reviews and guides.

As consoles evolve, updating your content is vital to stay relevant.

Affiliate marketing is a great revenue stream here, with links to console retailers or even specific games. Display Ads will perform well too.

You can sell your info products, like a comprehensive guide to maximizing the performance of specific consoles.

Challenges? Staying current with the fast-paced world of gaming consoles is key, as is providing accurate and in-depth information.

However, the sense of community and the chance to engage with gamers of all ages makes this niche a rewarding one. Your gaming console blog can be the go-to resource for gamers on their journey, from novice players to advanced users.

PC Gaming

Source: Ahrefs

If you’re specifically into PC gaming, this niche is for you. It’s a spot buzzing with players. Some, just for fun. Others, in it for the glory of eSports.

The competition? It’s there. But don’t let that scare you off. With the vast ocean of PC games and a diverse crowd, there’s room for your unique voice.

Why is PC gaming popular? Think customization. Think variety. Players love that they can tailor their PCs.

Your blog can house game reviews, tips on PC building, or even advice on better game performance.

Creating content is a bit of a challenge for sure. You’ll need lots of screenshots, especially for guides. Keeping tabs on new games and PC tech? That’s a must for fresh content. But the reward? Worth it.

You can promote affiliate products like gaming gear and PC parts. And Display Ads? They’re a great income source, thanks to the high engagement.

If you’re up for it, you can also consider selling courses or ebooks on gaming PC building or game and other related topics.

Challenges? Staying updated is a big one. You need a good grip on PC tech and game mechanics. But if PC gaming is your thing, your blog can light the way for others in the community.

Mobile Gaming

Now let’s talk about mobile gaming. It’s a world that’s growing every day.It’s everyone. Competition is present, but don’t sweat. With new games dropping all the time, opportunities abound.

Mobile gaming is gaining traction. Why? It’s in your pocket. Games? There’s one for every mood. Blog topics can be game reviews, tips, walkthroughs, or news on fresh releases.

Content creation takes some work. You need to keep an eye on new trends and games. Screenshots are a must for reviews and guides. Regarding content updates, you’ll need them regularly as the gaming landscape changes.

You can promote affiliate products, like gaming accessories. Display ads work well in this niche, thanks to high traffic. Offering game guides or tip sheets? They could be your next big thing.

However, the hurdles include keeping pace with game releases and understanding the genres. That said, with mobile gaming on the rise, your blog can be a great source for every mobile gamer. This is your chance to share your love for mobile gaming, and that’s a win.

Gaming News

Source: Google Trends

Next up, we have the world of gaming news. It’s a scene that keeps on moving. Gamers, industry insiders – they’re your target audience. Competition is moderately high in this niche. But with constant updates in the gaming industry, your unique angle can still shine.

Why the popularity? Games are a part of life for many people. People want to know what’s happening, and when. So, what can you write about? Upcoming releases, industry trends, eSports events. The list goes on.

Creating content here is like keeping up with a race. You need to be quick, accurate, updated. Skills? Basic news writing skills, solid game knowledge. Screenshots? Not too many, unless it’s about game previews.

Content may not be evergreen in this niche as it will be a news based site. But if done right, you can get high traffic volume on your gaming news blog.

Affiliate marketing may not be that great in this niche since you’re specifically going to cover the latest news more. However, high traffic means more ad impressions, which means display ad earnings will be your primary earning source..

Challenges? Staying on top of the news. Knowing your games well. But, if you’re always in the know, this could be your niche. Share that excitement with your readers!

Game Tutorials and Tricks

If you’re good at gaming and like to teach others, then this niche is a perfect fit for you.

Competition level is moderate. But with the sheer number of games out there, there’s always a new trick to share.

Why is this popular? Gamers want that edge, that secret trick. Your blog could provide walkthroughs, game locations, hidden moves, you name it.

In terms of content creation challenge, you’ll need to be a gamer, through and through. Know your games, play them well. Lots of screenshots, maybe some video clips. That’s your life now.

This isn’t exactly evergreen. New game versions, updates, they all need new content. But as long as you are passionate and active in the niche, updating content or writing new posts won’t be that difficult.

Affiliate links? Game merchandise, game downloads. And Display Ads will work well too. Info products? How about exclusive guides or advanced tutorials?

Challenges include being an active gamer, understanding each game well. But, if gaming is your life, this is your blog. Help others win. That’s a winning niche right there!

Game Reviews

Now the gaming review niche is all about sharing your opinions on the latest games. It’s the gamers, and the enthusiasts who will be your audience. Competition? It’s there, but remember, your unique perspective makes you stand out.

Why is it popular? Games are dropping all the time. Gamers want to know what’s worth their time. You can share your thoughts on the gameplay, story, graphics, and more.

Creating content here requires a love for gaming. You need to play games, understand them, critique them. Screenshots are a must for visual appeal.

The content will need updates when new games are released or older ones get updates.

You can promote affiliate products like games themselves or gaming gear. Display Ads? They are a good fit here due to high traffic potential.

Challenges include staying updated with new games, creating original and engaging reviews. But if you love sharing your game experiences, this niche is your stage.


Esports is the niche where gaming meets sports. Fans, players, aspiring eSports stars, they’re your target audience. Keep in mind that it’s moderately competitive, but with eSports growing, there’s room for more voices.

Popularity is skyrocketing as eSports is redefining the concept of sports. Cover eSports news, tournament updates, player interviews, and game analyses.

Content creation? You need to understand the games, know the players and teams, and follow tournament updates. Screenshots aren’t as necessary, but highlight clips are a hit.

Esports is ever-changing. Regular updates are necessary to keep up with the latest tournaments and player changes.

You can promote affiliate products like team merchandise or gaming gear. Display Ads would work great with the high traffic and engagement.

Info products? Consider in-depth analysis of games, or guides on how to become an eSports player.

Challenges include keeping up with the fast-paced eSports scene and understanding various games. But if you love the thrill of competition and gaming, your blog can be a front-row seat to the eSports world. It’s an exciting niche to be in.

Tip: For more niche site ideas check out the free tool – NicheScout.Pro.

Is The Gaming Niche Saturated?

Wondering if the gaming niche is a tad too crowded? Well, you’re not alone. Yes, the gaming niche is indeed saturated. But before you throw in the towel, remember this: it’s also incredibly vast.

The beauty of such a large niche is that there’s always room for fresh voices and talking about unique things.

Got unique gaming experiences? There’s a space for you. Want to add a new spin on gameplay commentary? Go for it! The gaming world is eager to hear from you.

When it comes to YouTube, the gaming scene might seem a bit like a packed stadium. But don’t overlook the blogging world. Competition? Sure, it exists. But there’s still ample room to grow and carve out your own slice of the gaming pie.

Want the secret sauce to stand out? Untapped keywords. Find them, write high-quality articles about them, and watch your blog grow. This isn’t just a strategy; it’s a recipe for success. Gaming might be a popular arena, but with the right approach, there’s plenty of space for you too.

Are Gaming Blogs Profitable?

Yes, gaming blogs can indeed turn a profit. Now, they may not be as high-earning as home niche or camping niche blog, but on the profitability scale, we can still give it a score of let’s say 7/10. It’s a decent niche and especially more profitable when you select gaming consoles or gaming gear sub-niches.

Here’s the deal – the gaming niche is vast, and full of passionate fans. This isn’t just a plus, it’s a superb opportunity! With so many potential readers, expanding your blog and driving up visitor numbers becomes a very real possibility. And guess what? More visitors typically mean more revenue.

Now, how about monetization? In the gaming niche, both ads and affiliate marketing offer solid opportunities for earning. If you’ve got quality content that resonates with gamers, your blog will attract more visitors and generate more affiliate conversions.

So yes, a gaming blog can indeed be profitable, and the key to unlocking that profit is quality content that connects with the gaming community.

How To Start A Gaming Blog?

The first step is to choose your niche. Don’t just throw a dart at the wall and pick whatever it lands on. Think it through. What’s your passion? What’s the competition like? How profitable can it be? Is it an evergreen topic? Can you churn out content easily?

Now, remember, gaming is an incredibly visual niche. You can’t just serve up text-based content and expect to make waves. Nope. You need to be visual. If you’re a fan of screenshots, fantastic! Share enough of them in your content to better visually explain the concepts to your readers. But starting a YouTube channel is also highly recommended.

Final Thoughts

Whether it’s gaming ge­ar, gaming consoles, PC gaming, mobile gaming, gaming news, game­ tutorials and tricks, game reviews, or e­sports – there are plenty of gaming niches available.

Though the gaming niche may see­m saturated at first glance, it also offers ample­ opportunities for fresh perspe­ctives and inspiring voices.

It is essential to consider the­ visual aspect as well since the­ gaming world heavily relies on visuals.

Finally, when starting a gaming blog, it is important to care­fully select your niche. Conside­r aspects such as your passion for the niche, the le­vel of competition, potential profitability, and the­ evergreen potential of the­ content. 

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